August 2007

Eric is confident that him and Jessica will be in the final 6 now that Jessica is Head of Household. Dick is also confident that he and Daniele will also be safe thanks to their alliance with Jessica and Eric. Zach and Jameka also think they’re no threat and will be safe.

Amber spiritualizes the HoH competition and talks to Jameka about it. They’re so “thankful”.

Eric asks Jessica a question about what she would do if she won 30 minutes of off camera time with him. It’s either talk strategy, rip their clothes off and “make out” or spend 25 minutes thinking about it and then the last five minutes making out.

Jessica shows everyone her HoH room where there are more photos and a Booyah tshirt.

Amber talks to Jessica and Amber tells her that Jen had told her to tell Jessica that Eric already has a girlfriend outside the house. She hates a cheat. Dick asks if he can be let in on the secret that Jen was talking about. Amber says that there was no secret and Jen was just stirring.

Amber tells Eric that Jen had said he already had a girlfriend named Cheryl and they weren’t broken up. Eric tells Amber that he has a good friend that he loves but it’s on again, off again and there is no officialness about it. Eric is worried about upsetting Jessica now that the news is out.

Eric talks to Jessica and says that he’s not in a relationship but he does have someone on the outside who he has been with for a while but they’re not currently together but they’re still friends.

Dick starts to get on Daniele’s nerves and she confides in Zach and says he’s never acted like a parent before and now he is and it’s driving her crazy.

Dick asks Daniele why she’s so impatient with him. In an impatient tone she says she’s not. Dick wants to talk so Daniele lets him know that she is annoyed with him. He leaves and says he’ll give her some space.

Dick and Daniele talk later and Dick is sorry but Daniele doesn’t believe him. She leaves and Dick says she always quits. Jessica and Eric are in bed and wonder if the fight between Dick and Daniele is fake or for real.

It’s a tough HoH this week because Jessica runs the risk of putting two people up and then one of them winning the Veto competition and having someone else going home or not putting one of them up and having two people on the block that she doesn’t really want.

There is a shopping spree competition that involves everyone standing in a giant tank filled with soap suds and taking their clothes off and arranging the letters from their clothes to spell words relating to Big Brother 8. The girls spell out Bunny Suits, Toga and Unitard first and get to go on a shopping spree. They have two minutes to put on as many clothes as they can. The girls are piling on clothes and Daniele thinks that she had gotten the most because she’s a professional shopper.

Jameka is telling Amber that she could be a model and Amber thinks she has a great body.

Zach talks to Eric and Jessica and hopes he doesn’t want to be up for eviction this week and offers his vote. He also offers to keep them safe if he wins HoH next week.

Eric gets his next set of instructions. America wants Amber to be nominated. Eric talks to Jessica and puts his perspective on Amber out there.

Eric’s next challenge will be interesting. Who will America want Eric to kiss? I hope it’s Dick!

It’s nomination time and Jessica says that she wants to take out one of the power players. She has chosen Zach and Amber. Zach is shocked that he’s up for eviction. Amber is crying and praying to God again.

Jen has realized that she’s not as close to Daniele as she’d hoped and thinks she’s a liar.

Dick talks to Jen and tells her that everyone resents her for not being here to play to win the money. Dick tells her she should concentrate on trying to stay as opposed to being bitter.

Jen says she’s so angry with Dick and Daniele but she always gets the last laugh.

Daniele and Amber head off for their trip to New York to be on Power of Ten.

Jen says she’s sick of being in the house and isn’t sure she can be bothered staying in the sequester house and says she realizes that if she doesn’t stay then she gives up her jury vote. Jen packs everything and Eric jokes that at least she’s taking the nomination well.

There is a reason why Jen has hidden her clothes though. She is out to destroy all of Dick’s cigarettes and doesn’t want her clothes damaged in return. Dick is pissed when he realizes his four cartons of cigarettes are gone. He hunts the house and finds Jen’s clothes in some garbage bags and takes them up to the HoH room and locks them up.

Jen breaks her promise to eat slop for 30 days and starts eating other food. Everyone is mad that she’s breaking the rules and cheating in the game. For breaking the rule, Big Brother gives her a penalty vote.

Jen gets into a big fight with Dick after getting up in his face. She was eating an apple when Dick came and sat next to her and started smoking. She hates the smoke and tries to take his cigarette. Dick tells her not to touch him or she’ll get burnt. Dick burns her when she tries and she gets even angrier.

