October 2007

After the drama of last night, it’s time to say goodbye to another one of our stars.

The Leaderboard from last night was as follows:
7th Marie Osmond & Jonathan Roberts: 21
7th Mark Cuban & Kym Johnson: 21
6th Helio Castroneves & Julianne Hough: 23
5th Jennie Garth & Derek Hough: 25
3rd Jane Seymour & Tony Dovolani: 26
3rd Cameron Mathison & Edyta Sliwinska: 26
2nd Sabrina Bryan & Mark Ballas: 28
1st Melanie Brown & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 29

Melanie Brown & Maksim Chmerkovskiy then perform their encore Samba to Spice Girls - Spice World - Spice Up Your Life Spice Up Your Life.

Jennifer Lopez then performs her new hit single Jennifer Lopez - Brave - Do It Well Do It Well

And then she performs Jennifer Lopez - On the 6 - Let's Get Loud Let’s Get Loud.

In the bottom two this week are: Mark Cuban & Kym Johnson and Jane Seymour & Tony Dovolani

After the public vote has been combined with the judges points, going home tonight is Mark Cuban & Kym Johnson

Mark & Kym get a standing ovation as they leave.

It’s the sexiest night of the season. It’s Latin night tonight where the couples will be dancing either the Samba or the Rumba.

Marie Osmond & Jonathan Roberts: Samba
Walter Wanderley - Pure Brazil: Instrumental Bossa Nova - Crickets Sing for Ana Maria The Crickets Sing for Ana Maria
Carrie Ann Inaba: 7
Len Goodman: 7
Bruno Tonioli: 7
Last Week: 26

Marie fainted while Len was talking to her. When she woke up, her first words when she saw everyone leaning over her was “Oh Crap”.

Jane Seymour & Tony Dovolani: Rumba
Toni Braxton - Toni Braxton - Breathe Again Breathe Again
Carrie Ann Inaba: 8
Len Goodman: 9
Bruno Tonioli: 9
Last Week: 26

Mark Cuban & Kym Johnson: Samba
Carrie Ann Inaba: 7
Len Goodman: 7
Bruno Tonioli: 7
Last Week: 22

Sabrina Bryan & Mark Ballas: Rumba
Billy Paul - 360 Degrees of Billy Paul - Me and Mrs. Jones Me and Mrs Jones
Carrie Ann Inaba: 9
Len Goodman: 9
Bruno Tonioli: 10
Last Week: 30

Jennie Garth & Derek Hough: Samba
Jamiroquai - Center Stage - Cosmic Girl Cosmic Girl
Carrie Ann Inaba: 8
Len Goodman: 9
Bruno Tonioli: 8
Last Week: 27

Helio Castroneves & Julianne Hough: Rumba
Timbaland - Shock Value - Apologize (feat. OneRepublic) Apologize
Carrie Ann Inaba: 8
Len Goodman: 7
Bruno Tonioli: 8
Last Week: 27

Melanie Brown & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Samba
Spice Girls - Spice World - Spice Up Your Life Spice Up Your Life
Carrie Ann Inaba: 10
Len Goodman: 9
Bruno Tonioli: 10
Last Week: 26

Cameron Mathison & Edyta Sliwinska: Rumba
Norah Jones - Come Away With Me - I've Got to See You Again I’ve Got to See You Again
Carrie Ann Inaba: 8
Len Goodman: 9
Bruno Tonioli: 9
Last Week: 27

Tomorrow night it’s the results and performances from Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez.

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“CityNews” Gord Martineau took top honours at the final night of The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television’s “22nd Annual Gemini Awards”, winning Best News Anchor.

“CityNews at Six” Anchor Gord Martineau took home the Gemini for Best News Anchor at last night’s ceremony in Regina. The annual celebration of excellence in Canada’s English-language television industry unites people from both sides of the camera to honour the past year’s most prominent productions in 91 program, craft and performance categories.

“Gord Martineau is the center of all things CityNews,” said Stephen Hurlbut, Vice-President, News Programming, Citytv and Vice-President and General Manager, CP24. “It has been our privilege to work with Gord and we are absolutely thrilled for our friend and colleague.”

