August 2007

“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have agreed to a three-season extension for cable’s top-rated animated series and entered into a momentous joint venture with COMEDY CENTRAL to create South Park Digital Studios, it was announced today by Doug Herzog, president, MTV Networks’ Entertainment Group, a division of Viacom’s (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B) MTV Networks. The strategic alliance includes the formation of a digital animation studio at “South Park” headquarters in Los Angeles that will serve as the new home for all digital extensions of the “South Park” franchise as well as an incubator for new animated projects.

“This extension and the formation of the joint venture are the beginnings of a new era for ‘South Park’ and COMEDY CENTRAL and a natural evolution of our long-term and prosperous relationship with Trey and Matt,” said Herzog. “With the new partnership in South Park Digital Studios and the creation of the digital animation studio, we have a tremendous opportunity to truly maximize the potential of the franchise and the incredible creative talents of Matt and Trey across every imaginable platform.”

“South Park” co-creator Matt Stone said: “Three more years of ‘South Park’ will give us the opportunity to offend that many more people. And since Trey and I are in charge of the digital side of ‘South Park,’ we can offend people on their cell phones, game consoles, and computers too. It’s all very exciting for us.”

As part of the agreement, Parker and Stone will produce an additional three seasons (14 episodes per season) of the Emmy(R) and Peabody(R) Award-winning “South Park,” taking the series beyond its current deal, which was set to expire at the end of 2008, to keep new episodes of the show on COMEDY CENTRAL through 2011. Parker and Stone will continue to write, direct and edit every episode of “South Park,” as they have since the premiere of the series in August 1997.

The joint venture of South Park Digital Studios seeks to respond to the new world in a new way. Its goal is to realize fully the potential of the “South Park” franchise and engage fans across all platforms, including exploring opportunities on gaming platforms (console, handheld, online) and a new online home for the series that will create a Web presence equaling the popularity and power of the series’ brand., the long running official “South Park” fan site, will be expanded and become a major part of the new joint venture. The newly expanded site is scheduled to re- launch during the first quarter of 2008.

South Park Digital Studios will also include a multi-faceted and comprehensive production and development facility featuring an animation studio that will serve as a home for innovation, experimentation and groundbreaking animation for Parker and Stone, as well as other animators. COMEDY CENTRAL will have a first-look option on any projects developed at the studio.

The joint venture agreement with COMEDY CENTRAL was negotiated for Parker and Stone by their attorney Kevin Morris of Barnes, Morris, Klein, Yorn, Barnes & Levine. They are also represented by William Morris.

Currently in its 11th season, “South Park” averages over 3 million viewers per premiere episode and has been the highest rated original cable series among men 18-34 for four years running. In its timeslot, “South Park” is the #1 show on cable among persons 18-49 and the #1 show on all of television among men 18-24. On April 22, 1998, the series shattered records when it garnered an 8.2 HH rating to become the highest rated episode of a series on basic cable at that time. (Source: Nielsen Media Research, Seasons 1-11, 08.13.97-04.18.07, Live+SD) New episodes of “South Park” will begin on October 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

After enduring 15 grueling expeditions using both his brawn and cunning, 23 year old Ben Fagan of Charleston, South Carolina has beat out 15 competitors to discover Captain Henry Steel’s treasure worth half a million dollars and claim the title of Pirate Master.

On making it to the final three, Christa, Jay and Ben get a reward of Cheese, Bread and Pinot.

It’s a scary and stormy looking morning. Christa is feeling strange and didn’t get much sleep last night. Today, it’s all about captain steele’s treasure. There is a rainbow out on the ocean and they’re wondering if the treasure is there.

There is one final lock on the chest of zanzibar and when they open it they discover that it isn’t actually their final expedition. Captain Steel writes that his treasure is out there but only two will compete for it. They have to find the first mates fortune which will then have what they need to find the treasure that is worth half a million dollars.

