Is Eric's goose cooked?

Dick assures both Kail and Jen that one of them will definitely be going home. He says that even though the plan is for Eric to go, they don’t need to know that.

Eric, Jessica, Dustin and Amber talk about Dick and Daniele and form their own alliance. Eric talks to Jameka to try and convince her to join them. Jameka and Jessica talk strategy and think that Dick and Daniele could get rid of Jen or Kail anytime they want and getting rid of any of the others will no doubt plan into their game plan.

Daniele talks to Zach and Zach tries to get on side with her because he has no friends left in the house.

Dustin and Jessica talk to Eric and say that if Dick and Daniele decide to go ahead with their plan then they will be out on their own because Jen and Kail both want them both gone as well.

It’s time for the Power of Veto game and Daniele picks Zach, Jen picks Dustin and Kail gets to choose and picks Jameka. Daniele calls Amber to play the host. Dustin and Jameka are Eric’s lifeline and he is desperately hoping that they win and keep the nominations as they are.

The game is all about bidding and each round, the person with the lowest number is eliminated. How long are you prepared to wear a bunny suit? Dustin has the lowest time with 100 hours and is eliminated. Everyone else has to wear a bunny suit for the time they wrote down.

Over the next 24 hours, how many times are you prepared to have a horrid mixture dumped on you. Everyone says the maximum so no one is eliminated.

The person with the highest bid on the next one will win $10,000 but will be eliminated. Everyone writes 0. Again, no one is eliminated.

How many hours are you prepared to to eat slop for? Zach is eliminated while Kail and Jen have to eat slop for 720 hours.

How many of the next 5 Head of Household competitions are you willing to not participate in? Daniele gets eliminated and Kail and Jameka pass on all 5 HoH competitions.

How much of $250,000 prize money would you be prepared to sacrifice in order to win the Power of Veto. Jen gives up all $250,000 and wins the Power of Veto. Dick is so happy and thinks that things could not be any better.

Jameka is upset at the result and cries and goes away to pray.

Jen and Daniele head up to the HoH room and Daniele asks Jen to take herself out and vote to keep Kail. She tells her that Eric is the biggest manipulator in the house and that he needs to go.

Jen and Dick talk and Dick says that he is sorry and that he wants a truce. He needs her on his side. He blames everything on Eric. Apparently all the problems, issue and conflict in the house is Eric’s fault.

Dick talks to Jessica and sows that seed that Eric is playing both sides. Jessica then talks to Jen and it seems the seed is starting to sprout. Jen stirs the pot.

Jessica then goes to talk to Dustin and says she believes them now. Dustin isn’t convinced. Jessica talks to Jameka but she doesn’t buy it either. Jessica then has a think and is clearly upset by the conflict.

Eric gets his next task. Eric is given his instructions and he needs to convince Jessica that he will take her to the final two with him.

Eric and Jessica talk and he tells her that he wants to go to the end with her.

Every time the buzzer goes off, the houseguests who have to dump the funk need to run out and pour the manure smelling slop all over themselves.

Dick confronts Eric and asks why he’s been lying to him. Dick is heated up about it all and in front of everyone and Eric tells Daniele not to make a mistake. In the bathroom, Dustin questions Daniele about perhaps putting her dad up for eviction. Dustin adds that despite it being her HoH reign, he wants to know why her dad is running it.

At the Veto meeting, Jen decides to save herself – again. Daniele names her replacement – of course it is Eric.

Jessica is sure she is the swing vote in the game this week. Eric’s next task is who should he flatter incessantly to ensure he stays in the house.

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