Dick and Daniele to face off in Final two

Day 76 and we’re down to the final three. By the end of the hour, one person will win the final HoH and evict one of their housemates, effectively picking who they will play off against in the final.

2 hours into the competition and Daniele is visibly shaking with cold. She had initially said she was worried about the challenge if it involved cold water. Daniele tries to get her father to talk to him. Dick taunts him and then nearly two hours into it, Daniele slips of her carrot while trying to jump over it. She races inside to take a hot shower and warm up.

Once Daniele is gone, Zach starts to mock Dick. 4 and a half hours in and Dick is now shaking. Daniele cheers him on from the side line. Daniele even tells him she loves him. Even if they lose it’s been a great bonding exercise for them.

Dick is looking beat and Daniele tells him that if he can’t do it it’s ok. At 7 hours and 32 minutes in, Dick throws his key away, clearly annoyed that he could last the distance against Zach. Zach congratulates him for a valiant fight.

Dick admits that he doesn’t think he would have been able to go on as long as he did without Daniele there and is upset that he let her down. Zach is proud that he broke Dick.

Now, Dick and Daniele need to decide who is going to be better at beating Zach in round three. However, round two is a puzzle that involves collecting puzzle pieces from one giant tank of water and taking it to another tank of water and create a path in the correct order of who held HoH. When Dick sees the giant tanks of water he hopes that it is warm.

Daniele’s time was 24:09 but Dick’s time was 12:48. Daniele is slightly embarrassed by her time. Dick is adamant that he’s going to kick Zach’s ass in the final round. Daniele isn’t so sure.

Jameka arrives at the jury house and everyone is so annoyed that it’s her instead of Dick or Daniele.

Julie is going to read out some statements and Dick and Zach need to decide one one of two endings. Dick beats Zach and wins the final HoH effectively giving the Donatos both spots in the final two. Daniele can’t believe that they’ve worked so well together. Dick and Daniele are so stoked that they have won the whole thing. Dick is so excited. He’s punched a wall and kicked the trash can.

Eric has one final task as America’s player. Who does America want to win the $500,000 prize and who should Eric campaign for?

Dick is adamant that him and Daniele are the best team to have ever played the Big Brother game. But who will win. Results and Eric’s unveiling on Tuesday.

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