The pirates are all competing by themselves and have to translate some latin in order to find the clues to the treasure. They need swim ashore and find a narrow bridge over a gorge where they will find a hanging sword and their next clue. Ben arrives first with Jay not far behind. They all arrive and search for the swords and then have to race down a trail to a pool where there is an inscribed boulder where they will have to decipher their next clue.

Ben arrives at the boulder first where there is some latin inscription. Christa arrives just as Ben is leaving. He says that the clue had to retrace their steps where they can sabotage their competition and then find their next clue hidden underwater deep in the jungle.

Ben and Jay get across the bridge and then Jay chops the ropes to send the bridge to the bottom of the gorge. Christa gets to the bridge and is gutted to find it has gone and has to follow a different path.

Ben struggles to keep his lead and finds the next clue which says the gold is under the waterfall. Ben finds the treasure leaving Jay out of gas and Christa somewhere in the jungle.

Jay says that if he’d cut Ben last night then he would have won today. Christa doesn’t mind as long as she pulls out the last treasure.

Back on the ship, they open the chest and there are two clues along with $50,000 which Ben gets to keep. As Christa and Jay have helped look out for him, he splits the money with them as an appeasement for some of his actions throughout the competition.

At the pirates court, all the pirates that have been cut adrift climb back onto the ship to pass judgement on Jay and Christa. Christa and Jay put forward their case. Jay knows that he’s offended everyone but thinks that he played the game like a real pirate and that there were never any princess pirates. There are some interesting comments from the pirates who have already been cut adrift. Joe Don says Jay is not a pirate master but a puppet master.

13 ghosts and 13 ballots with no option for mutiny. Christa recieves 1 ballot and Jay gets the other 12. However, Jay will not be cut adrift. He joins the ghosts that and is told that they all have a role to play.

There is one final pirates court where each of the ghosts must put their case forward as to why they should be recruited to be on either Christa or Ben’s crew. The teams must each have two men and two women. Ben offers to split $80,000 with the three who join his crew if he wins.

The teams are chosen and are:

On the black crew: Captain Ben, Cheryl, Azmyth and Nessa

On the red crew: Christa, John, Jay and Nessa

Since there is a conflict, the choice is up to Nessa. Ben offers her a $10,000 insurance policy but Christa matches it and sticks with her. Ben then chooses Jupiter as the final pirate on his crew.

The big moment has arrived. The final expedition begins for the search for the $500,000 treasure and the title of Pirate Master.

The crews have to row to shore and race up a hill to some caves where there are some chinese puzzle boxes which they must untie and then unlock draws in which they will find their next clue. The black crew arrive first to shore but the red crew catch up and pass.

They then need to carry the boxes up the hill to an armoury and find a key inside a cannon. The box is over 100 pound and all the uneven ground makes it tough going. The black key arrive first and open the second draw which has a deck of cards. They have an order in which to sort the cards and then around the outside of the completed pack is their next clue which reads backwards “Under Cannon Balls”. They race to a room that is full with cannon balls and dig around and find a captains wheel which has another clue on it. “Will you find the treasure or will you fail? Your fate is still unknown. Only you may travel up this trail. Leave your ghosts and go forth alone.”

The finalists must head up the trail to captain steels chambers..

The red team can’t figure out the cards and see the black crew coming out of the cannon ball room with the wheel and figure that’s where they must be. They find their wheel as well and Christa races up the hill after Ben.

At the top of the hill, Ben mounts the wheel to a coat of arms and decipher a code that will reveal the location of the treaure and also find a locked box with a key to open the final chest. As it turns out, the treasure is inside the chest of zanzibar. Ben races down the hill with his steel box and meets up with his crew and race back down the trail and row back to the ship.

