Daniele saves Amber and puts Jen up for eviction

Eric says sorry to Jameka about her being nominated and says he thought it was going to be him. Jameka is angry about him saying that because she thinks he has a side deal. Daniele thinks Jameka has taken it pretty hard but they’re there playing a game.

Jessica and Jen are talking about Daniele and Dick and how each time they’ve both been on the block they’ve managed to escape and that can’t happen again.

Jessica talks to Eric about wrestling. She says there is something she likes about a man who can wrestle. He shows her some moves and then Zach arrives. He admits that he likes to interrupt Eric every time he tries to have some alone time with Jessica.

Amber and Jameka are so over Jessica and Eric and they’re sick of being pawns. Amber says though that she has had a vision from God. Amber says she can see them both there next week and that she will win the Power of Veto.

Eric is in the diary room and he opens a box that has a childhood woobie in it. America has made his job so easy and wants him to give it to Jessica. He sneaks in late at night and gives it to her along with a story about how his mom found it just before he left and wanted him to take it with him.

Daniele and Zach are sick of everyone in the house. Including her dad. But all in all, Jen is the target this week.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition and this time it has a twist. The two finalists will also get a mystery trip outside of the house. Daniele pulls out houseguests choice and picks her dad. Amber picks Jessica and Jameka picks Zach. Eric was desperate to win a chance to play in the Power of Veto as he has never played in one of the challenges before. Everyone is laughing when Eric misses out again and is then picked by Daniele to host yet another game.

Jameka says that greed is an underlying motivator in the house and that now that there is a trip involved then it will be a real challenge.

Outside, there are 6 motorcycles and it’s a speedway challenge. The viewers have answered some questions which the house guests need to answer to stay in the competition. What percentage of those polled think Kail would make a good politician? The answer was 19% and Dick is eliminated for being the furtherest with 78%.

What percentage of those polled think life in the Big Brother house is easy? 14% was the answer and Zach is out after saying 62%.

What percentage of those polled think Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe? 47% is the answer but Jessica is eliminated after guessing 67%.

What percentage of those polled said they would rather have a beer with Nick than Mike. The correct answer was 70% and Jameka is eliminated with her guess of 87%. Daniele and Amber will be going on a mystery trip out of the Big Brother house for being the last two houseguests in the Power of Veto competition.

The final question was What percentage of those polled said that Zach was the sexiest bunny of all? Amber picks 65% and Daniele guesses 46%. The correct answer was 35% so Danielle wins leaving Amber questioning why God let the person who put her on the block get the power to take her off the block instead of her. She adds that the worst thing ever is losing the power of Veto when you’re on the block. Daniele tells Amber that anything is still possible though. She goes off by herself and once again, cries. She feels like she’s let her family down.

Daniele talks to her dad that she wants to make a deal with Amber and that if she takes her off, that she’ll not put her up next week if she wins HoH. Amber talks with Jameka about the options available if Daniele offers a deal. She adds that her vision was so real and can’t figure it out.

Daniele invites Amber up to her HoH room. Amber starts the proceedings and wants to know if she can make a deal. Daniele offers to take her off in exchange for one week of safety. Amber then puts everything on the table and ultimately puts her daughters name into it. Daniele is stoked that Amber gave up so much after all she wanted was one week. Is it just me or did Amber just made life very difficult for her.

Eric talks to Dick and Dick tells him that they want to backdoor Jen. At the veto meeting, Daniele saves Amber as she promised and in exchange puts Jen up for eviction.

This is Jen’s fourth time on the block but Daniele is certain that this will be her last.

The prize for Daniele and Amber is to take a private jet to New York where they will be contestants on Power of Ten and have the chance to win $10,000,000 on Drew Carey’s new gameshow.

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