Daniele wins but doesn't use the power of veto

Jameka is certain that Zach has a deal with Dick and Daniele and of course, she’s right.

Jameka talks to Jessica about Zach’s speech and both of refuse to be evicted by Zach. Jameka really wants to be in the final three with her and Eric.

Daniele tells Zach that Jessica is really pissed at being put up for eviction.

Eric is upset at the way he voted last week. The whole experience is turning into a complete nightmare for him.

Jessica tells a story about how when she was a child she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She answered “the first female president of the United States or a waitress”. Dick laughs and then adds perhaps a stripper of president. Daniele gets upset because she is a waitress. Dick and Daniele’s relationship is somewhat in tatters. Dick would rather have been put in there with one of his ex wives.

Eric and Jessica contemplate the next part of the game and are a little worried about the outcome of the veto competition.

Everyone is playing in the veto competition and Janelle is back in the Big Brother house to play the host. It’s called Janellovision. They each get spun around for one minute on a giant chair and then have to run down a path to a giant television screen where the faces of two houseguests are swirled together. They must guess who the two faces are and then hit a button. It’s a tough challenge. The results are:

Dick got 4 right. Zach got 6. Eric is disappointed with his 3. Jameka did even worse with 2 but Daniele got 7 right. Jessica only got 4 right which means Daniele wins the power of Veto again.

Technically speaking, based on her and Dick’s arrangement with Eric and Jessica, Daniele should save Jessica and vote Jameka out.

Eric is really worried about Jessica and is adamant he’s not going to let her leave the house.

Dick is acting like a 16 year old after getting the chance to flirt with Janelle. Eric is confident that their alliance with Dick and Daniele is still strong but Dick says that over confidence is something that has cost people a lot in the game. He then ironically says that he and Daniele hold the power in the house.

America wants Eric to imitate Dick. He has a lot of fun imitating Dick and Dick doesn’t seem to mind. The task gets completed and Dick thinks that mimicing is a great form of flattery.

Daniele and Dick are considering their position in the game and whether or not they want to get rid of Jessica, Eric or Jameka but not removing Jameka will certainly change the game for them.

The veto meeting starts and Jessica and Jameka give their case. Daniele has decided not to use the power of veto though.

I’m not confused though. It’s a double eviction this week and there are two people up. Does that mean they’re both going home or does that mean someone else is going to get a surprize?

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