Dwight d'Eon is eliminated

We’re only two weeks away from seeing the next Canadian Idol crowned.

Before we get to the elimination we have some performances.

The Top 4 perform a medley of Paul Anka Paul Anka‘s music including Paul Anka - Paul Anka: 21 Golden Hits - Puppy Love Puppy Love and Paul Anka - Paul Anka: 21 Golden Hits - Diana Diana before Paul Anka comes out and joins them to sing Paul Anka - Paul Anka: 21 Golden Hits - Put Your Head on My Shoulder Put Your Head on My Shoulder.

After recapping last night’s performance show Paul Anka performs one of his biggest ever songs, Paul Anka - Classic Hits - My Way My Way.

The results come around and it’s no surprise that being eliminated tonight is Dwight d’Eon. Kalan Porter’s Walk On Home plays as we watch his journey.

Three remain. Carly Rae Jepsen, Jaydee Bixby and Brian Melo. Next week they perform one song chosen by the public and one selected by the judges.

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  • Noni

    I truly hope that Jaydee wins Canadian Idol this year….so what if he’s a country singer who sounds like Elvis! The kid can sing on tune! The rest of them make me sick! Their true colours come out when they’re asked to sing a slow ballad. Carly Rae, although she can put on a good show, is sickening to watch and is flat most of the time. Brian Melo is also a good showman, but I couldn’t listen to his voice for long. The only one left that can offer anything at all this year is Jaydee! Come on Canada……..wake up and vote for the kid. He won’t disappoint us!

  • Lucy

    I can’t wait to see who win’s! I have been following the show online this year — since I am not home at night to catch it on TV. There is some great video clips at the ctv.ca http://broadband.ctv.ca/idol/.
    Carly is so pretty!