Will Bigham wins On The Lot

After record voting, Will Bigham has won the million dollar movie deal with Dreamworks Pictures over other finalists Jason Epperson and Adam Stein on the reality TV series On The Lot.

On winning, Will said “First and foremost, I want to thank God. That’s the reason we’re all here. I want to thank this guy down here, Jason. We’ve been through this together the whole time, I’m proud of him. Just thank you to everybody, everybody in this competition, actors, filmmakers, you are all amazing, and I cannot wait to work with you again. I really cannot, so thank you. Last but not least, I would like to thank my family because they have supported me a lot, and now I’ll get to support them.”

Will was then taken to Dreamworks Pictures where he met his new boss, Steven Speilberg, and handed the keys to his new office.

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