Bless Us and Keep Us Safe

The topic of religion comes up and typically causes friction.

The journal tells them that they’ve been in town ten days and that they should probably do something for their souls and take some time out to pray but should it be as a group or separately according to their beliefs.

The general consensus is that it’s likely to start arguments and they don’t really want that. Mike tells them though that they’re doing it and it will be a group service.

9 year old Alex decides to poll everyone and find out what religion they are. It’s a real mixed bag.

Mike rings the bell and no one really wants to go. Everyone is concerned that ultimately it would end up in conflict and no one wants that. No one turns up to the meeting and the council is disappointed.

Morgan organises a little prayer session around a fire for anyone who wants to. A bunch of the kids get together and pray about their time in the camp and their not all from the same religion. Everyone is impressed that Morgan bought them all together and think she deserves a gold star.

Everyone is mad at the yellow district for doing nothing. Zach distances himself from the team and helps the green guys in the kitchen.

It’s time for the next showdown and this week it also involves religion. A steeple chase. They need to put together a giant jigsaw puzzle of a church and then stand it up. If they can all complete it in 30 minutes then they’ll win this week’s reward.

Blue and Red complete their puzzles with a very short gap between them but thanks to Greg, Blue win the Upperclass while red come back and take the merchants. Green and Yellow then face off again but Yellow take the cooks place with Green finishing last again but within time so there are two rewards to choose between.

The choices are either a giant minigolf course or a library of holy books. The council decide that the town can make the choice. They decide on the holy books.

9 year old Cody is crying because he misses his girlfriend Ashley and is really homesick.

Once again, the problems in the kitchen exist with the yellow team. Laurel and Morgan confront Taylor and call her lazy but she just doesn’t seem to care. Zach manages to pull together members of the other districts to help him get the dishes done.

It’s starts to snow which excites all the kids just before the council start to talk about who should get the gold star. They talk about Zach but Taylor isn’t happy about that and thinks he’s bossy.

At the next town hall meeting there are a few more hands raised against the council. Cody decides that he wants to leave because it’s too hard being away from his family so he becomes the second quiter.

The council make their decision as to who is getting the Gold Star and it’s morgan. Morgan takes the third Gold Star for the Green District.

Campbell decides that he’s going to stick it out in the town despite his best friend Cody chosing to go home.

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