Jessica and Eric are both evicted

It’s a double eviction tonight. In fact, an entire week will be played out over the next hour in Big Brother fast forward.

Dick and Daniele know that they need to get rid of Jessica this week but Eric is going to be weeping. They decide that they will tell Jameka that she’s going and then ten minutes before the eviction they’ll offer her a deal which they’re sure she will accept.

America hands Eric a huge relief when they tell him to vote for Jameka.

Eric asks Daniele if Jessica is going home but she says not to be worried because she’ll be safe.

It’s time for the first eviction and Dick and Daniele both vote for Jessica. Eric, Jessica and Jameka share a moment before Jessica walks out the front door. Dick, Daniele and Zach say nothing to her.

Eric is a little upset that they didn’t give him some warning so he could prepare.

The HoH competition begins and it’s called Before and After. Picking either before or after, the best of 8 winner is Dick. Eric is now supposed to get Daniele nominated. Dick nominates Eric and Jameka. Eric will be desperately fighting for the Power of Veto in the competition which is next.

The Veto competition is called Niagara Balls. 5000 colored rubber balls will be dropped on them and the first person to place 8 green balls into their tube will with the power of veto. Zach wins the power of veto. He decides not to use it.

The vote is made and both Zach and Daniele vote to evict Eric. Bye bye America’s player. Jameka has survived yet another eviction. At least she can play in the next HoH competition which will air on Sunday at 8/7c.

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