Jaydee Bixby's Top 4 performances

What did you think of Jaydee Bixby’s Top 4 Performances of Elvis Presley - The Essential Elvis Presley (Remastered) - Fever Fever and Dean Martin - Solitaire - When You're Smiling When You’re Smiling on Canadian Idol?

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  • bud formoe

    How would a person contact Canadian Idol contestant
    Jaydee Bixby, have composed four songs that won directors
    choice awards with Paramount Group Nashville, song about
    the homeless (Life on The Street) finished in top five in
    Song of The Year Contest.
    Would like to see if Jaydee may need some new songs for
    his upcoming Album.
    If possible please forward comment to Jaydee Bixby with
    my e-mail address.

    Bud Formoe
    13607-90a Street
    Edmonton Alberta

  • Angelademaere@msn.com

    I need to Contact Jaydee, For my School wants him to come and do a performace for us, Can anyone get me in to contact with him?