Jameka is evicted

It’s a big night in the house tonight. If either Zach or Jameka can win the Power of Veto then finally one of the Donato’s will be going home.

After Zach put both Daniele and Dick up for eviction, Dick was furious. Daniele is upset that Zach went back on his word and lied to them. Of course, they haven’t lied or not kept their word to anyone.

Zach believes that both Dick and Daniele are still here because no one had the stones to stand up to them. Dick taunts Zach and says that he’s playing for second place and doesn’t think he’d get one vote from the jury up against any of the other three.

Dick knows that other HoH’s have tried and failed to get rid of them so Zach is going to have to be on his game.

At the Jury house, we get to see what’s been going on with Dustin, Jen, Amber, Jessica and Eric.

Dick tells Daniele that if they can’t beat “those two idiots” then they deserve to go home. Dick reminds Daniele that she has dominated the game and she just has to win one more. No pressure though.

Zach and Jameka spend some time in prayer before the Veto Challenge. They both feel that they’re on the good side up against “evel”. The line in the sand has been drawn and it’s now do or die time.

The houseguests have to place faces of evicted houseguests inbetween two clues and then get a corresponding number to list the number of seconds they’ve been in the house. Dick thinks he has it but gets it wrong. Zach also gets it wrong. Then, with enormous screaming, Daniele wins the power of veto for the fifth time sealing Jameka’s fate. They taunt Zach and parade themselves around that the Donato’s are in the Final 3.

Zach says he’s going to have to put up with an overgrown twelve year old for another week.

Dick is wandering around the house screaming “Game Over”. How obnoxious is he. He’s so stoked that he’s up against Zach at the end.

Daniele uses the veto on her Dad and returns the favour and saves her dad. Jameka takes her place on the eviction sofa. Daniele says in her speech that if he doesn’t keep her in the game then perhaps she wont speak to him again for another few years. Of course, Jameka is going home.

The final HoH competition is about to take place. Zach gets to compete as well despite being the current Head of Household. The HoH competition will be done in three parts. The winner of the first round will automatically proceed to the third round. The other two will face off in the second round and then the winner of round two will face off against the winner of round one and compete for the final HoH and the chance to pick who they will be up against in the final two.

The first round consists of each of the houseguests standing atop a giant carrot in a garden where they must hold on to a key which is hanging above them. A rabbit on a pole swings around and the houseguests need to jump over it as it passes. If they stop the rabbit, fall off their carrot or let go of their key then they’re out of the game. And to make things even more nautious, Big Brother starts the rain.

After an excrutiating time in awful conditions Zach wins the first part of the HoH competition.

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