Zach Lipovsky leaves

Another magical night at the movies awaits but first up it’s time to find out who went home.

The two directors with the fewest number of votes were Sam and Zach. Leaving the lot though is Zach Lipovsky.

The early favourite to win, Zach will be missed by everyone.

This week, everyone is making a movie based on the log line “A man wakes up and rolls out of bed and finds himself in a dress but can’t remember what happened the night before”.

Carrie Fisher is here again and Gary Marshall is back along with guest director Gary Gray to judge tonight’s movies.

First up to premiere their film this week is Will Bigham. His film is called The Yes Men.
To Vote for Will’s film:

Sam Friedlander is next with his short film Dress for Success.
To Vote for Sam’s film:

Adam Stein is next with his film The Army Guy.
To Vote for Adam’s film:

Jason Epperson is last with his film Oh, Boy.
To vote for Jason’s film:

Carrie’s favourite movie was once again Adam’s, Both Gary’s also pick Adam’s move as their favourite.

Next week, three directors will face off in the Season Finale of On The Lot.

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