Louie gets cut adrift

There are four pirates left. Louie, Jay, Ben and Christa. Louie is feeling a little vulnerable now that Laurel has gone and she had his back.

Christa thinks that it’s her game to lose right now. Both Ben and Jay owe her big time.

Ben and Jay are desperate to keep Christa as captain and once again they’re prepared to throw it in order to prevent Louie from becoming captain.

Jay joins Christa and Ben and Louie will compete together. The crews must row ashore and head to Dead Mans Pool and dive down to retrieve some tools and their next clue.

Louie takes over from Ben in the rowing when Ben is going too slow. At the beach they’re neck and neck. Jay finds the clue and tools very quickly. They then need to head down stream and build a raft. Ben takes the goggles so Louie can’t find the clue. He sees the clue and stirs up the mud and hands the goggles to Louie to try and find it.

Jay and Christa put their raft together quickly and then have to head across a lake to some trees with skulls on them and solve a puzzle to get their key to the treasure.

The black crew get a ten minute lead thanks to Ben before Ben pulls the clue out and they get their raft built. Jay and Christa take their time to row to the next clue. They then have to find some gallows in the lake and dive between two hanging officers to find the treasure. It’s a really big lake and Louie and Ben are catching them but it’s too late. Jay and Christa find the treasure and when they open it back on the boat they discover that it has $40,000 worth of gold in it.

It’s a big call with the black spots because there is only one pirate to vote. That vote will decide to either cut adrift one of the two with the blackspot or mutiny against the captain.

Ben, Jay and Christa split the winnings between them and then decide to give Louie $5000. They’re feeling a little guilty about how they’ve been screwing him.

Christa is torn as to who she should give the black spot. It’s a dirty game and either everyone is naive and gullible or they’re just stupid.

Christa talks to Louie and says that she is likely to give the power to Jay. Louie would like to be in that position and he just doesn’t trust him.

Christa says that she doesn’t really want to have to hand out the black spots because she really cares about everyone that is still in the game. The black spots go to Louie and Ben which means Jay has the ultimate power tonight and is the only one guaranteed a spot in the final 3.

At the pirate court, Ben confesses to throwing the game but he’s a pirate and he’s here to win. Jay saves Christa and doesn’t choose mutiny and decides to keep the three strong and cuts Louie adrift.

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