Laurel gets cut adrift

Everyone falls asleep and Ben talks to Christa about things. Jay’s name comes up and they discuss what Kendra had said and that he’s not trust worthy and they need to get rid of him. Christa changes her alliance to Ben which leaves Jay in a precarious position this week.

Five pirates remain as Christa takes the key and hands it to Jay to open the chest of zanzibar. Laurel and Louie are on the red crew and Jay, Ben and Christa are on the black crew. Ideally for Jay, that’s the perfect team.

The pirates have to swim to shore and hike up a mountain through the jungle to a cresent moon and find their next clue. Laurel is last out of the water giving the black crew a healthy lead up the mountain. The pirates need to find a clearing with the symbol for Mercury made out in a rock formation. The black crew take the wrong path and are boobie trapped. The red crew catch up but the black crew manage to get to the next clue first.

Using their clue, they now need to find the symbol for Saturn which was on their puzzle. The black team manage to find the symbol and the next clue. They now need to find the Earth and Mars formations and dig halfway between them to find the treasure. The black team pull the treasure out of the ground before Louie and Laurel even find the Saturn formation. They’re frustrated that they keep losing and don’t have much gold to show for their voyage so far.

The open the chest and inside there is $30,000. Christa is entitled to all the money and now has to decide who she is going to give the black spot to. She’s freaking out about Jay flipping out when he gets it. She’s having second thoughts but Ben is doing his best to persuade her otherwise.

Christa brings Ben and Jay together and wants to know what the deal is about the end and whether they are going to cut her loose at the end. They both lied to her and she is upset about it. Jay is desperate to stay and knows that if he’s put up, he’ll be going home. He begs for Christa’s mercy.

Christa says that if you’re getting a black spot then I think you’re a liar, and if you don’t, then I think you’re in an easy position. Jay is certain that it’s him but Christa just thows the letters on the deck and leaves. As it turns out, Laurel and Ben are on the block.

Louie and Jay make their ballots and neither of them vote for mutiny. It is a tie however. Christa has to make a decision as to who is going to be cut adrift. She decides that it is the end for Laurel because she wants to be there at the end with the strongest competitors.

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