The plan to backdoor Eric fails

Amber assures Eric that he definitely has Dustin, Jameka and her vote and swears on her daughters life.

Dick talks to Kail and says that if they can get rid of Eric this week then she will owe him.

Dick then talks to Amber about a conversation he had with Eric a week ago where he mentioned a story she had told him that would sink her in the game and that he’d use it against her if he had the chance. Dick is trying desperately to sway the votes. Dick doesn’t know what it was about but Amber knows that it’s in regards to the story she told him about how she was pregnant twice.

Amber talks to Dustin but they don’t want him gone just yet because he’s not a threat.

Amber talks to Dick and Daniele and they come up with a solution to get rid of Eric. If Dustin gets HoH then Dick and Daniele wont be up and vice versa.

Dustin talks to Amber and she is furious. Dustin wants Dick gone because he doesn’t like how he plays the game.

Amber confronts Eric about what he told Dick and the waterworks start. Eric just sits there as she rants at him in front of the entire group. She swears at him and tells him she hates him and then walks out and says “Thank you God, that felt good”.

It’s time to vote and first up is Dick. Of course, he’s voting for Eric. Jen votes to evict Eric. Jessica is voting to evict Kail. That is good news for Eric. Will Amber stay true to her promise? Zach votes to evict Eric. Jameka votes for Kail. Dustin votes for Kail which means it is down to Amber. Amber votes to evict Kail which means Eric is safe for another week.

By a vote of 4-3, Kail is going home. Dick is not happy. But wait, there’s a twist. It appears that Dustin had made a deal with Dick to get rid of Eric. Of course it was Dustin not playing along but Dick says “There’s that mystery vote again”. Dustin acts annoyed.

The next live Head of Household competition takes place in a game called let’s make a duel. Jameka isn’t playing because of the last Power of Veto game. Daniele isn’t playing as she is the current HoH and puts Dustin and Eric up first. Eric answers correctly and eliminates Dustin and then calls Dick and Zach up. Zach is incorrect and Dick gets to pick Jessica and Eric. Jessica guesses correctly which means Eric is knocked out. She picks Dick and Jen but Dick answers incorrectly. Amber and Jessica face off and Amber gets it wrong. Jessica and Jen are last to duel and Jessica wins. Dick looks nervous and Dustin is ecstatic.

Who should Eric get nominated? I can’t imagine it being anyone other than Dick and Jen, maybe Daniele.

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