Jameka and Amber are nominated for eviction

It’s no surprize that one of the first things we see this episode is Amber crying about Dustin’s departure.

Eric is very happy that he did what America wanted and it paid off. He’s quite happy that he’s got blood on his hands. He apologizes to Jameka but she just can’t trust anyone any more.

Amber is crying and crying and crying and so confused. Jameka is upset at Eric after Dustin went in to bat for him last week and then turned his back on him and voted him out this week.

Amber is also mad that she guessed wrong at the HoH competition because she knew there were six. She’s annoyed that Daniele is now HoH. Daniele jokes with Eric and Jessica that they’re suckers but they’ll both be up this week.

Dick and Daniele are so happy about their change in fortune.

Jameka and Jessica talk and Jameka is sure that there is something up. Jameka is sure that there is something going on because it just doesn’t sit right with her.

Daniele shows everyone her HoH room. There is no photo or her boyfriend but there is a homemade card from Nick which Eric thinks looks like it was made by a 14 year old girl.

Daniele talks to Amber and checks in to see if she’s ok. It’s likely to be a hard week but it will get easier.

Amber seems to have a very limited vocabulary. She’s always asking what words mean and it seems she’s quite simple.

Eric talks to Amber and says that the vote to evict Dustin was very last minute and that if he had won HoH, Eric would have been gone.

The houseguests play some dom room drinking games and then start to wager. Eric loses and has to wear some hot pants and then one of Jessica’s dresses. His slender build and petite arms and legs almost pass him off as a woman.

Dick talks to Jameka and Amber about last week and his plan to make them hate him so that Daniele would be saved. Amber and Jameka figure out that there must have been a deal made. They figure that Jess and Eric must have agreed to take them to the final four. They then figure they don’t have the numbers.

The food competition is slop pong in toga costumes. Eric feels like a Jewish kid at Christmas. The team that gets a ball in each drum first will be eating this week. The losing team will be eating slop. There is a feast drum in the middle and scoring a ball in it will mean a feast during the week – even if they’re on slop. The red team gets an early lead but the blue team pulls it back before the red team pull out again. The blue team catches up and brings it level from being 9-5 down. Eric hasn’t gotten a shot in all game but makes it pay with the last shot winning it for Dick, Jessica, Zach and himself.

There is a new table for 8 which is so much smaller after 6 people have been evicted.

Eric talks to Jessica when Dick comes in and taunts them about their relationship in a fun way. Jessica admits that Eric is actually a good kisser.

Eric gets his next orders from America. He’s happy because America wants him to get Amber nominated. He goes and talks to Dick and Daniele and plants the seed. He’s sinister in his approach and just wants to bury Amber this week.

Eric’s next task is to give a childhood woobie to one of the houseguests.

It’s Daniele’s time to announce the nominations again. Finding themselves up for nomination are Jameka and Amber.

Daniele says that Jen is the actual target in the game. Amber says that God has shown her that she will win the Power of Veto and that her and Jameka will be the final two.

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