Nessa gets cut adrift

Christa has realized that Jay has pretty much been captain since the start – he just hasn’t worn the hat yet.

There are a couple of whales swimming alongside the ship and Ben thinks it’s a good omen for today’s treasure hunt and hopes it’s good for him winning some money.

Ben and Jay conspire to help each other out if they find themselves on opposite crews.

Captain Christa gives the key to Laurel to open the Chest of Zanzibar. Nessa, Louie and Kendra while Christa has Ben, Jay and Laurel.

The pirates must row to the rocky beach and find a stream and fill their buckets with water and then carry them up a hill and use them to find their next clue.

With an extra crewman, the black crew manage to beat the red crew to the shore. Kendra carries the flag while Louie and Nessa carry the water up the hill.

There is a question which asks how many gallons equals 16 pints? They must then pour the water into the corresponding tube to raise a bottle which has the next clue in it. The red team gets theirs first and race up the hill ahead of the black team who had been filling the wrong tube. They must now race to a thousand foot waterfall and a cave which has their next clue.

Ben manages to reach the cave first but the treasure isn’t there. Ben finds the next clue under the water and gives the black crew another advantage. They now have to climb back up and race to a mud pit where the treasure is buried.

The black team arrive first but the red team are hot on their tails. Christa yells out that she’s got it but Louie dives in and gets a hand on the treasure. Jay wont let him take it though and pulls the chest out of the mud himself. Once again, the reigning captain wins the treasure.

There is $40,000 in the chest and once again, Christa gets it all. She can do with it what ever she wants. She decides to split it evenly with the four people in her crew.

Once again Christa asks for the crew’s opinion as to who she should give a black spot to. Kendra and Nessa both find themselves with the mark and it’s Kendra’s fifth time. Nessa is freaking out that she has the mark after she believed that she was going to be in the final four with Jay, Ben and Christa.

In a unanimous ballot, Nessa is surprizingly cut adrift leaving Kendra safe for the fifth time.

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