Bonanza is Disgusting

The new coucil members are up with Laurel and Anjay at the crack of dawn. When Zach rings the bell to wake everyone up, Taylor gets up and screams at him and says that she’s now going to put all the pressure on him that he put on her. Unfortunately it’s in the form of name calling.

There is a little trash problem. Two weeks in the town and the garbage is piling up. The council decides that they will take it out of town and bury it. They decide to get some of the bigger kids to help take the garbage out passed the water pumps along with Taylor and Leila.

Taylor and Leila refuse to help and everyone is calling them spoilt brats. They tell them that they will be punished for not helping.

They all drag the trash out to the middle of nowhere and start digging a hole. Guylan Isn’t that good a digger but the job gets done in the end. Leila changes her mind and realises that she needs to do some work as the punishment is likely to be harsh.

The council members tell Taylor that she has to fill the water tank by herself. She gets some water in the buckets and tips it out in front of them. She says that they’re all dictators and not the boss of her.

They’re low on water and the whole town comes together and carries water up to the tower so there is clean water to do dishes with after DK inspires everyone to come together and do.

It’s time for the next showdown. There is 15 minutes for the pioneers to find 75 cans for their town reward buried in 1600 gallons of baked beans and surrounded by 30 pigs. The team with the most cans at the end will be the upper class with the following districts taking the following jobs.

Jonathan counts the cans. Blue gets 17 cans. Red gets 24 cans. Yellow district gets 19 cans. Green has 20 cans which means they take the merchants and the whole town gets the reward.

The two choices are a huge selection of fruit and vegetables and two gas powered dune buggies. Taylor and Mike are regretting not being on the council and want the dune buggies. The council decide on the fruit and veges which will probably make some parents very proud.

Taylor and Leila decide to make a fruit salad instead of doing the dishes which Zach assigned them. Taylor says she’s not lazy because a lazy person sits on their butt all day watching TV. Zach tells her that she wont be getting paid because she hasn’t done her jobs and promises she will never get a gold star.

The council members deliberate about who to give the gold star to. It sounds like they’re quite keen on DK getting it. At the council meeting, the town is angry with Taylor and begs her to go home because she’s not pulling her wait. DK stands up and says everyone needs to chill out.

When Jonathan asks if anyone wants to go home, DK raises his hand and says he’s sick of all the drama. Guylan goes to talk to DK and tries to convince him to stay and begs him to give it one more chance. Everyone wants him to stay and there are a lot of tears. He decides to stay much to everyone’s relief. The council tells him that he’s won the gold star this week and his demeanor is very different from what it was a few moments ago.

DK gets to call his folks and they’re stoked to hear he won a $20,000 gold star. They’re very proud of him.

Guylan asks if he’s glad he stayed. He’s proud he’s decided to stay.

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