July 2007

What did you think of Dwight d’Eon’s Top 10 Performance of Matchbox Twenty - More Than You Think You Are - Unwell Unwell on Canadian Idol?

After an extensive cross country tour and more than 10,000 auditions, 198 of the bst unknown singers were bought to Toronto for a shot at stardom.

The top 22 had their sites set on only one thing – becoming one of the ten.

For as long as there has been music charts, the goal has been to get to number one. Reaching that plateau multiple times is a privilege only a handful of artists have acheived over the years. In 2005, one singer shot to the peak position and quickly followed that with another chart topper. Her name, Rihanna.

Tonight the Top 10 are performing #1 hits.

Dwight d’Eon
Matchbox Twenty - More Than You Think You Are - Unwell Unwell
Is that a straight jacket Dwight is wearing? He seems very amateurish. Lacking in confidence perhaps. Didn’t really like it. Jake thinks it’s interesting that he’s done two Matchbox 20 songs in a row and hopes he’ll be more interesting next time. Farley thought he was more ready for the top 10 than he was for the top 22. Sass thought she would have enjoyed it more if he’d sung it better. Zach thinks he’s a rockstar and should stay.

Khalila G
Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly - Killing Me Softly with His Song Killing Me Softly
Another terrible song choice. Out of all the number one hits of all time, this is the best song Khalila could pick? Her name is cool. Her performances are anything but. And not a great vocal performance either. Farley thought there was a lot of intensity and control. Sass says it was really nice. Zach asks if nice is enough when there was nothing that would make him wake up in the morning and go wow, that was great. Jake thought it was good enough to keep her there another week but wants more emotion out of her.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Feist - Let It Die - Inside and Out Inside and Out
Carly looks like such a star. The song seems too slow and nowhere near as groovy as it could be. This is a little different for Carly and isn’t the normal vulnerable performances that we’ve become accustomed to. Sass thought it was so cool. Zach didn’t get it and thought she was short on energy. Jake thought it didn’t seem to have any dynamics or show her emotion. Farley applauds the effort to entertain but agreed with Jake.

Brian Melo
Tonic - Lemon Parade - If You Could Only See If You Could Only See
This is better from Brian. Good song choice despite the fact that he doesn’t really have a strong voice. Lots of energy which has certainly been lacking from the other performers so far. Zach thought he missed the top of the song but he had some rock star moments in the vocal. Jake is really happy he picked that song. Farley says nervousness is to be expected but he’s definitely one of the best singers in the contest. Sass was really happy to see the intensity in his performance.

Mila Miller
Peter Frampton - Peter Frampton: Greatest Hits - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
Marginally a better song choice this week but there doesn’t appear to be the spunk and attitude in the performance that I’d expect to go with this song. Jake didn’t think she did it very well and thought it came off as karaoke. Farley is waiting for someone to take control and show they own it. Sass wants to see more. Zach says that he thought they put people through to the top 10 to win, not to show up at a bar mitzvah.

Jaydee Bixby
Conway Twitty - Conway Twitty: The #1 Hits Collection - It's Only Make Believe It’s Only Make Believe
This is really tiresome. He would have been great forty something years ago. Perhaps he’s going to bring back the sixties. Somehow I think not. Farley thought it was a fantastic performance and thinks he’s going to be one of the most famous people on the planet. Sass asks if he’s for real. Zach wants to know how long ago he got off his horse. He adds he’s the Michael Buble of retro country. Jake says he’s a little awkward in his movement but from the waist up… He adds it was the first electric performance of the night.

Greg Neufeld
The Killers - Hot Fuss - All These Things That I've Done All These Things That I’ve Done
The band sounded fantastic at the start but there is something missing. Perhaps it’s Greg’s strange dancing. Great energetic performance. He should have opened the show. Sass liked that a lot and liked that he broke out of the stuff he’s been doing so far. Zach thought he broke into something he shouldn’t be doing and thought his upper register was fingernails on a chalk board. Jake liked his intensity. Farley thought he was a great opponent in a fight between him and Jaydee.

