Zach and Amber are nominated

Eric is confident that him and Jessica will be in the final 6 now that Jessica is Head of Household. Dick is also confident that he and Daniele will also be safe thanks to their alliance with Jessica and Eric. Zach and Jameka also think they’re no threat and will be safe.

Amber spiritualizes the HoH competition and talks to Jameka about it. They’re so “thankful”.

Eric asks Jessica a question about what she would do if she won 30 minutes of off camera time with him. It’s either talk strategy, rip their clothes off and “make out” or spend 25 minutes thinking about it and then the last five minutes making out.

Jessica shows everyone her HoH room where there are more photos and a Booyah tshirt.

Amber talks to Jessica and Amber tells her that Jen had told her to tell Jessica that Eric already has a girlfriend outside the house. She hates a cheat. Dick asks if he can be let in on the secret that Jen was talking about. Amber says that there was no secret and Jen was just stirring.

Amber tells Eric that Jen had said he already had a girlfriend named Cheryl and they weren’t broken up. Eric tells Amber that he has a good friend that he loves but it’s on again, off again and there is no officialness about it. Eric is worried about upsetting Jessica now that the news is out.

Eric talks to Jessica and says that he’s not in a relationship but he does have someone on the outside who he has been with for a while but they’re not currently together but they’re still friends.

Dick starts to get on Daniele’s nerves and she confides in Zach and says he’s never acted like a parent before and now he is and it’s driving her crazy.

Dick asks Daniele why she’s so impatient with him. In an impatient tone she says she’s not. Dick wants to talk so Daniele lets him know that she is annoyed with him. He leaves and says he’ll give her some space.

Dick and Daniele talk later and Dick is sorry but Daniele doesn’t believe him. She leaves and Dick says she always quits. Jessica and Eric are in bed and wonder if the fight between Dick and Daniele is fake or for real.

It’s a tough HoH this week because Jessica runs the risk of putting two people up and then one of them winning the Veto competition and having someone else going home or not putting one of them up and having two people on the block that she doesn’t really want.

There is a shopping spree competition that involves everyone standing in a giant tank filled with soap suds and taking their clothes off and arranging the letters from their clothes to spell words relating to Big Brother 8. The girls spell out Bunny Suits, Toga and Unitard first and get to go on a shopping spree. They have two minutes to put on as many clothes as they can. The girls are piling on clothes and Daniele thinks that she had gotten the most because she’s a professional shopper.

Jameka is telling Amber that she could be a model and Amber thinks she has a great body.

Zach talks to Eric and Jessica and hopes he doesn’t want to be up for eviction this week and offers his vote. He also offers to keep them safe if he wins HoH next week.

Eric gets his next set of instructions. America wants Amber to be nominated. Eric talks to Jessica and puts his perspective on Amber out there.

Eric’s next challenge will be interesting. Who will America want Eric to kiss? I hope it’s Dick!

It’s nomination time and Jessica says that she wants to take out one of the power players. She has chosen Zach and Amber. Zach is shocked that he’s up for eviction. Amber is crying and praying to God again.

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