August 2007

What did you think of Dwight d’Eon’s Top 7 Performance of Queen - Classic Queen - Tie Your Mother Down Tie Your Mother Down on Canadian Idol?

What did you think of Matt Rapley’s Top 7 Performance of Queen & David Bowie - Classic Queen - Under Pressure Under Pressure on Canadian Idol?

What did you think of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Top 7 Performance of Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits - Killer Queen Killer Queen on Canadian Idol?

What did you think of Greg Neufeld’s Top 7 Performance of Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - We Are the Champions We Are The Champions on Canadian Idol?

What did you think of Brian Melo’s Top 7 Performance of Queen - Greatest Hits III - Too Much Love Will Kill You Too Much Love Will Kill You on Canadian Idol?

Amber was the first houseguest to fall off her perch after 6 minutes. Surprizingly, she didn’t cry. After 9 minutes, Eric lifts his torso above the bar and gets disqualified. Jameka falls off one minute later.

Daniele is furious that Nick is out of the house but hang on one minute, didn’t she put her vote for him?

After 18 minutes a plane flying a banner behind it appears which reads “We &heart; Nick! Amber & Eric are Liars! LNZ is the nerd herd!” Amber cries again at being called a liar. Eric is also upset at it. He is furious. Is it from Nick’s mum? Or is it a stunt from Big Brother?

After 32 minutes, Zach falls off. Dick is desperate to beat Jen in this challenge but after 44 minutes he can hang no longer.

Jessica and Daniele face off against Kail and Jen but one minute shy of the one hour mark, Jessica bails. Dick taunts Jen and Kail. Daniele isn’t sure him getting in their head works but thinks it makes him happy.

Jen is wanting to get onside with Daniele and says that if she quits now, she begs not to be put up. Daniele tells her to shut up. Jen then taunts her about her boyfriend and then Eric defends her and tells her not to get involved.
Jen then drops out just after an hour and a half.

Kail then tries to buy her way out of going home this week and begs not to be sent home. Daniele promises and with that, Kail hops off her perch giving the HoH to Daniele.

Daniele is upset that Nick went after there was a second vote for Kail. There is speculation everywhere as to who the second vote was. The LNC think that someone is trying to set her up.

Daniele invites everyone up to her HoH room. There is a photo of Daniele and her boyfriend and one of her and her grandmother. Dick gets emotional at seeing his mother.

Daniele and Dick talk and Daniele is convinced that Eric is the second vote after seeing the banner behind the aeroplane. This will be interesting to see if Dick questions him about it. Dick and Eric talk and now it all clicks and Dick is sure that it is Eric. Dick looks incredibly unhappy.

Dick and Daniele talk to Jessica and they are sure that Eric is in an alliance with Jen and Kail. They decide that they’re going to play a little trick. Eric is the target but they don’t plan to put him up for eviction unless they win the Power of Veto. They tell Jessica not to tell him but of course she does. Eric is Livid.

Jen goes to talk to Daniele and wants to sort out their differences. Jen admits that she doesn’t really know her and that she doesn’t really want to be put up for eviction again this week. Daniele dispenses with the niceties and is glad when Jen leaves.

Eric is given his orders and is happy to see that America wants Jen nominated.

Eric talks to Dick and thinks that the house breeds paranoia. It sounds as if Eric is trying to bury the conspiracy but Dick questions him. I have a feeling that Eric’s little game may be about to come to a dramatic end. Eric says that because he’s casting a light on everyone he’s doing the entire group a diservice. It’s the first heated conversation they’ve had and Eric tells Dick never to yell at him again.

At the nomination ceremony, Jen and Kail find themselves on the block again.

Christa has realized that Jay has pretty much been captain since the start – he just hasn’t worn the hat yet.

There are a couple of whales swimming alongside the ship and Ben thinks it’s a good omen for today’s treasure hunt and hopes it’s good for him winning some money.

Ben and Jay conspire to help each other out if they find themselves on opposite crews.

Captain Christa gives the key to Laurel to open the Chest of Zanzibar. Nessa, Louie and Kendra while Christa has Ben, Jay and Laurel.

The pirates must row to the rocky beach and find a stream and fill their buckets with water and then carry them up a hill and use them to find their next clue.

With an extra crewman, the black crew manage to beat the red crew to the shore. Kendra carries the flag while Louie and Nessa carry the water up the hill.

There is a question which asks how many gallons equals 16 pints? They must then pour the water into the corresponding tube to raise a bottle which has the next clue in it. The red team gets theirs first and race up the hill ahead of the black team who had been filling the wrong tube. They must now race to a thousand foot waterfall and a cave which has their next clue.

Ben manages to reach the cave first but the treasure isn’t there. Ben finds the next clue under the water and gives the black crew another advantage. They now have to climb back up and race to a mud pit where the treasure is buried.

The black team arrive first but the red team are hot on their tails. Christa yells out that she’s got it but Louie dives in and gets a hand on the treasure. Jay wont let him take it though and pulls the chest out of the mud himself. Once again, the reigning captain wins the treasure.