Martha Joy
Celine Dion - The Colour of My Love - The Power of Love The Power of Love
Martha may be the best technical singer in the competition but she is no Celine. Zach isn’t sure what the next Canadian Idol is about but knows she’s definitely the best singer there. Jake wasn’t sure about the arrangement and thought she was milking it rather than flowing with it. Farley is absolutely convinced of her skillset and thinks she is undeniably amazing. Sass found it sleepy.

Tara Oram
Shania Twain - Shania Twain: Greatest Hits - You Win My Love You Win My Love
This might be Tara’s best performance for me. She’s having fun and actually singing quite well. Jake thinks without a doubt that it’s her best performance. Farley agrees and thinks she’s pushed a little harder and thinks a lot of young women would aspire to be like her. Sass thought the performance was really strong. Zach thinks there are some limitations in her voice but that was the first time since the top 22 that he dug what she did.

Matt Rapley
Marvin Gaye - Every Great Motown Hit of Marvin Gaye - I Heard It through the Grapevine I Heard it Though the Grapevine
How many weeks do I have to say something about Matt’s song choice. It constantly astounds me that at this level, contestants are still choosing lame songs that are a dime a dozen. Karaoke, karaoke, karaoke! Farley liked the energetic performance but thought he showed a new side of himself with the arrangement. Sass loved it. Zach thought it was a pretty strong vocal performance but he thought he should have done something cool because it’s not karaoke. Jake thought he was a little safe and didn’t get much vibe from it.

Daniele never grew up with her dad Dick and there is obvious tension between them. Daniele asks him not to spill the beans that she isn’t 21 because she’s told everyone that she’s already 21 and is turning 22 in August.

Joe is annoyed about he’s not going to be able to be his normal bubbly self now that Dustin is in the house. Dustin and Daniele share a bonding moment about

Jessica and Carol seem to patch things up but out of the view Jessica says she doesn’t trust her at all.

Kail is totally not playing the game the way she thought she would. She was going to fly under the radar but she’s won Head of Household. The HoH room is all decked out with photos of her family and looks very comfortable.

Jen has a cry about her photo not being horrible while everyone elses pictures are ok. She ends up taping a cloth over her photo.

Daniele talks about how her dad loves to name drop and how he thinks he’s going to make friends with the other houseguests because he knows all these people.

Mike tells Kail that he only wants to align himself with one person. Kail says she wants more people around her. Zach comes up and Kail presents the plan to him and they form an alliance. Kail then goes to talk to Nick who also joins their foursome. Now that the alliance is in place she needs to figure out who they want to nominate.

It’s time for the very first food competition. The houseguests split into two teams. Red and Blue. In the backyard there is red carpet, giant cups of popcorn and a giant pump. The teams have to transfer butter via their bodies. The winning team will get food for the week while the losing team will be eating big brother slop.

Blue Team gets 37 pounds of butter. The Red team managed 77 pounds of butter – more than doubling the effort of the Blue Team. Eating slop is bound to set some of the houseguests over the edge.

Joe and Dustin have heart to heart which turns into Joe having a rant about Dustin giving him gonorrhea.

Dick tries to convince Daniele that they should have each others backs in the game because he thinks it’s going to come down to guys vs chicks.

America’s player, Eric, is a real funny man and is winning over the house. The first task is for Eric to make up a traumatic story about his past and then America decides who he should pour his heart out to.

To Whom should eric pour his heart out? Text the number of your selection to 81818*
1 Amber
2 Carol
3 Daniele
4 Dick
5 Dustin
6 Jameka
7 Jen
8 Jessica
9 Joe
10 Kail
11 Mike
12 Nick
13 Zach

It’s nomination day. Kail collects all the keys and takes them to table. Kail pulls keys out and hands them to the houseguests indicating they are safe and not up for eviction. First to get their key is Eric. Followed by Joe, Zach, Daniele, Jen, Mike, Jameka and Nick. Amber and Carol are nominated for eviction.

