Kendra finally gets cut adrift

Ben and Jay are talking like they control the game. Jay says that Christa will basically do what he tells her to do. Jay has pretty much been captain on the ship without actually ever putting the uniform on.

Having a woman in charge of the ship brings a very different environment. There has been no scrubbing of the decks and everyone has been eating well.

Jay is 100% committed to keeping Christa in charge and if he’s on the other team during the treasure hunt then he will drag his feet and ensure she stays in charge as she’s his mouth piece and does what he says. When the teams are chosen, Jay, Kendra and Laurel are on the red team while Ben and Louie are with Captain Christa.

The pirates must travel up river and turn right at the skull marker and fine a bottle that has their next clue that is hidden in a smugglers den. The black crew took a huge lead thanks to Jay taking his time rowing. However, they make a wrong turn and the red crew catch up. Jay doesn’t go in to help look for the clue but that doesn’t matter because the red crew find theirs first. They must now return to the beach and dig up a chain that is attached to the anchor and then pull up a crate which is on the bottom of the ocean. Jay quietly tells Ben to swim out to it and then tells the girls to keep digging. Ben finds the crate and then both teams row out to pull their crate into their boat and then back to the shore. Inside is a skull puzzle with a map on it that points to where the treasure is. Inside a cave that has a bit of water and bats. The black team find the treasure and are extremely excited but when they open the chest there is only a chain and a note saying that the pirate whose treasure it was had split with the gold.

Back on the ship, there are duties to assign and some black spots to hand out. Jay and Ben decide to play some high card to gamble some of the gold they’d already won. Jay cheats without Ben knowing and beats him 4 times before he calls it quits and pulled the same card out three times without Ben catching on.

Christa talks to Jay about the black spots and he says he’s sick of Kendra and that Louie had offered to go up against Kendra this week. Ben says Kendra and Louie as well. Louie says he’s fine with it. Kendra is sure that she is going next. Every time a shipmate comes in, Christa has a drink with them. She’s going to be drunk before this is over. Kendra offers up some info that Jay is playing the game for him and is worried about Christa.

Christa hands out the black spots and sure enough it’s Louie and Kendra.

At the pirates court, Louie is nervous when there is mumouring that perhaps he isn’t as safe as he thought he was. The ballots include no votes for mutiny and this time, after 6 times being given a black spot, Kendra is finally cut adrift.

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