Jen gets evicted and becomes second member of the jury

Jen has realized that she’s not as close to Daniele as she’d hoped and thinks she’s a liar.

Dick talks to Jen and tells her that everyone resents her for not being here to play to win the money. Dick tells her she should concentrate on trying to stay as opposed to being bitter.

Jen says she’s so angry with Dick and Daniele but she always gets the last laugh.

Daniele and Amber head off for their trip to New York to be on Power of Ten.

Jen says she’s sick of being in the house and isn’t sure she can be bothered staying in the sequester house and says she realizes that if she doesn’t stay then she gives up her jury vote. Jen packs everything and Eric jokes that at least she’s taking the nomination well.

There is a reason why Jen has hidden her clothes though. She is out to destroy all of Dick’s cigarettes and doesn’t want her clothes damaged in return. Dick is pissed when he realizes his four cartons of cigarettes are gone. He hunts the house and finds Jen’s clothes in some garbage bags and takes them up to the HoH room and locks them up.

Jen breaks her promise to eat slop for 30 days and starts eating other food. Everyone is mad that she’s breaking the rules and cheating in the game. For breaking the rule, Big Brother gives her a penalty vote.

Jen gets into a big fight with Dick after getting up in his face. She was eating an apple when Dick came and sat next to her and started smoking. She hates the smoke and tries to take his cigarette. Dick tells her not to touch him or she’ll get burnt. Dick burns her when she tries and she gets even angrier.

Daniele and Amber fly to New York and meet Michael Davis, the executive producer of Power of 10. They are going to play against each other and the winner will then be five questions away from $10,000,000. They each get their own person to support them too. Amber has a cousin while Daniele has a surprize. Nick is her support person.

It’s time for the eviction and Julie tells her that she is the first person in 8 years of Big Brother to break the food restriction rules. She doesn’t really have anything to say about that.

Jen and Jameka put forward their arguments to stay before everyone votes. Amber votes first and wants Jen gone. Dick also votes Jen. Eric has been given the orders and also votes for Jen as does Zach and Jessica. It’s 6 votes to none to get rid of Jen. Eric tells her as she leaves that as happy as she is to be leaving, they are all happier to see her go. Dick says it was the easiest vote ever.

The HoH competition is on. Eric is the first eliminated. Amber and Zach are eliminated leaving it up to Jessica and Dick and Jessica wins Head of Household for a second time.

Who will America want Eric to influence to get nominated?

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