*For text message votes, $.99 per cell phone vote plus standard text messaging charges apply and maximum of 10 votes per person. For free online votes and terms, go to cbs.com/bigbrother. Votes for tonight’s episode will be accepted until 11:59:59 PM PR tonight.

Can Louie and Joe Don end Azmyth’s reign as captain this week? Joe Don says there has to be new blood and that he will hang himself tomorrow if he doesn’t get the win.

The food rationing is pretty slim and Louie thinks he’s losing weight. There is growing discontent amongst the crew about Azmyth’s leadership. Azmyth knows that both Louie and Joe Don will be on the red team for todays task so they’re working them hard on chores throughout the ship.

The two teams must find a floating marker and then dive down to collect a bottle. The black team arrive first but the red team are close behind. Joe Don dives down and completes the dive faster than the black team. The map inside shows them that they need to row east to Skulls Point before they must then search the island for a canon and two hidden ropes.

The two teams are neck and neck but Louie and Joe Don have been pulling ropes for the last few days. The black crew get their barrel up the cliff first. The map inside gives them a puzzle. The canon is facing 12 o’clock. At 2 o’clock there is a numeral. They find an X and then dig.

They then have to find a bunker and use the keys they’ve discovered to decrypt another puzzle and unlock the treasure.

Unfortunately for Joe Don and Louie, the black team wins. Joe Don must sell the royal pardon that he has which means he will most likely be up for being cut adrift.

There is $35,000 worth of treasure. Azmyth keeps his $17,500. Ben and Jay get their share and then it’s time to select who is going to get a black spot.

Nessa, Joe Don and Louie are given the black spot. Nessa will buy the Royal Pardon which means either Joe Don and Louie will be cut adrift if they can’t convince Jupiter to join the rest of the crew in mutiny. There is a lot of discussion prior to the Pirates Court. Has enough been said to convince everyone that unless they mutiny, it could be checkmate.

The highest bid on the royal pardon was $5000 from Nessa. There are no ballots for mutiny. Joe Don’s journey is over and he is cut adrift. He gives Nessa one passionate embrace before climbing onto the raft and seeing Azmyth have his way with the rope.

It’s down to ten. After a massive three million votes were received following Monday and Tuesday’s performance episodes, the Canadian Idol Top 10 was revealed tonight on CTV.

Unfortunately, it was the end of the road for four others: Liam Styles Chang 17, Victoria, BC; Montana Martin Iles, 16, Sainte-Julienne, QC; Tyler Mullendore, 19, Lake Ainslie, NS; and Annika Odegard, 16, Calgary, AB, received the fewest votes and were eliminated from the competition. They now go home while 10 others begin rehearsals for next Tuesday’s first Canadian Idol Top 10 show, an expanded 90-minute broadcast live from Toronto’s John Bassett Theatre.

Dedicated to “No. 1 Hits,” Tuesday’s show will feature each of the Top 10 competitors performing a No. 1 hit that they’ve selected. Then, on Wednesday’s episode, international superstar Rihanna will perform her own No. 1 hit, “Umbrella,” live on the Canadian Idol stage in the first Top 10 elimination episode. Tuesday’s episode airs at a special time, July 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

The Canadian Idol Top 10 is comprised of five women and five men, ranging in age from 16 to 28 and hailing from Mission, BC to Hare Bay, NL. From Canada’s largest city to a small Acadian fishing village, the 10 finalists represent Canada’s diverse musical talent, regional distinctions and rich history of musical excellence. There are three competitors from Ontario, two from British Columbia and one each from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. They have survived 10 elimination rounds and outlasted almost 10,000 others. All will be household names before the summer is over.

