Amber cries her way home

Jessica is upset that two people who she actually likes are on the block and one of them are going to be going home. Jessica is bothered that Dick and Daniele don’t really like her and is afraid of being stabbed in the back.

Amber comes up for a cry again. She has one reason why she thinks she should stay and that is because the nice people should win.

Dick talks to Zach who is concerned about going home. Dick tells him not to worry because he’ll be safe. Zach says two interesting things. Firstly that he’d be ok coming second as $50,000 is more than ample for what he needs to do in life and secondly, that if he wins HoH this week then he’ll be putting Jess and Jameka up for eviction with the aim of backdooring Eric. Dick says that Zach is only going home if he finds out that he tried to get rid of him.

Jameka talks to Jessica and Amber about Eric and they think that this week Eric has been playing HoH through her. They think that he’s scared of winning HoH because he doesn’t want anyone to see photos of him and his “girlfriend”. Jessica isn’t sure of thinks after Ambers few words. Jameka tells Amber that she needs to get Daniele’s vote.

Amber talks to Daniele and tries to get a favour and get her vote.

Eric and Jessica talk and Jessica is worried about what Amber has said but Eric brings up how she says she’s a good person and yet was a serious drug user with a child.

Dick talks to Eric about what Zach told him about winning HoH and wanting to backdoor Eric. Eric tells Dick about his conversation with Zach last week and Dick is pissed. Zach is in trouble but Eric is still fairly adamant that it is Amber’s time to go home.

We get to see some of Jameka’s family and church before we get to meet Eric’s family and Cheryl who is not currently in a relationship with him.

It’s time for the vote and Jameka is first and votes to evict Zach. Eric has successfully completed 17 out of 24 tasks and has earnt $30,000 so far, $10,000 for every 5 tasks he has completed. 78% wanted Eric to vote for Amber. Dick and Daniele also vote to evict Amber meaning that she is leaving 3 votes to 1 and all that talk about God showing her she would win was obviously a little off the mark. Surprize, surprize, she’s crying. Jameka is crying and even Eric seems to have shed a tear in the emotional moment. Jameka will be feeling incredibly isolated in the house now.

Amber thinks that no one wanted to sit next to her in the final and that’s why she was voted out and she blames Eric for her demise. Dick leaves a nice message to her and reminds her that it is a game.

It’s time for the next HoH competition. Who will be the next Head of Household? There is a giant Tea Pot for each house guest to stand next to. They have to pick up a tiny tea cup and transfer tea to a from their tea pot to a glass tank that has a silver ball in it. The cup can only hold 3 ounces of tea and the tank needs 16 gallons to fill it. That’s equivalent to 683 trips back and forth or 7 miles. Even if they run, it could take all night.

There’s a double eviction this next week which should make things interesting.

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