There is $40,000 in the chest and once again, Christa gets it all. She can do with it what ever she wants. She decides to split it evenly with the four people in her crew.

Once again Christa asks for the crew’s opinion as to who she should give a black spot to. Kendra and Nessa both find themselves with the mark and it’s Kendra’s fifth time. Nessa is freaking out that she has the mark after she believed that she was going to be in the final four with Jay, Ben and Christa.

In a unanimous ballot, Nessa is surprizingly cut adrift leaving Kendra safe for the fifth time.

The next key to the chest of Zanzibar reveals that the ships cook’s treasure is the next the pirates will be searching for.

The last eight pirates are told that things are about to get tougher. There will no longer be officers but Azmyth will remain as captain. Things don’t bode well for Azmyth if he loses now that his triad has been broken up.

The pirates party and eat until they are sick. They Inside the very place that they celebrate are the stockades that they seek. With the keys in place, a canon will be revealed. Underneath in the torture chamber they will need to remove some shackles which will guide them to the treasure.

The Red crew are well ahead. They have to do some math and figure out which step the next clue is hidden under.

They then have to walk 300 paces wearing shackles to a clearing where they must dig to find the treasure. The red crew arrive first and Jay pulls the treasure out of the ground meaning Azmyth is history as captain. There is $50,000 in there. Jay decides that it’s time for a woman to be captain and they pick Christa.

Now, the captain must give only two pirates a black mark. There is another twist. The game has changed dramatically and the captain now gets to keep it all.

Christa marks Kendra and Azmyth with the black spot after she invited everyone in to give their advice as to who the crew would like cut adrift.

Tonight is also the last time that the Royal Pardon will come into play. The captain buys the pardon for $10,000 but she doesn’t need it. Kendra is safe and in a unanimous vote, Azmyth is cut adrift.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! It’s road week On The Lot.

The director with the fewest number of votes from last week’s show and leaving the lot was Andrew although Zach came pretty close. Everyone is making a movie this week around being on the road. Jason Epperson had the most votes after last week and gets to direct Jerry O’Connell.

Carrie Fisher is here along with Penny Marshall who is filling in Gary along with guest director Gary Ross.

First up to premiere their film this week is Adam Stein. His film is called Driving Under the Influence.
To Vote for Adam’s film:

Sam Friedlander is next with his short film Backseat Driving Test.
To Vote for Sam’s film:

Zach Lipovsky is next with his film The Bonus Feature Two.

To Vote for Zach’s film:

Jason Epperson is next with his film The Move starring Jerry O’Connell.
To vote for Jason’s film:

Finally it’s Will Bigham with his short film is called Road Rage 101.
To Vote for Will’s film:

Carrie’s favourite movie was once again Adam’s, Penny’s favourite was Sam’s and Gary liked Adam’s.

Next week the results will be in as well as the final four director’s movies inspired by the winner of the America’s Choice Logline Challenge. The Logline is “A man wakes up and rolls out of bed and finds himself in a dress but can’t remember what happened the night before”.

Kail goes to talk to Dustin about his decision to put Mike up for eviction over Zach. She didn’t see it coming and is a little concerned. Dustin reassures her that he has more than four votes to remove Nick.

Amber and Daniele are in disarray as Nick is now in the position where he may be going home very shortly. Daniele talks to Nick and wants to know if he was the one who voted for Kail. He tells her no. He’s upset that she never told him that the group was planning on putting her up for eviction. He goes and talks to Dustin and is annoyed he wasn’t just told straight up. He just wants people to be real to their face.

Dick confronts Jen once again about how she is playing the game but Jen just doesn’t care.

Nick is shaving hair off his head. Is he in a state of mourning? No, he’s giving himself a mohawk.

Daniele confronts Jen about how she treats her like crap. Dick hears the fight and comes in to watch. Dick walks past and pours his glass of whatever he was drinking all over her head.

Eric gets his orders from America. They want him to vote for Kail despite the fact that Mike is who he would like to see gone. When Eric talks to the group, Dick starts to look a little suspicious.

Dick and Daniele talk about how they’re not sure about the whole working for the best interests of the group. They both would like to see Kail go this week.

It’s time for the vote. Jen votes to evict Nick. Zach votes Kail. Jameka votes Nick. Eric votes Kail, of course. Jessica votes for Nick. Amber votes to evict Nick. Dick regrettably votes to evict Nick. Surprisingly, Daniele also votes to evict Nick.

Nick is evicted 6 votes to 2.

Now, it’s time for this week’s HoH competition. Tonight’s competition is called time’s up. The houseguests sit on their own pendulums which swing backwards and forwards. Who ever stays on the longest will become the new Head of Household.

The game gets it’s first twist. First off, the houseguests have to hang upside down and then they have fake birds that are sitting above them starting to excrete.

After more than 2 hours, Daniele beats Kail to become the new HoH.