Meet the Canadian Idol Top 10:

* Jaydee Bixby, 16, Drumheller, AB, Student
* Dwight d’Eon, 28, West Pubnico, NS, Lobster Fisherman
* Khalila G, 23, Dorval, QC, Day Care Worker
* Carly Rae Jepsen, 21, Mission, BC, Waitress
* Martha Joy, 16, Toronto, ON, Student
* Brian Melo, 24, Hamilton, ON, Construction Worker
* Mila Miller, 17, Toronto, ON, Student
* Greg Neufeld, 23, Abbotsford, BC, House Framer
* Tara Oram, 23, Hare Bay, NL, Singer
* Matt Rapley, 18, Regina, SK, Student

Backed by a live, five-piece band, the Top 10 will perform in front of an audience of 1,000 screaming fans at Toronto’s John Bassett Theatre in the first of nine, Top 10 performance shows next week. Dedicated to “No. 1 Hits,” the first Top 10 show is an expanded 90-minute special, airing Tuesday, July 17 from 8 – 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

If there’s an artist who knows what it feels like to be at the top of the charts, it’s 19-year-old Rihanna. The Barbados-born singer and SRP/Def Jam/Universal Music Canada recording artist has landed in the No. 1 position with various singles from each of her three albums. Her current hit “Umbrella” is sitting in the No. 1 spot of Billboard’s Hot 100 list. The winner of four, 2006 Billboard Music Awards, Rihanna has had seven singles reach No. 1 on the Billboard charts. She currently tops the Nielsen Soundscan R&B chart in Canada with her third release, Good Girl Gone Bad, which is already platinum in Canada. The CD features 11 new tracks and includes collaborations with Ne-Yo, StarGate, Timbaland and Grammy-award winners Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake.

CTV and McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited announced today an exclusive partnership in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Canada (RMHC®). Starting today, and continuing throughout the series’ summer broadcast on CTV, Canadian Idol will embark on a charity venture to help build North America’s first Ronald McDonald® Family Retreat on Vancouver Island’s Bear Mountain Resort. It is the first time Canada’s most-watched summer series has formally become involved in a charitable initiative.

The “Help the Idols Build a House” campaign will feature opportunities throughout the summer for Canadians to donate to the cause, including an online auction which launched today.

“Canadian Idol not only has the power to inspire, but also to heal,” said Susanne Boyce, CTV President of Programming and Chair of the CTV Media Group. “Through this great partnership with McDonald’s Canada, Canadian Idol can help leave a lasting legacy for sick children and their families.”

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with CTV and the cast of Canadian Idol to carry on our tradition of helping kids and supporting families,” said Louie Mele, President of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited and Member of the Board, RMHC. “The Ronald McDonald Family Retreat is an entirely new concept for McDonald’s and RMHC in Canada that will really help families with sick kids focus on their emotional needs following particularly difficult times.”

In tonight’s episode of Canadian Idol, host Ben Mulroney and former Canadian Idol champion Melissa O’Neil introduced viewers to the “Help the Idols Build a House” campaign. Thanks to a generous donation of a two-acre plot of land from Bear Mountain Resort in British Columbia, the Ronald McDonald Family Retreat will offer families who have stayed at one of the 12 Ronald McDonald Houses in Canada the opportunity to spend time together, free of charge, in a setting where they can focus solely on each other and begin to get their lives back on track.

The first of many opportunities for Canadians to get involved and “Help the Idols Build a House” is an online auction that launched today at Canadian Idol’s official website, idol.ctv.ca. Viewers can bid online for a series of exclusive experiences including backstage passes to meet the 2007 Canadian Idol finalists, a romantic weekend for two in Quebec City, a ride in the CTV helicopter and a behind the scenes experience with TSN during a CFL game. Also up for bid is a soccer ball autographed by Rod Stewart, a signed and framed NASCAR flag and autographed jerseys by Tomas Kaberle, Ryan Smyth, Dany Heatley and Dion Phaneuf, to name a few. All items can be viewed at idol.ctv.ca and all bids must be in by Wednesday, July 18 at midnight. A second online auction will be held later this summer.

