Daniele wins HoH

Kail goes to talk to Dustin about his decision to put Mike up for eviction over Zach. She didn’t see it coming and is a little concerned. Dustin reassures her that he has more than four votes to remove Nick.

Amber and Daniele are in disarray as Nick is now in the position where he may be going home very shortly. Daniele talks to Nick and wants to know if he was the one who voted for Kail. He tells her no. He’s upset that she never told him that the group was planning on putting her up for eviction. He goes and talks to Dustin and is annoyed he wasn’t just told straight up. He just wants people to be real to their face.

Dick confronts Jen once again about how she is playing the game but Jen just doesn’t care.

Nick is shaving hair off his head. Is he in a state of mourning? No, he’s giving himself a mohawk.

Daniele confronts Jen about how she treats her like crap. Dick hears the fight and comes in to watch. Dick walks past and pours his glass of whatever he was drinking all over her head.

Eric gets his orders from America. They want him to vote for Kail despite the fact that Mike is who he would like to see gone. When Eric talks to the group, Dick starts to look a little suspicious.

Dick and Daniele talk about how they’re not sure about the whole working for the best interests of the group. They both would like to see Kail go this week.

It’s time for the vote. Jen votes to evict Nick. Zach votes Kail. Jameka votes Nick. Eric votes Kail, of course. Jessica votes for Nick. Amber votes to evict Nick. Dick regrettably votes to evict Nick. Surprisingly, Daniele also votes to evict Nick.

Nick is evicted 6 votes to 2.

Now, it’s time for this week’s HoH competition. Tonight’s competition is called time’s up. The houseguests sit on their own pendulums which swing backwards and forwards. Who ever stays on the longest will become the new Head of Household.

The game gets it’s first twist. First off, the houseguests have to hang upside down and then they have fake birds that are sitting above them starting to excrete.

After more than 2 hours, Daniele beats Kail to become the new HoH.

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