The Top 7 perform the hits of Queen

There was no joy for Martha last week as she was cut from the competition. Tonight, the Top 7 perform the hits of Queen Queen.

They have been named the greatest British band of all time and Brian May and Roger Taylor have been coaching the Idols this week.

The Idol queen and her three court jesters are back: Sass Jordan, Jake Gold, Farley Flex and Zach Werner.

Brian Melo
Queen - Greatest Hits III - Too Much Love Will Kill You Too Much Love Will Kill You
Great song but it was really pitchy. Jake was moved by that and says he is really is now in the competition. Farley thought it was really well done. Sass thought he gave that song such justice. Zach believed in the emotional context of what he did but thought it was sketchy and all over the place with his pitch.

Greg Neufeld
Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - We Are the Champions We Are The Champions
What a fantastic version of a rock classic. Greg has gone from strength to strength over the last few weeks and he really reinvented that song. Farley says he is rising to the occasion every single time. Sass says that what he did was the definition of a real singer. Zach thought he was just short intensity wise. Jake thought Zach was so off base with his comments tonight. Jake thought he was fantastic.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits - Killer Queen Killer Queen
So nice to see Carly Rae do something with a bit of spunk. This show is shaping up to be the best so far in 2007. Sass is so impressed and thought it was the most ballsy performance ever. Zach thought it was cool and that she is so distinct from anyone else in the competition. Jake loves how she looks tonight and loved the cabaret side of Queen that she displayed tonight. Farley thought it was the best use of the stage they’ve seen in a long time as well.

Matt Rapley
Queen & David Bowie - Classic Queen - Under Pressure Under Pressure
This was always going to be a tall order for Matt. Gospel and Queen? Nope, wasn’t really working for me. Zach thought he had some strong moments but he was hoping he would have rocked it from top to bottom. Jake thought he got a little drowned out by the backing vocals. Farley liked that he took it back to where he was a couple of weeks ago. Sass thought it was a fantastic job of an incredibly challenging song.

Dwight d’Eon
Queen - Classic Queen - Tie Your Mother Down Tie Your Mother Down
This nice big rock anthem was just what Dwight needed. Jake says “performance 10. Vocals 7”. Farley loved the physical style of his performance. Sass says it’s five from five so far and it was wicked. Zach says he’s back to being a contender.

Tara Oram
Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - Headlong Headlong
What happened to the Idols during the last week? Everyone has certainly stepped up a notch. Tara was awesome and looks fantastic. Farley absolutely loved it. Sass thinks she is a born performer and loved watching her. Zach thought she sang the hell out it. Jake thought she really commanded the stage and was very special.

Jaydee Bixby
Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - I Want to Break Free I Want to Break Free
Nope. I don’t like this at all. Completely unbelievable. Two words. Bad Karaoke. Sass thinks Elvis is still in the building. Zach thinks there’s a distressing Pat Boone in leather but he found that oddly appealing. Jake likes his messy hair but he didn’t really get the message across from the lyrics. Farley is glad to have him back in his boots.

Overall, this was a fantastic show. If there is a bottom two with any merit then it should be Matt and Jaydee but I can’t see that happening.

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