Ashley gets voted out

At Zhan Hu, Dave is trying to organize the tribe but the others don’t seem that motivated all. There seems to be some lacking in confidence in his leadership of the tribe. I guess we’ll see how long his reign lasts.

At Fei Long, the tribe is working hard. Well, almost everyone. Jean Robert is snoring and tired and there is a growing resentment in the game towards him. Hiking Guide Amanda and Todd form an Alliance. They pull Aaron in to join them. They head back to camp and Aaron tells Jean Robert that he needs to step it up but he’s making excuses. He admits later that he’s deliberately not doing much now to make himself look better later when he is contributing majorly.

At Zhan Hu, Dave is getting a BBQ pit built. Student Jamie isn’t too thrilled about it and just wants to get a fire going so she can get some food in her stomach. Dave drops a giant stone on the ground to build the BBQ pit and hoses Jamie with mud as it lands. Ashley agrees that it’s not good that they haven’t eaten and that they’ve had flint since last night and they still haven’t started a fire. Ashley and Dave face off a little about the fire and food.

It’s challenge time and Jeff tells them to prepare to get dirty. The point of the game is to score two goals with giant wooden balls. The first team to score two goals will win fishing gear along with something else.

The first round is incredibly physical but Amanda gets the goal after a lot of tugging and removal of clothing and makes it across the line with the ball without her top. When she realises, she exclaims that her mother is going to kill her.

In the second round Jean Robert proves his worth and forces his way down the zone being tackled by wrestler Ashley. The undertaker takes the ball across the line after Jean Robert drags Frosti off him.

The twist in the reward is that Fei Long gets to kidnap a member of Zhan Hu. They pick Jamie which I’m sure she’ll be happy about. Jeff gives her something to open in private when she gets back to the other camp.

When Zhan Hu arrive back at camp it’s completely flooded and Dave feels justified by building a raised fire pit.

Back at Fei Long, Todd is wary of Jamie and talks about The Art of War and that they need to be vigilant and keep a close watchful eye on her while she is in camp.

Jamie opens the scroll that Jeff gave her which reads:

Before making an alliance with a neighbor, you must understand his intentions – Sun Tzu, The Art of War
In this sealed tube is a clue to a hidden immunity idol at the enemy camp. You must give this sealed clue to a member of this trbie before you rejoin your own tribe at the next immunity challenge.

Jean Robert and Aaron are fighting about his laziness. Courtney just wants some solidarity while Jamie is in camp. Jamie doesn’t know why they’re not winning after hearing them fighting.

Back at Zhan Hu, Ashley and Dave are arguing about the fire. Sherea doesn’t like how Dave is always talking down to her. Ashley thinks he’s going to end up shooting himself in the foot because he’s just so patronizing.

At Fei Long, Leslie is complaining about being sick and just wanting her bible so she can spend some time with God. Jamie approaches her and gives her the hidden immunity idol clue which she is stoked about. It reads: What is thought to be hidden may sometimes be seen. Though their eyes are not, yours must be keen. She talks to Todd and tells him about the clue. Todd can’t believe that she told him. He says that if she gets sick and goes, then he’ll be the only one with the clue.

The tribes need to use a giant Chinese puzzle log as a ram to bash through a wall and then work the log through a maze. The first tribe to sound their gong with their puzzle log will win immunity. Zhan Hu are sitting out Jamie while Fei Long are sitting out both Courtney and Leslie.

Fei Long make it through the first wall first with Zhan Hu not far behind them. Fei Long smash through the second wall while Zhan Hu struggle. Frosti takes over the lead position from Dave who is struggling. Working through the puzzle, Zhan Hu catches up and takes the lead until they reach a dead end and have to back it up. Fei Long doesn’t panic and works their log through and ring their gong first winning immunity and handing Zhan Hu another date with Jeff at tribal council.

Back at camp, Dave takes responsibility for the loss but he’s pretty confident that he’s not going home. Ashley believes that her head is on the block and is weighing up her options as to what to do to keep herself in the game. Jamie, Sherea and Frosti talk about the challenge and Dave’s leadership but that he is a hard worker and that they only want what is best for the tribe.

At tribal council, Ashley addresses Dave’s talking down to her. The rest of the tribe seem to be over Ashley and Dave’s constant bickering. Ashley and Dave are both pretty open about who they are voting for.

At the vote Ashley receives the majority and is voted out. She tells Dave that she’ll see him soon. Sherea isn’t happy about the result.

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