Daniele and Amber fly to New York and meet Michael Davis, the executive producer of Power of 10. They are going to play against each other and the winner will then be five questions away from $10,000,000. They each get their own person to support them too. Amber has a cousin while Daniele has a surprize. Nick is her support person.

It’s time for the eviction and Julie tells her that she is the first person in 8 years of Big Brother to break the food restriction rules. She doesn’t really have anything to say about that.

Jen and Jameka put forward their arguments to stay before everyone votes. Amber votes first and wants Jen gone. Dick also votes Jen. Eric has been given the orders and also votes for Jen as does Zach and Jessica. It’s 6 votes to none to get rid of Jen. Eric tells her as she leaves that as happy as she is to be leaving, they are all happier to see her go. Dick says it was the easiest vote ever.

The HoH competition is on. Eric is the first eliminated. Amber and Zach are eliminated leaving it up to Jessica and Dick and Jessica wins Head of Household for a second time.

Who will America want Eric to influence to get nominated?

FOX has just officially released a sneak preview of Prison Break Season three. Watch it on Throng now!

Part 1:

Part 2:

After record voting, Will Bigham has won the million dollar movie deal with Dreamworks Pictures over other finalists Jason Epperson and Adam Stein on the reality TV series On The Lot.

On winning, Will said “First and foremost, I want to thank God. That’s the reason we’re all here. I want to thank this guy down here, Jason. We’ve been through this together the whole time, I’m proud of him. Just thank you to everybody, everybody in this competition, actors, filmmakers, you are all amazing, and I cannot wait to work with you again. I really cannot, so thank you. Last but not least, I would like to thank my family because they have supported me a lot, and now I’ll get to support them.”

Will was then taken to Dreamworks Pictures where he met his new boss, Steven Speilberg, and handed the keys to his new office.

Eric says sorry to Jameka about her being nominated and says he thought it was going to be him. Jameka is angry about him saying that because she thinks he has a side deal. Daniele thinks Jameka has taken it pretty hard but they’re there playing a game.

Jessica and Jen are talking about Daniele and Dick and how each time they’ve both been on the block they’ve managed to escape and that can’t happen again.

Jessica talks to Eric about wrestling. She says there is something she likes about a man who can wrestle. He shows her some moves and then Zach arrives. He admits that he likes to interrupt Eric every time he tries to have some alone time with Jessica.

Amber and Jameka are so over Jessica and Eric and they’re sick of being pawns. Amber says though that she has had a vision from God. Amber says she can see them both there next week and that she will win the Power of Veto.

Eric is in the diary room and he opens a box that has a childhood woobie in it. America has made his job so easy and wants him to give it to Jessica. He sneaks in late at night and gives it to her along with a story about how his mom found it just before he left and wanted him to take it with him.

Daniele and Zach are sick of everyone in the house. Including her dad. But all in all, Jen is the target this week.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition and this time it has a twist. The two finalists will also get a mystery trip outside of the house. Daniele pulls out houseguests choice and picks her dad. Amber picks Jessica and Jameka picks Zach. Eric was desperate to win a chance to play in the Power of Veto as he has never played in one of the challenges before. Everyone is laughing when Eric misses out again and is then picked by Daniele to host yet another game.

Jameka says that greed is an underlying motivator in the house and that now that there is a trip involved then it will be a real challenge.

Outside, there are 6 motorcycles and it’s a speedway challenge. The viewers have answered some questions which the house guests need to answer to stay in the competition. What percentage of those polled think Kail would make a good politician? The answer was 19% and Dick is eliminated for being the furtherest with 78%.

What percentage of those polled think life in the Big Brother house is easy? 14% was the answer and Zach is out after saying 62%.

What percentage of those polled think Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe? 47% is the answer but Jessica is eliminated after guessing 67%.

What percentage of those polled said they would rather have a beer with Nick than Mike. The correct answer was 70% and Jameka is eliminated with her guess of 87%. Daniele and Amber will be going on a mystery trip out of the Big Brother house for being the last two houseguests in the Power of Veto competition.