Gord had led the “CityNews” team since 1977, covering elections, international news and local stories, while also lending his name and donating his time to great causes such as Citytv’s Herbie Day. Gord was also honoured earlier this year with an RTNDA Lifetime Achievement Award for his 30 years of dedication to the Canadian television industry.

In every episode, the students of Degrassi: The Next Generation tackle tough issues – but for the first time ever, they’re fighting a different kind of demon … the Undead!

An all-new homage to horror movies, “Degrassi of the Dead” goes live at 3:30 p.m. ET as darkness begins to fall Halloween night on The CTV Broadband Network at CTV.ca.

Directed by original Degrassi cast member Stefan Brogen, the half-hour “Zombisode” also includes behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the special, hosted by three Degrassi cast members.

Degrassi fans can get an early Halloween treat when the 30 minute “Degrassi of the Dead” airs Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 1 p.m. ET on CTV (visit CTV.ca to confirm local broadcast times). The special will also be available on demand on MTV Overdrive at MTV.ca.

In “Degrassi of the Dead,” horror hits Degrassi Community School when genetically modified food turns most of the students into Zombies. As The Undead walk the earth seeking fresh flesh, only a few survivors are left to fight against Zombie domination: how will Manny and Paige survive? In the second half of the Zombisode, Degrassi stars Cassie Steele (Manny Santos), Lauren Collins (Paige Michalchuk) and Aubrey Graham (Jimmy Brooks) go behind-the-scenes and share their thoughts on filming Degrassi’s first-ever “Zombisode.”

“The idea of doing a project that was a little dark and scary but still within the Degrassi universe really appealed to me,” said Brogren (Archie ‘Snake’ Simpson), director, producer and writer of “Degrassi of the Dead.” “I was also encouraged by the enthusiasm of the entire production team to push the envelope and do something completely different. I was amazed at how many actors came to me and asked to die a zombie death. Everyone involved really came to play!”

Degrassi of the Dead!

Go to muchmusic.com now to nominate Hotties and vote for Viewer’s Poll

Nobody knows better than MuchMusic fans what’s hot, which is why Much is calling on viewers to get involved in two new holiday shows – Hotties Next Door and MuchMusic Viewers’ Poll 2007. Viewers can hit muchmusic.com now to get involved. These fan-centric shows join MuchMusic’s Holiday Wrap programming. Additional programming and schedule information will be announced shortly.

Hotties Next Door gives MuchMusic viewers the perfect opportunity to give the gift of fame to a friend this holiday season. Much is scouring the country to find the 20 sexiest and accomplished guys and girls, so nominate boyfriends, girlfriends, or super-hot just-friends for the chance to be spotlighted as one of Canada’s finest. Upload a photo or video of said hottie to Show Me Yours at muchmusic.com. But don’t wait to nominate. Entries are accepted only until November 9.

MuchMusic’s expert panel picks 10 guys and 10 girls that make the cut based on personality, sex appeal, and achievements. Viewers need to tune in to find out what makes the hotties sizzle – from the songs on their playlists and favourite bands to their outstanding accomplishments. Co-hosts Tim Deegan and Sarah Taylor reveal whether the nation’s chosen hotties are the viewers’ own hotties next door during MuchMusic’s Holiday Wrap.

Fans also decide which artists and Hollywood hot-shots receive some atypical awards for The MuchMusic Viewer’s Poll 2007. Log on to muchmusic.com right now to be part of the big decision. In front of a live audience, MuchMusic VJs Matte Babel and Leah Miller meander down the wild and wacky road of pop culture to unveil the top prizes. Don’t miss the chance find out who walks away a whacked-out winner.

This week on Survivor: China

At Zhan Hu, James is up early carrying water while the others sleep. He knows that he’ll have to work hard so they win the next immunity challenge or he’ll be gone.

At Fei Long, Jean-Robert is snoring loudly. Todd is up talking to Amanda about the Immunity Idol. She had no idea but today they know they will have to find it or if they lose in the immunity challenge then one of them will be going home.

At the reward challenge, the tribes must race one at a time through an old Chinese village and find a puzzle piece which when placed inside a grid will reveal a phrase from Confucious which reads “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step”.

