Romantic Comedy Shorts

The two directors with the fewest number of votes from last week’s show and leaving the lot were Kenny and Mateen although it was pretty close between Mateen and Sam. Everyone is making comedy this week, with a hint of romance and in four weeks one of them will win that deal with Dreamworks. Will it be Sam Friedlander, Zach Lipovsky, Andrew Hunt, Jason Epperson, Adam Stein or Will Bigham?

Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall are here to judge again along with guest director Brad Silberling.

First up to premiere their film this week is Zach Lipovsky. His film is called The Bonus Feature.

To Vote for Zach’s film:

Adriana tells us that next week the surviving directors will tackle America’s love affair with the automobile and that the director with the highest number of votes will get to have actor Jerry O’Connell acting in their movie.

Next up is Adam Stein. His short film is called Girl Trouble.
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Will Bigham is next with his short film Unplugged.
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Andrew Hunt is next with his film The Keep Off Grass.
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Sam Friedlander is next with his film American Hoe.
To vote for Sam’s film:

Jason Epperson is last with his film Old Home Boyz.
To vote for Jason’s film:

Carrie’s favourite movie was Adam, Brad’s favourite was Jason and Gary can’t decide between either Will or Andrew.

Next week the results will be in as well as the final five director’s movies on the lot.

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