August 2007

There are five more acts that need to be confirmed in the top ten alongside Julienne Irwin, Butterscotch, The Glamazons, Robert Hatcher and Sideswipe.

The five acts going through to the Top Ten from last week’s second semi final are:
Terry Fator
The Calypso Tumblers
Cas Haley
The Duttons
and Jason Pritchett

Sharon thinks that there were a couple of acts that made it through to the Top 10 that she would never have put through.

This week, ten will perform but only 8 will survive.

First up this week are The Duttons who perform The Charlie Daniels Band - Essential Super Hits of The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down to Georgia The Devil Went Down to Georgia
1-866-60-AGT-01 (1-866-602-4801)

Performing second is Robert Hatcher who is singing Céline Dion - Falling Into You - Because You Loved Me Because You Loved Me
1-866-60-AGT-02 (1-866-602-4802)

The Calypso Tumblers are third tonight and top last weeks fantastic performance to the music of Gloria Estefan’s Gloria Estefan - Greatest Hits - Conga Conga
1-866-60-AGT-03 (1-866-602-4803)

Jason Pritchett plays his guitar as he performs Ronan Keating’s Ronan Keating - Chick Flix - When You Say Nothing at All (From "Notting Hill") When You Say Nothing At All
1-866-60-AGT-04 (1-866-602-4804)

Butterscotch sings and beatboxes her way through Jackson 5 - Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection - It's Your Thing It’s Your Thing
1-866-60-AGT-05 (1-866-602-4805)

The Glamazons perform a plus sized version of Peggy Lee - The Best of Miss Peggy Lee - Fever Fever
1-866-60-AGT-06 (1-866-602-4806)

Cas Haley is playing and singing Sam Cooke - Greatest Hits - Bring It On Home to Me Bring It On Home to Me
1-866-60-AGT-07 (1-866-602-4807)

Terry Fator performs Nat "King" Cole & Natalie Cole - The World of Nat King Cole - Unforgettable Unforgettable with his puppet Emma.
1-866-60-AGT-08 (1-866-602-4808)

Julienne Irwin sings Martina McBride - Timeless - 'Til I Can Make It On My Own ‘Til I Can Make It On My Own
1-866-60-AGT-09 (1-866-602-4809)

Sideswipe display their martial arts dance routine with four young experts
1-866-60-AGT-10 (1-866-602-4810)

Amber assures Eric that he definitely has Dustin, Jameka and her vote and swears on her daughters life.

Dick talks to Kail and says that if they can get rid of Eric this week then she will owe him.

Dick then talks to Amber about a conversation he had with Eric a week ago where he mentioned a story she had told him that would sink her in the game and that he’d use it against her if he had the chance. Dick is trying desperately to sway the votes. Dick doesn’t know what it was about but Amber knows that it’s in regards to the story she told him about how she was pregnant twice.

Amber talks to Dustin but they don’t want him gone just yet because he’s not a threat.

Amber talks to Dick and Daniele and they come up with a solution to get rid of Eric. If Dustin gets HoH then Dick and Daniele wont be up and vice versa.

Dustin talks to Amber and she is furious. Dustin wants Dick gone because he doesn’t like how he plays the game.

Amber confronts Eric about what he told Dick and the waterworks start. Eric just sits there as she rants at him in front of the entire group. She swears at him and tells him she hates him and then walks out and says “Thank you God, that felt good”.

It’s time to vote and first up is Dick. Of course, he’s voting for Eric. Jen votes to evict Eric. Jessica is voting to evict Kail. That is good news for Eric. Will Amber stay true to her promise? Zach votes to evict Eric. Jameka votes for Kail. Dustin votes for Kail which means it is down to Amber. Amber votes to evict Kail which means Eric is safe for another week.

By a vote of 4-3, Kail is going home. Dick is not happy. But wait, there’s a twist. It appears that Dustin had made a deal with Dick to get rid of Eric. Of course it was Dustin not playing along but Dick says “There’s that mystery vote again”. Dustin acts annoyed.

The next live Head of Household competition takes place in a game called let’s make a duel. Jameka isn’t playing because of the last Power of Veto game. Daniele isn’t playing as she is the current HoH and puts Dustin and Eric up first. Eric answers correctly and eliminates Dustin and then calls Dick and Zach up. Zach is incorrect and Dick gets to pick Jessica and Eric. Jessica guesses correctly which means Eric is knocked out. She picks Dick and Jen but Dick answers incorrectly. Amber and Jessica face off and Amber gets it wrong. Jessica and Jen are last to duel and Jessica wins. Dick looks nervous and Dustin is ecstatic.