The final question was What percentage of those polled said that Zach was the sexiest bunny of all? Amber picks 65% and Daniele guesses 46%. The correct answer was 35% so Danielle wins leaving Amber questioning why God let the person who put her on the block get the power to take her off the block instead of her. She adds that the worst thing ever is losing the power of Veto when you’re on the block. Daniele tells Amber that anything is still possible though. She goes off by herself and once again, cries. She feels like she’s let her family down.

Daniele talks to her dad that she wants to make a deal with Amber and that if she takes her off, that she’ll not put her up next week if she wins HoH. Amber talks with Jameka about the options available if Daniele offers a deal. She adds that her vision was so real and can’t figure it out.

Daniele invites Amber up to her HoH room. Amber starts the proceedings and wants to know if she can make a deal. Daniele offers to take her off in exchange for one week of safety. Amber then puts everything on the table and ultimately puts her daughters name into it. Daniele is stoked that Amber gave up so much after all she wanted was one week. Is it just me or did Amber just made life very difficult for her.

Eric talks to Dick and Dick tells him that they want to backdoor Jen. At the veto meeting, Daniele saves Amber as she promised and in exchange puts Jen up for eviction.

This is Jen’s fourth time on the block but Daniele is certain that this will be her last.

The prize for Daniele and Amber is to take a private jet to New York where they will be contestants on Power of Ten and have the chance to win $10,000,000 on Drew Carey’s new gameshow.

“The Human Jukebox” Terry Fator has won the second season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent edging out reggae crooner Cas Haley, beatboxer Antoinette “Butterscotch” Clinton and country singer Julienne Irwin for the $1 million prize.

90 million Americans have witnessed the worlds largest talent search. Tonight, four acts will perform for their chance at the million dollar prize and four will go home.

Tonight is the finale of America’s Got Talent.

Each contestant that makes it through to the Top 4 will get two performances tonight. One will be chosen by the judges and one will be their own million dollar choice.

The first conetstant to make it into tonights finale is Cas Haley.

The judges choice for Cas is Elvis Presley - Elvis 30 #1 Hits - Can't Help Falling In Love Can’t Help Falling In Love

Cas Haley performs the UB40 - The Very Best of UB40, 1980-2000 - Can't Help Falling In Love UB40 version. It’s a little cruise ship for me though.
1-866-60-AGT-01 (1-866-602-4801)

The second person making it through to the Top 4 is Butterscotch. The judges give her Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - What's Going On What’s Going On
1-866-60-AGT-02 (1-866-602-4802)

The third act to make it through to the final 4 is Terry Fator. They want him to master some country and give him Garth Brooks’ The Country Dance Kings - A Salute to the Songs of Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places Friends in Low Places. He’s performing with his ventriloquest dummy Walter T Eardale.
1-866-60-AGT-03 (1-866-602-4803)

Taking the final spot in the final four is Julienne Irwin. No real surprizes there. The judges choice for Julienne is Rascall Flatts Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang (Bonus Track) - What Hurts the Most What Hurts the Most
1-866-60-AGT-04 (1-866-602-4804)

Cas Haley performs another Stevie Wonder song, Stevie Wonder - Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection - Sir Duke Sir Duke, as his final performance for our vote.
1-866-60-AGT-01 (1-866-602-4801)

Stevie Wonder - Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection - Sir Duke

Butterscotch adds her beatboxing one more time
1-866-60-AGT-02 (1-866-602-4802)

Terry Fator returns with his turtle, Walter, and performs Roy Orbison - Crying - Crying Crying
1-866-60-AGT-03 (1-866-602-4803)

Finally tonight it is Julienne Irwin singing The Wizard Of Oz - Judy Garland - The Wizard of Oz - Over the Rainbow Over The Rainbow
1-866-60-AGT-04 (1-866-602-4804)

Last week there was less than 1% between the top two so make your vote count.

The Canadian Idol top five launch into tonight’s elimination show with Eric Clapton’s Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton: The Best of - Clapton Chronicles - Change the World Change The World.

Nearly 4 million votes were cast last night and tonight, one of our Top 5 will unfortunately be departing.

Showing the Idols how it’s done is Kelly Clarkson who performs her hit single Kelly Clarkson - My December - Never Again Never Again from her latest album Kelly Clarkson - My December (Deluxe Version) My December. What an absolute star she is. Ben Mulroney hands her a plaque commemorating her album going platinum.

Kelly also performs Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway - Because of You Because of You and then it’s time to get to the results.

