Jessica and Jameka are nominated for eviction

The HoH challenge is one slippery challenge. Dick is incredibly unfit and isn’t confident of pulling off a win. Zach is desperate to win to secure his survival. Eric is falling over almost every time he starts his run down the lane.

Jessica announces that there is a smaller beaker in each of their lanes. Whoever fills it first will receive a phone call from home. Eric does it and wins a call.

Each houseguest is then offered an extra two cups but they come at a cost. Every cup that is taken means no hot water for a day. 8 cups taken means 8 days. Everyone takes the extra two cups except Zach who takes 1.

Dick is desperate to win because an hour before the eviction he really laid into Zach about his conversation with Eric about wanting to vote for Daniele.

It is a close finish but Zach beats Dick. Dick is more annoyed at the fact that Amber would have had no chance to win. Eric is torn between Jessica and Jameka but gives Jessica the phone call. Eric is really annoyed that Zach won and is worried about Zach going after Jessica.

Daniele and Dick talk and Daniele reassures her dad that she wont be up for eviction and thinks she has a lot of pull with him and that it will be Jessica and Jameka up.

Eric and Jessica talk and Eric hopes it will be him and Jameka up because he doesn’t think it will be either Dick or Daniele and doesn’t want it to be Jessica. They conspire to have a deal with Zach to the final three.

Zach calls out to see who wants to see his HoH room but everyone is somewhat despondant to go check it out.

Daniele talks to Zach and says she’s so done with her dad being around her. Zach wonders if you can really trust anyone named Dick.

Jessica asks Eric if he cast those dodgy votes. He confesses and also says he did the mustard. Jessica laughs and is kinda impressed as his game play. She asks him why he has told her now and he says it’s because he doesn’t know what is developing with them and he doesn’t want her to have any surprizes. Eric wants to scream from the rooftops that he is America’s Player but he’s not allowed.

Jessica gets her phone call and it was her brother who arrived home from Iraq on Friday. She’s incredibly emotional.

Eric gets his orders and America wants him to push for Jameka to be nominated.

Dick and Daniele talk and Daniele suggests that if Zach puts up both Jessica and Eric then they wont be to blame for one of them going home. Daniele goes to talk to Zach and says that if Jessica or Eric are around next week then he will be the one to go home. Zach admits that it’s getting to the point where he needs to trust someone.

Eric has a new task. To mimic the annoying habbits and words of one of the other houseguests. Who will it be? Spitting Dick?

It’s nomination time and Zach chooses to nominate Jessica and Jameka for eviction. I’m sure that somewhere, Amber is crying.

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