The red crew are a way behind and by the time the red crew get to the beach, the black crew are halfway to the ship. Ben must complete the expedition on his own once he gets back to the ship and he has to find brass puzzle pieces hidden in the chest and assemble them to reveal the combination to the lock. Ben is working away at solving the puzzle when Christa arrives. Ben gets his puzzle done and opens his metal chest to pull out a silver key which unlocks the final compartment in the chest which reveals $500,000 in gold.

Zach isn’t happy about being put on the block while Dick is once again confident that everything is going according to plan. Amber is crying again.

Jameka is desperately hoping that Amber isn’t the one going home this week and that Jessica is going to backdoor Daniele. Amber says she isn’t worried because everything has already been predetermined by God. That must be why she’s always a blubbering mess.

Jessica and Eric talk about their future and Jessica says that there are definitely wedding bells in their future.

Jameka is praying in the HoH room when Jessica comes in and she thinks something is wrong cause she’s crying. Jessica says that she’s really into church too but hasn’t really wanted to talk about it much.

Zach comes to talk to Jessica and says that he didn’t even see it coming. He talks about Dick and Daniele and how strong they will be if one of them doesn’t go this week and he plants a seed of backdooring one of them. Jessica says that she has an agreement with them but she doesn’t trust them at all.

The houseguests get to watch the reward that Amber and Daniele won during last week’s Power of Veto. Amber wins the chance to play for up to $10,000,000 over Daniele but misses out on the first $100,000 question.

Eric and Jessica spend some time alone in bed in the HoH room with the lights off.

The Power of Veto competition is called and Jessica pulls out Daniele, Zach pulls out Eric and Amber pulls out Jameka. Dick will be the host as he is the last housemate left.

Zach talks to Eric about backdooring either Dick or Daniele and that this is the perfect moment to do it. Eric says there is no grand master plan but he thinks he’s made some compelling arguments. Eric adds that he’s open to a number of different scenarios.

The garden has been transformed into swamp and forest and there is a giant cat that needs feeding. The cat reads out an answer and then the houseguests need to find a rat with a riddle tied around it’s neck. The last housemate to bring back a rat is eliminated from that round.

Jessica is eliminated first and then Jameka sacrifices herself to save Amber. Daniele is eliminated leaving Eric, Zach and Amber. It comes down to Eric and Amber after Zach arrives a split second too late behind Eric. Eric wins the Power of Veto and Amber doesn’t look happy at all. Time for another cry perhaps? She says she feels like she wants to crawl into a hole and die.

Dick and Daniele talk and Daniele is worried that they are going to get a nasty surprize. Dick says that they have to get Jessica out.

Eric gets his orders from America and they want him to kiss… Jessica. Lame America. Eric says he’s already done it on his own terms but he’s happy to do it again.

Amber is in the HoH room and talks to Eric and is wondering what he’s going to do with the PoV. She cries, again. Jessica comes in and asks if they actually trust Dick and Daniele and whether or not they will shaft them next week. Eric has some pretty compelling options. There is strong desire to see him use the veto and then have Daniele put up.

At the Veto meeting Eric decides not to use the veto. Amber thinks he’s selfish and evil. Zach thinks he’s just made the game even harder for himself.

We’re only two weeks away from seeing the next Canadian Idol crowned.

Before we get to the elimination we have some performances.

The Top 4 perform a medley of Paul Anka Paul Anka‘s music including Paul Anka - Paul Anka: 21 Golden Hits - Puppy Love Puppy Love and Paul Anka - Paul Anka: 21 Golden Hits - Diana Diana before Paul Anka comes out and joins them to sing Paul Anka - Paul Anka: 21 Golden Hits - Put Your Head on My Shoulder Put Your Head on My Shoulder.

After recapping last night’s performance show Paul Anka performs one of his biggest ever songs, Paul Anka - Classic Hits - My Way My Way.

The results come around and it’s no surprise that being eliminated tonight is Dwight d’Eon. Kalan Porter’s Walk On Home plays as we watch his journey.

Three remain. Carly Rae Jepsen, Jaydee Bixby and Brian Melo. Next week they perform one song chosen by the public and one selected by the judges.