Mr Ben Mulroney tells us that week three is all about the people’s choice. Have your say on what songs the Top 3 should sing at

The first member of the bottom two is Dwight d’Eon who is joined by Matt Rapley. I’m not surprized by the results. I just hope it’s Matt going home though. Thankfully, my wish has been granted. Matt is sent packing.

Kalan Porter’s Walk On Home plays as we see Matt’s journey.

Next week, the Top 4 is going to see the Idols singing standard. Carly Rae should do well. I’m not sure about the rest of them.

Last week it was Tara was eliminated from the competition.

Tonight the competition really heats up as five fight for a place in the top 4.

This week our top 5 are singing songs from the artists who have most inspired. Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson is going to be adding some inspiration of her own this week as she offers up some tips for the Top 5.

Jake Gold is of the opinion that just because a contestant is inspired by an artist it doesn’t necessarily mean they should be singing their songs. He’ not wanting any karaoke performances tonight. Farley thinks they should have done enough so far to not reach too far and be effective with what they do. Sass thinks Kelly has a lot to share from being the first to go through the process. Zach is excited that tonight we should know who the final two that will be fighting it out for the prize of Canadian Idol are.

Ingrid Kavelaars is in the Audience from CTV’s Whistler.

First up to perform tonight is Matt Rapley and his inspiration is Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder.

Matt Rapley
Stevie Wonder - Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection - Higher Ground Higher Ground
It’s nice to hear Matt finally rocking out a little bit this week. But seriously, the energy in his performance just doesn’t match the energy of the song. Jake loved the fact that he did the Chilli Peppers version of the song and thought he looked fierce. Farley thinks that when he steps up he makes it really rough for everyone else. Sass says that what matters is that he has heart and soul and it shone through. Zach loved how he kicked the thing.

Dwight d’Eon
Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith - Bed of Roses Bed of Roses
I like how Dwight starts off at the piano. Dwight seems to be growing on me despite the fact that his voice isn’t really that strong. Farley says that that was his most favourite performance he’s done. Sass thought it was his best and it was his best. Zach thought it was about it was as good as he can sing but he can’t sing well enough to win. Jake thought it was a bit shakey at the start and wished that the people at home could have felt the power of the performance.

Jaydee Bixby
Ray Charles - Ray Charles: A Man, a Voice, a Piano - I Can't Stop Loving You I Can’t Stop Loving You
I recall earlier this year that the judges said that there wouldn’t be a Sanjaya Malakar in their Top 10. They certainly got that right. They have a Jaydee Bixby instead. He doesn’t want to do a pop album so why is he there. This is a pop music competition and he simply isn’t pop. Sass thought he just sang for his supper in a major way. Zach isn’t saying that he didn’t stomp on it but God forbid he wins and they make him sing something other than Elvis. On the rhythm side Jake thinks he’s no Elvis and perhaps he just needs the sideburns and a shiny jumpsuit and he can move to Vegas. On the other hand, Farley thought that was fantastic because he hasn’t swayed from who he is.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Rickie Lee Jones - Rickie Lee Jones - Chuck E's in Love Chuck E’s In Love
Carly Rae has gone back to jazz roots. She’s having some real fun with the song and I think it’s paying off. A really fun performance. Zach plays on something Jakes usually says during the auditions about how if you want to be rememorable, be memorable and if you want to be loved, be loveable and then adds that if that performance wasn’t then he doesn’t know what is. Jake didn’t realize Zach paid attention to anything he said. Jake thinks her strength is in when she sings sad songs but that was great. Farley loves how she looks and how she’s knows how to entertain people. Sass just loves her charm.

Oh look, there’s Seamus O’Regan in the audience from Canada AM.

Brian Melo
Dragon Style - Anyone Can Play Radiohead: A Tribute to Radiohead - Karma Police Karma Police
What a diverse show it has been tonight. Brian’s vocal has a few shakey moments but he’s a true performer and is clutching at being a true artist by performing some radiohead. Jake hopes they understand what they just saw and says that it was one of the most magic moments on the show. Farley says he just made everyone so proud. Sass almost thought he wrote the song and was at a Brian Melo concert. Zach wonders if Brian Melo may very well be the next Canadian Idol after that fantastic performance.

Tomorrow night, one more goes home. Who will it be? Don’t forget to vote!

Canadian Idol Voting Numbers

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