July 2007

The director with the fewest number of votes from last week’s show was Jessica Brillhart. This week, 6 of the directors will be making comedies. Will, Hillary, Adam, Shalini Zach and David had 5 days to produce their films.

The remaining 6 will be screening their Horror movies next week.

Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall are here to judge again and are being joined by Mark Waters as the guest judge on tonight’s show.

First up to premiere their comedy film this week is Shalini Kantayya. Her film is called Doctor In-Law.
To Vote for Shalini’s film:

Next up is Adam Stein. His short film is called Discovering the Wheels.
To Vote for Adam’s film:

Will Bigham is next with his short film Nerve Endings.
To Vote for Zach’s film:

Hilary Graham is next with her film Under the Gun.
To Vote for Hilary’s film:

David May is last with her film How to Have a Girl.
To vote for David’s film:

Zach Lipovsky is last with his film Die Hardly Working.
To vote for Zach’s film:

The judges picks were unanimous with them all picking Zach’s film Die Hardly Working as their favourite.

Next Tuesday the results will be in as well as 6 horrors by 6 of the remaining directors.

This week the teams are without their longboats. Getting to shore is via their own swimming ability.

On shore, the teams must find a ladder hidden in an old plantation. The red crew arrived at the beach first ahead of Captain Azmyth’s team. The teams must now carry the rope ladder up a steep path into the mountains before they have to find an old longboat.

The teams must now head up the path further and find some masts where they must hoist their ladder and undo a key from a tricky knot.

Heading into the rainforest, the teams must now find a foot bridge which has clues to the location of the treasure written on the rungs.

The captains team arrive well ahead of the red team and they easily win the treasure.

The treasure has a value of $40,000 this week as well. Azmyth and his officers do a 60/40 split with the crew this time.

Kendra, Joy and Joe Don are served with black spots.

Joe Don and Nessa start to get a little more romantically involved.

At the pirates court Joe Don buys the royal pardon for $12,000. The votes are split 3 votes to 2. Being cut adrift is Joy.

Last week there was a new captain, a royal pardon and small treasure. This week the priates are looking for Barnabas Bagley’s treasure. Each team’s map is drawing on an ace from a deck of cards.

The teams must row to the anchor on the shore and head west to the voodoo forest where they must find a card from the same suit as their ace which will give them 21 where they will find their next clue.

Captain Louie’s team arrive first but get caught in a boobie trap which allows the red team to catch up. The black team find their next clue which sends them back to the anchor with the spyglass they just found to search the horizon for a heart.

The black team get their spyglass wet crossing the river which renders it useless. They decide to just row towards the island. The red team spot the heart while the black team are halfway there.

The black team finds the grave first which points them to a palm tree at the top of the island. They cover the clue but the red team find it pretty quickly. The black team get to the palm tree first and start the search. Louie climbs the palm while Kristin digs a small hole but then walks away to look somewhere else. Jay jumps in Kristin’s hole and find the treasure giving the victory the red team. There’ll be a new captain tonight.

The treasure values $40,000. They elect Azimuth as the captain again. He picks Ben and Jay as his officers.

Joe Don gives Nessa some coin to bid on the Royal pardon.

Azimuth decides that they wont give Nessa a black spot because she might buy the royal pardon off Joe Don which theoretically takes the royal pardon out of the equation.

The three black spots go to Louie, Sean and Laurel.

Laurel received no votes and is safe. Sean recieved the most votes but his bid on the royal pardon isn’t enough so he is cut adrift.

By the end of the night, only 14 will be left. But now 4 are about to be sent home.

Who hasn’t done enough to impress the Canadian public?

The bottom four girls are:
Scarlett Burke
Naomi-Joy Blackhall
Khalila G
Mila Miller

The bottom four guys are:
Clifton Murray
Dwight d’Eon
Andrew Austin
Brian Melo

The judges think it’ll be Clifton and Dwight going home. Scarlett and Naomi-Joy are the judges picks to go home.

Dwight is safe. As is Khalila. Brian is also safe so Clifton and Andrew are heading home. From the ladies, Mila is safe while Scarlett and Naomi-Joy are eliminated.

The O.C. beauty Kelly Rowan, who plays the wealthy California matriarch Kirsten Cohen, is reportedly engaged to Canadian media mogul David Thomson. The Canadian-born actress is 41 years old and has had a long career as a model and as a Gemini award-winning actress.

This is one starlet that can afford to live the lifestyle now, after snagging the head of Thomson Corp., a large media empire fronted by her fiance.

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