Dick and Daniele nominated for eviction

Dick has no problem admitting he got played but he wont be happy that he was lied to. Eric is jubilant that his friends came through for him and that he’s saved.

Amber says she forgives Eric but she wont forget and needs to keep what she says around him in check.

When Jessica won Head of Household, everyone celebrates and jumps up and down and Daniele and Dick are mad they got played and think that the entire situation was a set up.

Eric says that he had spoken to Jameka and Amber and had freed them from any obligation to him. Dick picks a fight with Jameka and says that at least he’s more honest than the bible bashers in the house. Jameka gets all up in his face and the insults start to fly. It turns into a shouting match.

Zach says that Dick got duped and he’s not happy about it. The peasants are revolting and Dick has no control in the game anymore.

Eric consoles Jameka and tells her that he’s proud that she stood up for herself but they’re going to have a safe week with Jessica as HoH.

Daniele talks to Dick about how terrible she feels that Kail is gone and is crying and feels embarrassed by crying with all the camera’s around. Dick tells her she did a great job but she disagrees. Dick says that out of everything, the most important thing for him is his relationship with his daughter.

Jessica isn’t sure who to put up for eviction and doesn’t want to become one of Dick’s targets because she hasn’t yet. She’s thinking maybe Jen and Zach. She invites everyone up to see her HoH room and there’s photos of her brother who is in the Marine Corp and is currently in Iraq. She gets teary eyed at not being able to be in touch with the outside world while she is in the house.

Dick reassures Daniele that everything can change if either Jen, Zach or Daniele win the HoH next week. Daniele says that if they’re smart they will vote her out.

Dick picks on Jameka and Amber and they fling it back as good as he gets it. Dick winds them up until he gets the response he wants and then mocks their christianity and calls them fakes and frauds.

Amber cries again and regrets doing drugs. Dick has pushed her buttons and she’s a mess because of what he’s been saying.

Daniele tells Jen that she thinks they’re both in a similar position where they don’t really have anyone close in the house and from here on out she is going to have Jen’s back.

This week’s food competition is a benefit concert. They are divided into two teams, the Big Brother Blues and the Red House Rockers. They have to get dressed up and head out to the yard where there are 200 guitars and two stages. Inside the guitars are either $ signs or Slop signs. There is also a one week slop pass. They need to smash the guitars, one by one, against the amp and find what is inside. The first team to get twenty $ signs will eat like rock stars. The other team, will eat like musicians.

Dick finds the Slop Pass and ends up giving it to Jen who wont have to eat slop this week. The blue team win the food challenge and Dick, Daniele, Jen and Dustin have to eat slop for the week.

Zach is still wearing his rabbit costume and is make the most of the time wearing it by entertaining the other houseguests.

Eric gets his instructions from America. He doesn’t look impressed. America wants him to put Dustin up for nominations. In the hot tub Dustin says he would quite happily be put up for eviction this week along side Dick because it would give him smug satisfaction if Dick went 5 votes to 1.

It’s nomination time and Jessica says that there are times that you may only get one chance to evict someone so you should take it. At the nomination ceremony, Dick and Daniele are nominated for eviction. Who will America want Eric to vote for?

Jessica is gunning for Daniele. Dick says you can bet your ass that he is going to make life hell this week.

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