Who should Eric get nominated? I can’t imagine it being anyone other than Dick and Jen, maybe Daniele.

Last week, ten acts performed. Tonight, 5 will move on to the top ten but first. The Final group of ten will perform.

From Los Angeles, it is the second Semi Final of America’s Got Talent.

David Hasselhoff says that tonight, hearts will be broken and dreams will be made.

Jerry Springer introduces the first act to perform: it’s The 2nd Story Guys

The 2nd Story Guys perform their routine to Gloria Estefan’s Gloria Estefan - Greatest Hits Vol. II - Turn the Beat Around Turn the Beat Around
1-866-60-AGT-01 (1-866-602-4801)

Southern Girl perform Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You If I Ain’t Got You
1-866-60-AGT-02 (1-866-602-4802)

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater
1-866-60-AGT-03 (1-866-602-4803)

Cas Haley performs Otis Redding - Love Man - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher
1-866-60-AGT-04 (1-866-602-4804)

Impressionist Terry Fator and his turtle sing Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World - What a Wonderful World What a Wonderful World. The turtle does an impression of Kermit the Frog while Terry impersonates Louis Armstrong.
1-866-60-AGT-05 (1-866-602-4805)

The Fault Line perform a fantastic rendition of Michael Jackson’s Michael Jackson - Essential Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel The Way You Make Me Feel
1-866-60-AGT-06 (1-866-602-4806)

Boy Shakira performs Britney Spears - Baby One More Time - ...Baby One More Time Baby One More Time as Boy Britney Spears
1-866-60-AGT-07 (1-866-602-4807)

Jason Pritchett performs Tom Cochrane - Mad Mad World - Life Is a Highway Life is a Highway
1-866-60-AGT-08 (1-866-602-4808)

The Calypso Tumblers perform to the rhythms of Various Artists - Ultimate Party Mix - Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot
1-866-60-AGT-09 (1-866-602-4809)

The Duttons perform Los Lobos - Los Lobos: Just Another Band from East L.A. - La Bamba La Bamba
1-866-60-AGT-10 (1-866-602-4810)

Making it through to the Top 10 are:
Julienne Irwin, Butterscotch, The Glamazons, Robert Hatcher and Sideswipe.

Another magical night at the movies awaits but first up it’s time to find out who went home.

The two directors with the fewest number of votes were Sam and Zach. Leaving the lot though is Zach Lipovsky.

The early favourite to win, Zach will be missed by everyone.

This week, everyone is making a movie based on the log line “A man wakes up and rolls out of bed and finds himself in a dress but can’t remember what happened the night before”.

Carrie Fisher is here again and Gary Marshall is back along with guest director Gary Gray to judge tonight’s movies.

First up to premiere their film this week is Will Bigham. His film is called The Yes Men.
To Vote for Will’s film:

Sam Friedlander is next with his short film Dress for Success.
To Vote for Sam’s film:

Adam Stein is next with his film The Army Guy.
To Vote for Adam’s film:

Jason Epperson is last with his film Oh, Boy.
To vote for Jason’s film:

Carrie’s favourite movie was once again Adam’s, Both Gary’s also pick Adam’s move as their favourite.

Next week, three directors will face off in the Season Finale of On The Lot.

Dick assures both Kail and Jen that one of them will definitely be going home. He says that even though the plan is for Eric to go, they don’t need to know that.

Eric, Jessica, Dustin and Amber talk about Dick and Daniele and form their own alliance. Eric talks to Jameka to try and convince her to join them. Jameka and Jessica talk strategy and think that Dick and Daniele could get rid of Jen or Kail anytime they want and getting rid of any of the others will no doubt plan into their game plan.

Daniele talks to Zach and Zach tries to get on side with her because he has no friends left in the house.

Dustin and Jessica talk to Eric and say that if Dick and Daniele decide to go ahead with their plan then they will be out on their own because Jen and Kail both want them both gone as well.

It’s time for the Power of Veto game and Daniele picks Zach, Jen picks Dustin and Kail gets to choose and picks Jameka. Daniele calls Amber to play the host. Dustin and Jameka are Eric’s lifeline and he is desperately hoping that they win and keep the nominations as they are.

The game is all about bidding and each round, the person with the lowest number is eliminated. How long are you prepared to wear a bunny suit? Dustin has the lowest time with 100 hours and is eliminated. Everyone else has to wear a bunny suit for the time they wrote down.

Over the next 24 hours, how many times are you prepared to have a horrid mixture dumped on you. Everyone says the maximum so no one is eliminated.