Matt Rapley rolled out the door last week leaving us with four remaining contestants on Canadian Idol.

The contestants each get to sing two songs tonight to make a lasting impression and earn their votes towards a place in the top three.

Helping out the Idols this week is Paul Anka who certainly has enough experience in the standards to be qualified.

First up to perform this week is Carly Rae Jepsen who is sure to be in her element this week.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Ella Fitzgerald - Priceless Jazz Collection 1: Ella Fitzgerald - My Heart Belongs to Daddy My Heart Belongs to Daddy
I don’t think this the best Carly has ever performed and hope that her second song choice is better than the first. Jake thought she didn’t disappoint and thinks she should be in the semi finals. Farley loves her shoes and the performance. Sass loves the shoes too and thinks it’s the best performance she’s done so far. Zach liked it but wanted her to sizzle more.

Jaydee Bixby
Elvis Presley - The Essential Elvis Presley (Remastered) - Fever Fever
I am liking Jaydee less and less every week. The boy has absolutely no rhythm and is simply an elvis wannabe. This is supposed to be about finding a new artist who can stand on their own, not an impersonator. Farley didn’t think he looked comfortable up there. Sass thought his leg movement was killer. Zach thought he was so far out of the pocket but he should go to Nashville and cash in his face. Jake agrees that he wasn’t in the groove but at least he didn’t smile but he wasn’t convinced so far tonight.

Brian Melo
Bobby Darin - The Bobby Darin Story - Mack the Knife - Mack the Knife Mack the Knife
It’s a classic song and Brian is such a star on that stage. Another fantastic performance from Brian. Sass says the performance had real attitude which has made her an even bigger fan. Zach thought there were some weak moments but also some real moments of spirit and magic where he did some really cool stuff. Jake liked the attitude as well and thought he really looked like a star. Farley says that he also looks like a star and is eminating being comfortable.

Dwight d’Eon
Frank Sinatra - Classic Sinatra - His Great Performances, 1953-1960 - I Get a Kick Out of You I Get a Kick Out of You
I’m a little bored with Dwight’s performance tonight. I imagine he’s never done anything like this before and he seems to be struggling. Zach can’t see him as a crooner. Jake doesn’t think he’ll be making records like this but valiant effort though. Farley thought he was worried and should have had some fun and relaxed with it. Sass appreciates his effort.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Various Artists, Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra & Ivie Anderson - The Very Best of Duke Ellington - I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) I Got It Bad (And that Ain’t Good)
I’m not sure I really liked Carly’s performances at all tonight. She was a little shakey and disappointing. Jake thought she sold that song like she hasn’t done it before. Farley thought it was a fantastic rendition. Sass thought it was like watching someone in a film. Zach thought no one was more a star in that moment singing that song than her.

Jaydee Bixby
Dean Martin - Solitaire - When You're Smiling When You’re Smiling
Jaydee proves again that he has no rhythm when he tries to dance with one of his backing vocalists. Better singing but still rubbish. Farley thought he was believable and really had fun with it. Sass thought that was some really cool stuff. Zach thinks that when America discovers him he’s going to blow up. Jake thought it was some of the best dancing he’s seen him do and not bad singing either. Ben introduces him as the winner of So You Think You Can Dance.

Brian Melo
Michael Bublé - It's Time - Feeling Good Feeling Good
I don’t think this is as strong as his first song but he’s still a star. Sass asks if he’s going to be charging for real estate on the stage because clearly he owns it. Zach thinks that Brian is going to win Canadian Idol. Jake says you’ve still got to vote for him though. Farley thinks he should also be there until the cows come home.

Dwight d’Eon
Nat "King" Cole - Love Songs - Unforgettable Unforgettable
That performance was certainly unforgettable. If that doesn’t send Dwight home tomorrow night then I don’t know what will. Zach thought he reached out and touched him in his own way and appreciated it. Jake again appreciates his effort and doesn’t think he’ll be here next week. Farley talks about having fun again in a theme show. Sass thought he looked wonderful.

