August 2007

Performing 10,000 Maniacs - Our Time in Eden - These Are Days These Are Days are the Canadian Idol Top 8. It’s a pretty cool little song and nicely performed.

The eight is about to become seven. First though, an acoustic version of Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac - Somebody's Me Somebody’s Me from Enrique Iglesias. He also performs Enrique Iglesias - Enrique - Be with You Be With You to an ecstatic audience. Enrique is such a phenomenal performer.

It’s results time. Matt Rapley is the first member of the bottom two. Joining him is Martha Joy. I’m not surprized by the bottom two. Martha is too wooden and Matt has terrible song choice.

Matt is safe for another week while Martha is going home.

Next week the Idols are performing the hits of Queen.

The emotional Jen continues to cry about being put up for eviction.

Dustin calls Kail up to the HoH room to tell her that neither her or Jen are a target this week and that he actually wants Zach to go home. He tells her to fight for the veto and he knows Jen will fight for it too because she’s a fierce competitor.

Kail tells Jen that they’re the toughest girls in the house and she just needs stay strong.

Amber talks to Dustin about Nick comforting Jen and they think it was an act. Dustin is convinced that Jen, Nick and Zach are in an alliance. Jen, Kail and Zach were the only three who came to talk to him before he made his nominations and they both think that it’s a little fishy.

It’s time for the Veto competition. Dustin picks Daniele, Jen picks Jameka and Kail picks Jessica. Kail didn’t want Daniele or Dick to play as they will most likely keep the nominations the same. Eric is chosen as the host.

Jameka tells Jen that because of her faith, she believes that God has lead her to fight for her on her behalf. Jen is happy. She tells Dick and Dustin. Dick asks her if the same were true if Zach had pulled her ball. Dick doesn’t want to get into it and just leaves. In the diary room, Dick says that it’s more about Jen’s own agenda than God’s will.

Eric, in a French accent, invites the Veto competition participants into the lounge which has been transformed into a gallery. The competition is about earning Big Brother bucks by interpreting art that is based on Big Brother phrases.

The first painting is “Head of Household” which Daniele gets and earns $500. She also gets the next one which is “Memory Wall” and also worth $500. The next one is “diary room” and is worth $750 and is guessed by Kail. Puzzle four is also worth $750. Daniele guesses Veto but it is “Power of Veto” and is eliminated from the competition. Dustin then decides to spend $750 of his $1000 on a trip for two to Barbadoes which everyone finds bizarre. Kail then drops out after missing “Nominee” worth $1000. Jameka wins $1000 for guessing “Alliance”. Dustin gets $1000 for “Julie Chen”. He then guesses “Chopping Block” for $1500. Dustin then spends $1500 of his $2750 and wins $5000 cash. Amber cries and thinks he’s so selfish when Jameka would have done well with the money. The final challenge is worth $2000 so whoever wins this will win it. Jen weirdly guesses safety when the answer was “The Power is up for grabs”. She throws it because she knows that Jameka has won and promised to save her.

Dick confronts Dustin about his actions in the challenge and Dustin admits that he got lost in the moment and was selfish.

Jameka talks with Amber about what she said to Jen and then gets all spiritual about it all. Amber does what’s becoming famous for. She cries.

Eric says that Dustin made a complete fool of himself and alienated every single one of his allies.

Dick confronts Jen, as he does, about why she threw the competition.

Eric is told that he is start using the phrase “I’d do that for a dollar” and get a minimum of 3 different people on 5 different days. He blatantly admits to Dick that he is going to start saying the phrase as a bit of a dig at Amber.

Daniele says she really wants Jen gone because she’s playing the game hard but Amber says Daniele is exactly the same. She leaves and sits in the toilet. They all seem to want Nick gone because they think he is playing both sides of the fence. Will Dustin put Zach up as he originally thought?

Jen is saved by Jameka with the power of veto. Dustin then puts Nick up for eviction in her place. Daniele is not impressed. Kail is confused because she thought that she was going to be sitting next to Zach.