Azmyth gets Cut Adrift

The next key to the chest of Zanzibar reveals that the ships cook’s treasure is the next the pirates will be searching for.

The last eight pirates are told that things are about to get tougher. There will no longer be officers but Azmyth will remain as captain. Things don’t bode well for Azmyth if he loses now that his triad has been broken up.

The pirates party and eat until they are sick. They Inside the very place that they celebrate are the stockades that they seek. With the keys in place, a canon will be revealed. Underneath in the torture chamber they will need to remove some shackles which will guide them to the treasure.

The Red crew are well ahead. They have to do some math and figure out which step the next clue is hidden under.

They then have to walk 300 paces wearing shackles to a clearing where they must dig to find the treasure. The red crew arrive first and Jay pulls the treasure out of the ground meaning Azmyth is history as captain. There is $50,000 in there. Jay decides that it’s time for a woman to be captain and they pick Christa.

Now, the captain must give only two pirates a black mark. There is another twist. The game has changed dramatically and the captain now gets to keep it all.

Christa marks Kendra and Azmyth with the black spot after she invited everyone in to give their advice as to who the crew would like cut adrift.

Tonight is also the last time that the Royal Pardon will come into play. The captain buys the pardon for $10,000 but she doesn’t need it. Kendra is safe and in a unanimous vote, Azmyth is cut adrift.

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  • Jill from Western Australia

    Thanks for keeping me up to date…would you belive that the Western Australian Channel 10 keeps saying that we will see “Pirate Master”…have recorded these…all I got was American re-runs of I love Raymond…YUK!!!…Where is the credibility??? Thank you to those who keep this sight going, I look forward to your postings.