Tomorrow night, one more goes home. Who will it be? Don’t forget to vote!

Canadian Idol Voting Numbers

What did you think of Dwight d’Eon’s Top 4 Performances of Frank Sinatra - Classic Sinatra - His Great Performances, 1953-1960 - I Get a Kick Out of You I Get a Kick Out of You and Nat "King" Cole - Love Songs - Unforgettable Unforgettable on Canadian Idol?

What was the Voting Number? 1-866-943-6504

What did you think of Brian Melo’s Top 4 Performances of Bobby Darin - The Bobby Darin Story - Mack the Knife - Mack the Knife Mack the Knife and Michael Bublé - It's Time - Feeling Good Feeling Good on Canadian Idol?

What was the Voting Number? 1-866-943-6503

What did you think of Jaydee Bixby’s Top 4 Performances of Elvis Presley - The Essential Elvis Presley (Remastered) - Fever Fever and Dean Martin - Solitaire - When You're Smiling When You’re Smiling on Canadian Idol?

What was the Voting Number? 1-866-943-6502

What did you think of Carly Rae’s Top 4 Performances of Ella Fitzgerald - Priceless Jazz Collection 1: Ella Fitzgerald - My Heart Belongs to Daddy My Heart Belongs to Daddy and Various Artists, Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra & Ivie Anderson - The Very Best of Duke Ellington - I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) I Got It Bad (And that Ain’t Good) on Canadian Idol?

What was the Voting Number? 1-866-943-6501

There are four pirates left. Louie, Jay, Ben and Christa. Louie is feeling a little vulnerable now that Laurel has gone and she had his back.

Christa thinks that it’s her game to lose right now. Both Ben and Jay owe her big time.

Ben and Jay are desperate to keep Christa as captain and once again they’re prepared to throw it in order to prevent Louie from becoming captain.

Jay joins Christa and Ben and Louie will compete together. The crews must row ashore and head to Dead Mans Pool and dive down to retrieve some tools and their next clue.

Louie takes over from Ben in the rowing when Ben is going too slow. At the beach they’re neck and neck. Jay finds the clue and tools very quickly. They then need to head down stream and build a raft. Ben takes the goggles so Louie can’t find the clue. He sees the clue and stirs up the mud and hands the goggles to Louie to try and find it.

Jay and Christa put their raft together quickly and then have to head across a lake to some trees with skulls on them and solve a puzzle to get their key to the treasure.

The black crew get a ten minute lead thanks to Ben before Ben pulls the clue out and they get their raft built. Jay and Christa take their time to row to the next clue. They then have to find some gallows in the lake and dive between two hanging officers to find the treasure. It’s a really big lake and Louie and Ben are catching them but it’s too late. Jay and Christa find the treasure and when they open it back on the boat they discover that it has $40,000 worth of gold in it.

It’s a big call with the black spots because there is only one pirate to vote. That vote will decide to either cut adrift one of the two with the blackspot or mutiny against the captain.

Ben, Jay and Christa split the winnings between them and then decide to give Louie $5000. They’re feeling a little guilty about how they’ve been screwing him.

Christa is torn as to who she should give the black spot. It’s a dirty game and either everyone is naive and gullible or they’re just stupid.

Christa talks to Louie and says that she is likely to give the power to Jay. Louie would like to be in that position and he just doesn’t trust him.

Christa says that she doesn’t really want to have to hand out the black spots because she really cares about everyone that is still in the game. The black spots go to Louie and Ben which means Jay has the ultimate power tonight and is the only one guaranteed a spot in the final 3.

At the pirate court, Ben confesses to throwing the game but he’s a pirate and he’s here to win. Jay saves Christa and doesn’t choose mutiny and decides to keep the three strong and cuts Louie adrift.