Eric wins power of veto but chooses not to use it

Zach isn’t happy about being put on the block while Dick is once again confident that everything is going according to plan. Amber is crying again.

Jameka is desperately hoping that Amber isn’t the one going home this week and that Jessica is going to backdoor Daniele. Amber says she isn’t worried because everything has already been predetermined by God. That must be why she’s always a blubbering mess.

Jessica and Eric talk about their future and Jessica says that there are definitely wedding bells in their future.

Jameka is praying in the HoH room when Jessica comes in and she thinks something is wrong cause she’s crying. Jessica says that she’s really into church too but hasn’t really wanted to talk about it much.

Zach comes to talk to Jessica and says that he didn’t even see it coming. He talks about Dick and Daniele and how strong they will be if one of them doesn’t go this week and he plants a seed of backdooring one of them. Jessica says that she has an agreement with them but she doesn’t trust them at all.

The houseguests get to watch the reward that Amber and Daniele won during last week’s Power of Veto. Amber wins the chance to play for up to $10,000,000 over Daniele but misses out on the first $100,000 question.

Eric and Jessica spend some time alone in bed in the HoH room with the lights off.

The Power of Veto competition is called and Jessica pulls out Daniele, Zach pulls out Eric and Amber pulls out Jameka. Dick will be the host as he is the last housemate left.

Zach talks to Eric about backdooring either Dick or Daniele and that this is the perfect moment to do it. Eric says there is no grand master plan but he thinks he’s made some compelling arguments. Eric adds that he’s open to a number of different scenarios.

The garden has been transformed into swamp and forest and there is a giant cat that needs feeding. The cat reads out an answer and then the houseguests need to find a rat with a riddle tied around it’s neck. The last housemate to bring back a rat is eliminated from that round.

Jessica is eliminated first and then Jameka sacrifices herself to save Amber. Daniele is eliminated leaving Eric, Zach and Amber. It comes down to Eric and Amber after Zach arrives a split second too late behind Eric. Eric wins the Power of Veto and Amber doesn’t look happy at all. Time for another cry perhaps? She says she feels like she wants to crawl into a hole and die.

Dick and Daniele talk and Daniele is worried that they are going to get a nasty surprize. Dick says that they have to get Jessica out.

Eric gets his orders from America and they want him to kiss… Jessica. Lame America. Eric says he’s already done it on his own terms but he’s happy to do it again.

Amber is in the HoH room and talks to Eric and is wondering what he’s going to do with the PoV. She cries, again. Jessica comes in and asks if they actually trust Dick and Daniele and whether or not they will shaft them next week. Eric has some pretty compelling options. There is strong desire to see him use the veto and then have Daniele put up.

At the Veto meeting Eric decides not to use the veto. Amber thinks he’s selfish and evil. Zach thinks he’s just made the game even harder for himself.

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