The winners will be taken to a nearby island where they will enjoy time at a tea house with some tea, a bath, and a western toilet.

Peigh Gee tells Sherea that they’re still in it with them and to tell Todd.

Fei Long cleans up brings James home for a night and the reward. He’s most happy about that. Jeff hands James the bamboo pipe which has the next Immunity Idol clue in it.

The Tea House has a spectacular view and while their hosts bring out some snacks, they bath and shower and clean up a little. It’s a real treat. James stips off and Amanda and Courtney comment on his nice butt.

Back at Zhan Hu, they’re talking about how they have to win immunity because Sherea and Frosti were a little cold towards them during the challenge.

Todd talks to James and tells him to give him what is inside the scoll and he will help save his life. James has no idea what is inside the scroll until he opens it and is relieved and hopeful that it will help his situation.

James hands Todd the scroll which reads “There are four that surround it and four much the same. The etched finer could salvage the game”.

With that clue, Todd figures out where it is. Todd and Amanda start trying to knock it off the top of the entrance and Amanda starts knocking off tiles so it doesn’t look too obvious what they’re doing. Frosti comes over to help and almost spoils the party but they get it just in time.

Todd gives the idol to James and tells him to throw the next challenge at Zhan Hu and vote for Jamie.

Todd tells Courtney and Denise that he found the Immunity Idol and that they need to fight to win as James is going to throw the Immunity Challenge.

The task is a food challenge eating Chinese dishes. Courtney, Denise and Amanda sat out the last challenge which means they have to play in this one along with Frosti. It’s a game to four. Frosti takes the first challenge over Peigh Gee with Chicken Hearts. Jamie beats Courtney with Eel. Erik beats Amanda with baby turtles and then James beats Denise with unhatched chickens after Denise quits and James had given her a head start. Next up is a thousand year old egg between Erik and Frosti which Jeffs tells them will rival anything they’ve ever eaten before. Erik wins giving Zhan Hu the win. Denise fells as though she’s really let her team down.

Todd is annoyed that his perfect plan has failed. Todd talks to Denise and Amanda and they decide it’s Sherea’s time to go. However, Courtney still has an axe to grind against Jean-Robert and talks to Sherea about getting rid of him. Courtney talks to Amanda and Todd about how much she hates Jean-Robert.

Jean-Robert is feeling a little uneasy. Todd talks to Amanda and feels as though they need to get rid of Jean-Robert as they’re setting themselves up as power players and if they don’t do something now then they will get turned on at some point.

At Tribal Council, the votes fall against Sherea and Jean-Robert breathes easy again for a moment.

Made: Kickboxer

In another new episode of “Made” Allyshia is a 17-year-old party girl from Orillia, ON who lives on a farm, but avoids anything that feels like actual work.

After quitting everything she has ever started, Allyshia will attempt to go through six weeks of intensive training to become a kickboxer.

Will she give up her partying ways to focus on her training?

How will Allyshia’s friends react to her desire to toughen up? Will she win her final fight?

Thursday, November 29 from 10:30 – 2 p.m. ET on MTV

Tila is a model, singer and the most popular girl in the history of MySpace and she’s finally ready to get serious about finding someone to get serious with.

The only catch is that Tila is bisexual — so she isn’t sure if she should settle down with a man or a woman.

MTV found sixteen straight guys and sixteen lesbians to vie for her love and attention.

The finalists move into her mansion and live together while each week, Tila narrows down her suitors from the group of 32 paramours.

Will the best man or woman win Tila Tequila’s heart? Is there more chemistry with the men or the women?

Catch-up on the first five steamy episodes of “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.”

Sunday, November 25 from 1 – 6 p.m. ET on MTV

Made: Wakeboarder

In this all new episode of “Made” viewers will meet Choker.

He’s a goofy computer dude from the heart of Canada’s cottage country – Bracebridge, ON. He’s buddies with binary numbers and his blogs, but lacks friends in the flesh.

“Made” hooks him up with Muscoda’s finest coach and attempts to take him from wimp to wakeboarding wonder; but is six weeks enough to prove to his small town that Choker has skills on the water and with the women?

Thursday, November 22 from 10:30 – 11 p.m. ET on MTV