Dick wins Power of Veto and saves Daniele

Dick is telling Daniele not to trust anyone in the house other than Zach but even then, not fully. He also tells her that she needs to learn to lie. He’s happy that she is finally let him be her dad. This experience for him is worth so much more than the money.

Jen invites herself up into the HoH room and Jessica is annoyed and really thinks she is playing both sides of the house.

Dick and Daniele both know that one of them needs to win the power of veto. Dick is going to make them despise him in order to keep himself in their targets. He wakes everyone up banging pots and pans. He insults everyone and is trying as hard as he can to rattle them and get in their heads. He’s successfully annoyed everyone that’s for sure.

The power of veto game begins and Jessica, Dick and Daniele pick Jameka, Zach and Dustin. Eric is picked as the host again. Dick insults Jameka and says she got her magic ping pong ball again and calls Dustin princess.

Each housequest has to compete in the a challenge in the garden individually. They need to drink some concoctions and the more they drink, the more shots they will have in a game of croquet. The results from the shot for shot game are Zach has 3 shots and earns 3 points. Jameka has 4 shots and earns 10 points. Jessica has 5 shots and gets 17 points. Daniele has 7 shots and gives her a total of 20 points. Dustin has 10 shots and takes the lead with 32 points. Dick plays last with his 10 shots and it’s a nervous game as he needs 4 points off his last shot. He hits the golden pole and gets 5 points and wins the challenge and arrogantly prances around with his POV necklace. He thanks Jesus and rubs it all in their faces.

Daniele and Jameka talk about Dick and Daniele is so tired of how everyone is treating her because of her dad. It turns into a giant screaming match up in the HoH room. Daniele has apologized so many times for her father’s behaviour. Eric tells her that Dick has crossed the line in attacking Dustin’s sexuality, Jameka’s religion, Amber’s motherhood and Eric’s character. Daniele doesn’t think anyone understands where she’s coming from. Dustin appreciates her coming up. Later she says that it was strategy because she doesn’t want people to hate her after her dad goes.

Daniele goes to talk to her dad and says she hates everyone so much and thinks they’re all so fake. Daniele is sad that her dad is about to be evicted and is surprized that she is feeling that way after she didn’t really like the idea of spending time with her dad when she first entered the house.

Dustin doesn’t mind being the replacement. In fact, he’s prepared a speech – that he’s the courtesy flush to pile of crap that’s sitting next to him.

America has given Eric another task. He needs to give Jessica the silent treatment. He decides the best thing to do was to run to bed and stay there.

Jen plants a seed in Jessica’s mind that Dustin and Dick have a deal and that Dustin’s offer to put himself up is going to see Dick still in the competition. She wants to talk to Eric but he’s avoiding her. He talks to her though and fails the task. Jessica thinks about what Jen said and thinks that Eric might be in on it too.

Dick uses the Veto on Daniele at the Veto meeting and Jessica puts Dustin up. In the diary room, Dustin pretends to be upset before cheering that he’s so happy to be up against Dick.

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