Final Three Director's Encore Movies

Three empty chairs sit on a red carpet while Adrianna Costa tells us that tonight, the three finalists are about to entertain us one final time for our vote before the winner is announced next week in the Season Finale of On The Lot.

Adrianna tells the anxious four directors Sam Friedlander, Jason Epperson, Will Bigham and Adam Stein that last night it was the biggest public vote yet. She reads out three names who have made it. Will Bigham, Adam Stein and Jason Epperson which mean Sam Friedlander has been cut at the last hurdle.

This is their final chance to prove that they are worthy of the $1 million contract with Dreamworks.

They each have to pick two movies that best represented them.

Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall are here by themselves to judge this week.

Personally, I think Adam’s movies were by far the best of the three directors that are left in the competition.

Here are the encore movies:

Jason Epperson
Eternal Waters


Will Bigham
Glass Eye

The Yes Men

Adam Stein
Dough The Musical

Army Guy

Carrie Fisher thinks that Will Bigham is her favourite while Gary Marshall’s tip is Jason Epperson. I’m not convinced that they were being legitimate. Adam should win it as he is clearly in a different league.

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