The person with the highest bid on the next one will win $10,000 but will be eliminated. Everyone writes 0. Again, no one is eliminated.

How many hours are you prepared to to eat slop for? Zach is eliminated while Kail and Jen have to eat slop for 720 hours.

How many of the next 5 Head of Household competitions are you willing to not participate in? Daniele gets eliminated and Kail and Jameka pass on all 5 HoH competitions.

How much of $250,000 prize money would you be prepared to sacrifice in order to win the Power of Veto. Jen gives up all $250,000 and wins the Power of Veto. Dick is so happy and thinks that things could not be any better.

Jameka is upset at the result and cries and goes away to pray.

Jen and Daniele head up to the HoH room and Daniele asks Jen to take herself out and vote to keep Kail. She tells her that Eric is the biggest manipulator in the house and that he needs to go.

Jen and Dick talk and Dick says that he is sorry and that he wants a truce. He needs her on his side. He blames everything on Eric. Apparently all the problems, issue and conflict in the house is Eric’s fault.

Dick talks to Jessica and sows that seed that Eric is playing both sides. Jessica then talks to Jen and it seems the seed is starting to sprout. Jen stirs the pot.

Jessica then goes to talk to Dustin and says she believes them now. Dustin isn’t convinced. Jessica talks to Jameka but she doesn’t buy it either. Jessica then has a think and is clearly upset by the conflict.

Eric gets his next task. Eric is given his instructions and he needs to convince Jessica that he will take her to the final two with him.

Eric and Jessica talk and he tells her that he wants to go to the end with her.

Every time the buzzer goes off, the houseguests who have to dump the funk need to run out and pour the manure smelling slop all over themselves.

Dick confronts Eric and asks why he’s been lying to him. Dick is heated up about it all and in front of everyone and Eric tells Daniele not to make a mistake. In the bathroom, Dustin questions Daniele about perhaps putting her dad up for eviction. Dustin adds that despite it being her HoH reign, he wants to know why her dad is running it.

At the Veto meeting, Jen decides to save herself – again. Daniele names her replacement – of course it is Eric.

Jessica is sure she is the swing vote in the game this week. Eric’s next task is who should he flatter incessantly to ensure he stays in the house.

The auditions are over. Let the semi finals begin!

Tonight, ten acts from the Top Twenty will perform tonight for your vote. Next week, the results will be in and five will go forward and five will go home. After those results, the remaining ten acts from the Top Twenty will perform.

The judges will be offering their words of advice or slamming their hands down on their buttons and lighting up the giant red X’s above the stage. Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and of course, The Hoff.

Introducing the acts and keeping the show together is Jerry Springer.

First up tonight is Johnny Lonestar with his Lasso act which he’s has choreographed to Big & Rich - Horse of a Different Color - Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)

1-866-60-AGT-01 (1-866-602-4801)

Julienne Irwin is performing Rascal Flatts - Feels Like Today - Bless the Broken Road Bless The Broken Road and is a fantastic young talent.

1-866-60-AGT-02 (1-866-602-4802)

Kevin James is the only magician left in the Top Twenty but he may have let himself down with an act with no apparent ending.

1-866-60-AGT-03 (1-866-602-4803)

Robert Hatcher performs Whitney Houston - The Bodyguard - Run to You Run to You.

1-866-60-AGT-04 (1-866-602-4804)

Jonny Come Lately performing Queen’s Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Little Thing Called Love

1-866-60-AGT-05 (1-866-602-4805)

Bollywood superstar wannabe Kashif performs say “shava shava” from the movie kabhi khushi kabhi gham.

1-866-60-AGT-06 (1-866-602-4806)

Butterscotch performs Billie Holiday - Lady Day - The Best of Billie Holiday - Summertime Summertime with her singing and singing and beatboxing.

1-866-60-AGT-07 (1-866-602-4807)

Sideswipe perform their martial arts routine.

1-866-60-AGT-08 (1-866-602-4808)

Manuel Romero performs Bryan Adam’s Bryan Adams - The Best of Me - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

1-866-60-AGT-09 (1-866-602-4809)

Finally tonight it’s The Glamazons who are performing Donna Summer’s Donna Summer - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Donna Summer - Hot Stuff Hot Stuff

1-866-60-AGT-10 (1-866-602-4810)

It’s elimination night once again on Canadian Idol. Last night was one of the best shows of the season last night with everyone stepping up and rising to the occasion.

It’s going to be a tough night as we say goodbye to one more Idol.

