Zach wins HoH and puts the Donato's up for eviction

Dick and Jameka make a deal that they will keep her in the game but if she wins HoH then she wont put them up together and they will own her vote. The deal is to take her to the final three but she has to swear on the bible. Jameka knows that all she has is her word and that this is her only shot to stay in the game.

Dick and Daniele are so excited that they’ve managed to stay to this point in the game. Daniele compares Zach to a friend who calls on your cell phone and you just ignore them and then listen to their voice mail. They think it’s time he went.

The memory wall has changed with new photos from their time in the house. They all think that the photos will have something to do with the HoH competition.

The Head of Household competition begins and the first person to answer seven questions will win. Both Zach and Daniele answer seven so there is a tie breaker question which Zach wins giving him the win. Daniele is upset that she didn’t win and thinks they should have kept Amber over Zach. The only thing that could screw anything up for them right now though is if Jameka wins the POV.

No one is too interested to go and see Zach’s HoH room for the second time in only two weeks.

Dick and Zach talk and Dick pushes for Jameka to go. Zach thinks it is time to draw his line in the sand.

Zach talks to Jameka about how he’s been playing the game by himself since he came into the game. He wants her to play her ass off for Power of Veto but he wants to put both Dick and Daniele up.

Daniele talks to Zach about the nominations and wants to know if her and her dad will be on the block. Daniele pushes for Jameka to go and says that her dad has played the best game. Zach thinks he’s played a good game but Daniele thinks it’s all luck. Zach says, all he can think about is how he can position himself in the game now. Daniele mocks and can’t believe he thinks he can win.

Daniele tells Dick that she thinks he’s going to put them both up. They’re now upset at how he begged them not roll on him. How ironic after they’ve rolled both Eric and Jessica who had a deal to the final four. Dick is pissed at the threat of not being in the position of power at the moment.

There is a new table in the dining room and it’s only big enough for four people. This is the final nomination ceremony and Zach reminds everyone that they are playing for half a million dollars. Both Dick and Daniele are up on the block. He tells them that they’ve dominated the game and he wants a level playing field. He has to win the power of veto, or next best case, Jameka. If not, the Donato’s have the game in the bag as Jameka will go home and one of them will become the new HoH.

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