Week 2 nominations

Now that Jen has won Head of Household, Dustin is convinced that all those people that have been mean to her are going to all be kissing her ass now. Daniele is also convinced that she is going to be nominated because she is close to Nick and Jen has jealousy issues.

Everyone notes how often Jen talks about herself. Jen wants to know who wants to come and see her HoH room and what photos are on the walls. Jen was disappointed with her photos. Does Jen have issues with all photos in general? Everyone thinks she’s just so self centered.

Joe talks to Jen and tries to remind her about the original discussion they had first day in the house about getting rid of the three people who were put in the house as members from the past – Dick, Jessica and Dustin. Jen isn’t that interested.

While Nick and Mike are lifting weights, Dustin and Zach make fun of them. They give Mike the name Magnus von Vagnusson from Austria and Nick is given the name Kragnus von Vagnus from Croatia. Dustin tells us that Magnus and Kragnus are competing for the world’s strongest man competition. They mock them incessantly. Mike can’t take it as he’s laughing and can’t lift so they name Nick the winner of the competition.

Nick and Daniele flirt with each other. Mike gives her the key to his heart. It’s actually the key to his suitcase but he says it’s doubling.

Jen and Kail talk nominations. Kail gets worried because Jen mentions Nick and she doesn’t want her alliance broken up.

This week’s food task is Name That Pie. The teams must try and determine which two ingredients are in a pie.

Jameka is up first and correctly guesses Bacon and Banana. Amber doesn’t get the Pineapple and Potato so it becomes 1-1. Eric doesn’t guess the Sausage and Apple instead says Spam and Fig. He throws the pie in his face. Amber says Spam and Pommegrante but it was hotdog and strawberry. Pepperoni and Mint. Carrot and Cheese. Sweet Potato and Licorice. 4-3. Salmon and Blueberry. 5 – 3. Hamburger and Peach. 5 – 4. Tuna and Jelly Beans. 5 – 5. Anchovy and Cabbage. 5 – 6. Pickle and Clam. Daniele answers Pickle and Tofu giving the Blue team the win and the Red team get to eat slop.

Eric is in the diary reading the note for America’s Player. It’s asking him to target Jessica. Eric goes to talk to Jen and tries to convince her that Jessica is up to something and plants the seed to get her nominated for eviction.

Dick can’t stand Jen. He says that if Daniele had turned out like that then he’d have some serious issues with himself as a parent. He confronts Jen and tells her that he will make her the most miserable bitch in the house if she doens’t stop being so self centred.

Eric is about to get a new habbit. Sleepwalking. Whose bed do you want him to walk to and get into?

Time for nomination and she says that she’s choosing based on who she thinks brings the most negativity into the house. Both Daniele and her father Dick are up for eviction.

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