Before we get to the business end of the show we get to see the Canadian Idol’s at the Canon theatre to watch the Queen stage show.

Brian May says that he’s happy about the fact that the whole Idol thing seems to be moving towards the true artists in the form of singer/songwriters.

The final seven perform Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On with Queen on stage at the Canon in front of a full house. It was one memorable moment for them.

Back in the studio, the final seven perform a medley of Queen songs including Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits - You're My Best Friend You’re My Best Friend and Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits - We Will Rock You We Will Rock You and are joined on stage one of the singers from the Queen stage show We Will Rock You.

It’s time for the results and Carly Rae is the first member of the bottom three. She is joined by Brian Melo and Greg Neufeld.

Farley is completely surprized by the bottom three and tells Canada they got it wrong. Zach says the world is upside down and thinks Carly Rae is going home. Jake thought that the three standing there were the top three from last night.

Carly Rae is safe though, much to her surprize. Going home this week is Greg Neufeld. The crowd boos. Ben tells Canada that they got it wrong and that Greg is a bonafide star.

What a shock result!

Kalan Porter’s Walk On Home plays as we see Greg’s journey then he closes out the show.

Next week it’s Pop Rock and Maroon 5 will be here!

There was no joy for Martha last week as she was cut from the competition. Tonight, the Top 7 perform the hits of Queen Queen.

They have been named the greatest British band of all time and Brian May and Roger Taylor have been coaching the Idols this week.

The Idol queen and her three court jesters are back: Sass Jordan, Jake Gold, Farley Flex and Zach Werner.

Brian Melo
Queen - Greatest Hits III - Too Much Love Will Kill You Too Much Love Will Kill You
Great song but it was really pitchy. Jake was moved by that and says he is really is now in the competition. Farley thought it was really well done. Sass thought he gave that song such justice. Zach believed in the emotional context of what he did but thought it was sketchy and all over the place with his pitch.

Greg Neufeld
Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - We Are the Champions We Are The Champions
What a fantastic version of a rock classic. Greg has gone from strength to strength over the last few weeks and he really reinvented that song. Farley says he is rising to the occasion every single time. Sass says that what he did was the definition of a real singer. Zach thought he was just short intensity wise. Jake thought Zach was so off base with his comments tonight. Jake thought he was fantastic.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits - Killer Queen Killer Queen
So nice to see Carly Rae do something with a bit of spunk. This show is shaping up to be the best so far in 2007. Sass is so impressed and thought it was the most ballsy performance ever. Zach thought it was cool and that she is so distinct from anyone else in the competition. Jake loves how she looks tonight and loved the cabaret side of Queen that she displayed tonight. Farley thought it was the best use of the stage they’ve seen in a long time as well.

Matt Rapley
Queen & David Bowie - Classic Queen - Under Pressure Under Pressure
This was always going to be a tall order for Matt. Gospel and Queen? Nope, wasn’t really working for me. Zach thought he had some strong moments but he was hoping he would have rocked it from top to bottom. Jake thought he got a little drowned out by the backing vocals. Farley liked that he took it back to where he was a couple of weeks ago. Sass thought it was a fantastic job of an incredibly challenging song.

Dwight d’Eon
Queen - Classic Queen - Tie Your Mother Down Tie Your Mother Down
This nice big rock anthem was just what Dwight needed. Jake says “performance 10. Vocals 7”. Farley loved the physical style of his performance. Sass says it’s five from five so far and it was wicked. Zach says he’s back to being a contender.

Tara Oram
Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - Headlong Headlong
What happened to the Idols during the last week? Everyone has certainly stepped up a notch. Tara was awesome and looks fantastic. Farley absolutely loved it. Sass thinks she is a born performer and loved watching her. Zach thought she sang the hell out it. Jake thought she really commanded the stage and was very special.

Jaydee Bixby
Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - I Want to Break Free I Want to Break Free
Nope. I don’t like this at all. Completely unbelievable. Two words. Bad Karaoke. Sass thinks Elvis is still in the building. Zach thinks there’s a distressing Pat Boone in leather but he found that oddly appealing. Jake likes his messy hair but he didn’t really get the message across from the lyrics. Farley is glad to have him back in his boots.

Overall, this was a fantastic show. If there is a bottom two with any merit then it should be Matt and Jaydee but I can’t see that happening.

Canadian Idol Voting Numbers

What did you think of Jaydee Bixby’s Top 7 Performance of Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - I Want to Break Free I Want to Break Free on Canadian Idol?

What did you think of Tara Oram’s Top 7 Performance of Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - Headlong Headlong on Canadian Idol?