The 12 Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada, which are independently owned and operated by not-for-profit organizations, provide a home-away-from-home for out-of-town families of children undergoing treatment at nearby hospitals. They rely on the support from many donors in their communities and receive financial and in-kind support from Ronald McDonald House Charities. The introduction of the Retreat concept is a natural extension of RMHC’s mission, whose administrative and operating costs are covered entirely by McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited, which ensures that 100 per cent of every dollar donated to the charity goes directly towards helping children in need and their families.

Tonight the Top Ten are anounced.

Jake Gold thinks that there were some surprises where a few just didn’t live up to what he was expecting. Farley Flex’s stand outs were Carly Rae Jepsen, Greg Neufeld with special mention going to Dwight d’Eon. Sass Jordon thinks there is going to be more emotion now that we’re at the Top Ten. Zach Werner says that it’s totally do or die from here on in.

Making it into the Top Ten are:
Martha Joy
Matt Rapley
Dwight d’Eon
Greg Neufeld
Brian Melo
Carly Rae Jepsen
Tara Oram
Jaydee Bixby
Mila Miller
Khalila G

Eliminated are:
Montana Martin Iles
Tyler Mullendore
Liam Styles Chang
Annika Odegard

I must say there are some amazing results and all four of those who were eliminated I expected to be there in the Top Ten.

Next week the Top Ten will perform #1 hits and will be joined by Rihanna on Canadian Idol.

The girls all roll up at Sutherland Models where they meet Agency Director Carole Reynolds. They all draw straws to pick who will be working with. Cori and Tara, Tia and Sinead work together while Rebecca has to work by herself.

Rebecca heads to R.U. Studios where designer Rosemarie Umetsu loves how she presents herself.

Tia and Sinead head to Doll Factory by Damzels where they meet designers Kelly Freeman and Rory Lindo. They like Tia’s curves and personality.

Tara and Cori arrive at the Anne Hung Boutique where they meet Anne Hung. Anne thought Cori was a B model.

Kelly and Rory from Doll Factory by Damzels really liked Rebecca when she turned up.

Mamone & Partners have Tia and Sinead arrive and Asha Hodura talks about Tia but they’re not sure.

Tara teaches Cori how to hail a cab. The talk to one of the directors at Fashion Magazine and photographer Miguel Jacob really likes Tara.

Anne hung thought Rebecca was the best. Kelly and Rory didn’t really like Tara.

Rebecca arrives back six minutes early.

Tia and Sinead get back 16 minutes early while Tara and Cori arrive back 2 minutes early. Rebecca missed two go sees while Tia and Sinead missed one.

The worst score went to Rebecca only because she missed the two appointments because she scored high on the other two. Tia came fourth. Tara came third. Sinead came second while Cori wins the task and comes away with a $5000 diamond ring.

Tara is annoyed that she helped Cori win.

Jay mail tells them that they need to be ready at 6:00am for the next task before all the girls have a bitch session about Cori.

The girls meet Nolé where they are going to do a shoot for a new LG phone. Nigel Barker is the photographer for the day where they will all be dressed in lingerie and looking sexy with a couple of great danes.

After the shoot, the girls get an invitation to have dinner with Nigel.

Nigel Barker joins Paul Alexander, Yasmin Warsame and Jeanne Beker on the judging panel.

Nigel says that he would lead with Rebecca’s photo.

Getting a photo this week is Rebecca, Sinead and Cori. Tara and Tia are in the bottom two. As a surprise shock, both of them have a photo so no one is being eliminated from the show this week.

Half of the girls are evicted from their room and are forced into one room where they will have to share the same space as all the other models. The Jay mail suggests to the girls that they are going to be doing something to do with exercise.

The six remaining girls head to the gym where they meet model coach Stacey McKenzie who introduces them to Chris Csak who is a spinning instructor who is going to whip them into shape. After the task, Cori throws up.

