Ben wins Pirate Master

After enduring 15 grueling expeditions using both his brawn and cunning, 23 year old Ben Fagan of Charleston, South Carolina has beat out 15 competitors to discover Captain Henry Steel’s treasure worth half a million dollars and claim the title of Pirate Master.

On making it to the final three, Christa, Jay and Ben get a reward of Cheese, Bread and Pinot.

It’s a scary and stormy looking morning. Christa is feeling strange and didn’t get much sleep last night. Today, it’s all about captain steele’s treasure. There is a rainbow out on the ocean and they’re wondering if the treasure is there.

There is one final lock on the chest of zanzibar and when they open it they discover that it isn’t actually their final expedition. Captain Steel writes that his treasure is out there but only two will compete for it. They have to find the first mates fortune which will then have what they need to find the treasure that is worth half a million dollars.

The pirates are all competing by themselves and have to translate some latin in order to find the clues to the treasure. They need swim ashore and find a narrow bridge over a gorge where they will find a hanging sword and their next clue. Ben arrives first with Jay not far behind. They all arrive and search for the swords and then have to race down a trail to a pool where there is an inscribed boulder where they will have to decipher their next clue.

Ben arrives at the boulder first where there is some latin inscription. Christa arrives just as Ben is leaving. He says that the clue had to retrace their steps where they can sabotage their competition and then find their next clue hidden underwater deep in the jungle.

Ben and Jay get across the bridge and then Jay chops the ropes to send the bridge to the bottom of the gorge. Christa gets to the bridge and is gutted to find it has gone and has to follow a different path.

Ben struggles to keep his lead and finds the next clue which says the gold is under the waterfall. Ben finds the treasure leaving Jay out of gas and Christa somewhere in the jungle.

Jay says that if he’d cut Ben last night then he would have won today. Christa doesn’t mind as long as she pulls out the last treasure.

Back on the ship, they open the chest and there are two clues along with $50,000 which Ben gets to keep. As Christa and Jay have helped look out for him, he splits the money with them as an appeasement for some of his actions throughout the competition.

At the pirates court, all the pirates that have been cut adrift climb back onto the ship to pass judgement on Jay and Christa. Christa and Jay put forward their case. Jay knows that he’s offended everyone but thinks that he played the game like a real pirate and that there were never any princess pirates. There are some interesting comments from the pirates who have already been cut adrift. Joe Don says Jay is not a pirate master but a puppet master.

13 ghosts and 13 ballots with no option for mutiny. Christa recieves 1 ballot and Jay gets the other 12. However, Jay will not be cut adrift. He joins the ghosts that and is told that they all have a role to play.

There is one final pirates court where each of the ghosts must put their case forward as to why they should be recruited to be on either Christa or Ben’s crew. The teams must each have two men and two women. Ben offers to split $80,000 with the three who join his crew if he wins.

The teams are chosen and are:

On the black crew: Captain Ben, Cheryl, Azmyth and Nessa

On the red crew: Christa, John, Jay and Nessa

Since there is a conflict, the choice is up to Nessa. Ben offers her a $10,000 insurance policy but Christa matches it and sticks with her. Ben then chooses Jupiter as the final pirate on his crew.

The big moment has arrived. The final expedition begins for the search for the $500,000 treasure and the title of Pirate Master.

The crews have to row to shore and race up a hill to some caves where there are some chinese puzzle boxes which they must untie and then unlock draws in which they will find their next clue. The black crew arrive first to shore but the red crew catch up and pass.

They then need to carry the boxes up the hill to an armoury and find a key inside a cannon. The box is over 100 pound and all the uneven ground makes it tough going. The black key arrive first and open the second draw which has a deck of cards. They have an order in which to sort the cards and then around the outside of the completed pack is their next clue which reads backwards “Under Cannon Balls”. They race to a room that is full with cannon balls and dig around and find a captains wheel which has another clue on it. “Will you find the treasure or will you fail? Your fate is still unknown. Only you may travel up this trail. Leave your ghosts and go forth alone.”

The finalists must head up the trail to captain steels chambers..

The red team can’t figure out the cards and see the black crew coming out of the cannon ball room with the wheel and figure that’s where they must be. They find their wheel as well and Christa races up the hill after Ben.

At the top of the hill, Ben mounts the wheel to a coat of arms and decipher a code that will reveal the location of the treaure and also find a locked box with a key to open the final chest. As it turns out, the treasure is inside the chest of zanzibar. Ben races down the hill with his steel box and meets up with his crew and race back down the trail and row back to the ship.

The red crew are a way behind and by the time the red crew get to the beach, the black crew are halfway to the ship. Ben must complete the expedition on his own once he gets back to the ship and he has to find brass puzzle pieces hidden in the chest and assemble them to reveal the combination to the lock. Ben is working away at solving the puzzle when Christa arrives. Ben gets his puzzle done and opens his metal chest to pull out a silver key which unlocks the final compartment in the chest which reveals $500,000 in gold.

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  • Jill from Western Australia

    Many thanks for relating the final episode of Pirate Master which was disgracefully removed but still continued to be advertised to air at “strange” times here in OZ…all we got were re-runs of The Simpsons {YUK}. Personally I watch Survivor, The Apprentice, Top Chef etc because there is good interaction between the contestants. I do not watch Idol, Model, Can U Dance etc as these shows do not interest me. I spent the first 12 years of life in Yorkshire England…my sense of humor does not appreciate shows like Everybody {except me} loves Raymond, My name is Earl…etc…I love re-runs of Are You Being Served, Fawlty Towers and most British humour shows, not to mention Midsomer Murders, Prime Suspect, Inspector Frost, Inspector Morse etc. In Western Australia we are fed heaps of 3rd rate shows..if you don’t like them then like me you pay > US$100 per month to receive Foxtel in order to select and watch a good variety of excellent shows…worth the money. Once again thankyou for letting me keep up to date with Pirate Master…{the First episodes of Survivor were a bit “wishy-washy” but the show progressed…sadly GREEDY CBS..canned what I consider was a good show which could have gone on the be a GR8 show {but of course it cost more to make than Idol/Model/Dance….I wonder if some are guilable with their choice of entertainment…I’M NOT!!!}. Cheers from “Down Under”