Jay then spends some one on one time with each of the models to get to know them better before they all head to flirty girl fitness where they meet Krista Knee who is a pole dance instructor and is going to teach each of the models how to pole dance.

The challenge for the girls is to learn a pole dance and express the most sexuality and physicality. The model who does will win the challenge. Cori looks so wooden. Tara’s dance ability really shows.

Cori wins because she was the most improved. She get’s to pick two other girls to enjoy her reward and she picks Tia and Rebecca. They are all taken to a spa for some pampering.

Tara is bitter about being beaten and makes some comments about Cori about how she thinks she is a bit of white trash.

Nolé Marin meets the girls at a gynasium for a photoshoot involving a trampoline. As part of winning the task, Cori gets half as many frames and picks Tia who also gets the extra frames but Cori will get the chance to analyze her frames halfway through to help her see what she’s doing right and what she’s doing wrong.

Photographer John van der Schilden found photograhing Tia painful and Nolé thought she looked scared.

Paul Alexander, Yasmine Warsame, Jeanne Beker and John van der Schilden are the judges this week.

Getting photographs this week are: Cori, Rebecca, Tia and Sinead. Mo and Tara are in the bottom two. The last girl to get a photo is Tara while Mo is packing her bags.

The fate of the guys has been decided but tonight it’s the ladies turn.

Annika Odegard is opening the show.

Annika Odegard
Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody - Ordinary Day Ordinary Day
This has to be Annika’s best performance. Not the best vocal in the world but certainly some nice piano playing. Jake has a big smile on his face. Farley says it was the first time we’ve seen the real her. Sass agrees. Zach says this was such the right decision for her.

Khalila G
Monica - The Boy Is Mine - For You I Will For You I Will
Boring. Absolute snore fest! Khalila is so much better than that performance. Farley thought there was some risk in the song. Sass did think there was a lot of wow factor. Zach thought she was trying to hit a home run and he’d love to have her in the top 10. Jake thought there were a couple of moments that were off.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Annie Lennox & Steven Lipson - Medusa - Waiting in Vain Waiting in Vain
I really like Carly but that was a pretty pitchy performance. Sass thought it was a lovely vulnerable performance but the off notes didn’t bother her. Zach loves her and thinks he’s a star. Jake thought it was a bit shakey. Farley really liked it.

Tara Oram
Martina McBride - Martina McBride: Greatest Hits - When God-Fearin' Women Get the Blues When God-Fearin' Women Get the Blues
Despite how cute Tara is, that was just rubbish. Pitchy, pitchy, pitchy. Zach says she has nice energy and a nice smile but it’s just not his thing. Jake really liked the physicality in her performance. Farley still thinks she can bring so much more to her performance. Sass didn’t think her singing was fantastic but loved how she commanded the stage.

Montana Martin Iles
Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill - Ironic Ironic
I’m really enjoying how Montana has managed to do three very different performances every week and has shown very different sides to who she is. Her vocal wasn’t the best but that may have been more of the backing vocals fault. Jake thought her vocal could have been stronger but still thinks she’s a star. Farley also isn’t sold on the vocals but believes she has the presence that is engaging. Sass thought it was terrific. Zach thinks she is a star.

Martha Joy
Celine Dion - All the Way... A Decade of Song - That's the Way It Is That’s the Way It Is
Way too technical. She can sing but it was so boring. Farley thought she really pushed herself. Sass thought it was more animated than she has before. Zach thought it was sophisticated but didn’t get much fun out of it. Jake thought the last half of the song may have been the best thing he’s seen this year.

Mila Miller
Otis Redding - The Very Best of Otis Redding - Try a Little Tenderness Try A Little Tenderness
It’s nice that Mila is finally singing something current. She’s quite cool lying all up on the piano like that as well. Sass thought it was a really good imitation. Zach is happy she didn’t do a song from 1937 and thinks the girls have stepped it up overall tonight. Jake loves her sense of humor and agrees they were all really good tonight. Farley thought she really felt the song and eminated soul.

Here are the voting numbers.