July 2007

The houseguests appear split on their decision as to who is going to be evicted this week. Carol or Amber?

Eric gets his orders from America. He’s voting for Carol.

The result comes in and Carol is evicted 10 votes to 1.

Jessica will be happy that she’s gone.

The next Head of Household competition takes place. The competition is called majority rules. The houseguests need to answer what the majority of the houseguests would answer to the questions.

Zach is first to be eliminated after he thinks the majority would rather rub hot butter off Jen than Daniele. He’s the only one that thinks that so he’s off to sit with Kail.

Dick, Daniele and Nick are eliminated next after they think that the majoirty of the house would not let their little sister go out on a date with Mike when the answer was Nick.

Who does the majority of the house think would cheat on a significant other. It’s between Joe and Dustin. Everyone says Joe so no one gets eliminated.

The next question is who does the houseguests think would hold a grudge longer, Dick or Daniele. Jameka says Dick and is wrong and gets eliminated.

Who would be the best to cheer you up? Eric or Jessica. Amber gets eliminated when she answers Jessica.

Who is most likely to turn $500,000 into $5,000,000. Kail or Zach. Jessica and Mike eliminated after saying it was Kail.

Who would help an old lady across the street? Jameka or Amber. It’s split. They now have to guess the number of gallons of water the spinning tea cup in the back yard would hold. The person who guesses the closest is Jen so she becomes the new Head of Household.

Nick loves to flirt. Firstly with Daniele. Second with Amber. The girls are all asking each other if Nick has been flirting with them. Jen says he tried to kiss her but she wouldn’t let him.

Joe comes in and tells him. Nick gets mad when he confronts her and calls her a liar.

Jen apologises to Nick later and basically admits that she is jealous of the other girls. Jen thinks he’s still mad at her but he assures her that he’s not. Everyone is pretty much over Jen. They’re annoyed at her Jen shirts. Jenuine. I’m a Jenius. Jenth Degree. etc. etc.

Amber prays to God to help her stay strong and win the Veto to keep her off the block.

HoH Kail calls every one together for the first Veto competition. The winner of Veto can upset the balance of power in the house by taking one of the nominees off the chopping block – including themselves. Only six houseguests will participate. The Head of Household, the two nominees and three other players selected by a random draw. The each get to pull a ball out of a bag that will have a houseguest’s name on it or a Player’s Choice ball which will let them choose who will join them in the veto competition.

Kail picks first and gets houseguests choice so chooses Daniele. Jameka and Nick are also selected while Jessica is selected as the host.

The competing houseguests each have to hide their own vetos somewhere in the house. Once they have hidden the veto they each have to search for the others. The last veto to be found wins.

Carol finds Amber’s veto first. While Nick leaves things tidy, Kail leaves everything in the bedrooms in a complete mess because she is living in the HoH room. Kail finds one as does Jameka and Nick. Daniele finds the last veto.

The house is an absolute mess. Jessica reads out the names of the vetos that were found. Amber, Nick, Carol, Jameka and Kail all had their vetos found which means Daniele gets the first power of veto in Big Brother 8.

Eric’s first assignment is to reveal his soft side and make up a tragic story to Kail. He goes up to Kail’s room in the HoH room. Kail says that she knew there was something up yesterday. He makes up a story about a girl in highschool who he is reminded of by Daniele. He pours his heart out, complete with tears, and he completes the task.

Joe and Dustin talk it out. Dustin wants to keep things civil while they’re in the house.

Joe and Nick try and convince Daniele to use the veto and put Jen up for eviction.

Daniele calls everyone into the house for the first veto meeting. Amber and Carol are both up for eviction. The each get a chance to put forward their case to stay. She decides not to use the veto which means Amber and Carol are still up for eviction.

Tonight we go back to a time when Bob Dylan Dylan, Elvis Presley Elvis, Jimi Hendrix Hendrix and Janis Joplin Joplin topped the charts.

Last week Mila Miller fell by the wayside. This week one more will be sent packing.

Tonight the Top 9 are performing hits from the sixties.

Jaydee Bixby
Elvis Presley - Live in Las Vegas - Runaway Runaway
Jaydee is so effected. He’s trying to sound like an old rock n roll crooner and it’s really starting to irk me. Jake thought he wasn’t with the band from the top and he didn’t really feel it. Farley was hoping for some risk and adventure with the song. Sass loved the singing but would have liked to have seen some movement. Zach thought he was grooveless off the top.

Tara Oram
Elvis Presley - Elvis: 30 #1 Hits - Suspicious Minds Suspicious Minds
I can’t stand this song. The country twang isn’t working either. Farley thought the song took her vocally to place he hasn’t heard her do before. Sass thought it was by far her best performance. Zach thought it was the first time there was no nonsense from her. Jake thinks it was even better than last week.

Matt Rapley
The Allman Brothers Band - The Allman Brothers Band: A Decade of Hits 1969-1979 - Whipping Post Whipping Post
Matt is one big gospel pro who is going to gospelize every song he does. This is better than he has been but I’d like to see some diversity from him. Sass is all OMG OMG OMG. Zach says it’s a whole new game and Matt came to play. Jake says he blew his mind with his gospel rendition. Farley says everyone is stepping and entering what he calls “the competition”.

Dwight d’Eon
The Guess Who - Platinum & Gold Collection: The Guess Who - Undun Undun
Dwight is a pitchy off the top of this. He looks uncomfortable on stage. I’m surprised he didn’t do something a bit more rocky which would have been more suited to his voice. Zach thought he sang it good but he needs to push it further and spill some blood and guts on the stage. Jake thought it was a good opporunity to show off some melody despite it was a little pitchy. Farley would rather see him push hard and use physicality. Sass thinks it was the most in-tune he’s been.

Carly Ray Jepsen
Ray Charles - Essential Blues Grooves, Vol. 1 - Georgia On My Mind Georgia On My Mind
Carly Rae is just so sweet. I’m not really liking the band. The music doesn’t really suit her voice. Jake loved that they got to see her range and vulnerability again. Farley thought it was really touching and really well done. Sass thinks she getting herself a signature style. Zach thinks that she is one out of only a couple of contestants that if he heard on the radio or saw, would recognize.

Brian Melo
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis: Bold As Love (Remastered) - Bold As Love Bold As Love
Brian is trying hard with this song but it’s a tad boring. Farley loved his phrasing. Sass thought it was an excellent performance. Zach thought it was the first time he bought into him. Jake thinks it was his best performance too.

Khalila G
Aretha Franklin - The Best of Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman Natural Woman
Another uninspired song from Khalila. The girl proves she can sing towards the end but really she needs to pick better, more exciting songs. Sass says she is definitely not disappointing them tonight and that it was her best performance too. Zach says that there were moments where he wanted more from her. Jake says it’s a tough song and that it’s been done on so many different shows but she out did them all. Farley says she is making astute choices.

Greg Neufeld
Johnny Cash - Unearthed - Long Black Veil Long Black Veil
Another strange song choice. I have no idea what is going through the minds of some of these contestants when they are making their song choices. That was just dull. Zach thinks it may have been better on TV because it sounded kind of uptight. Jake thought it was so smooth and so together and showed how much of a pro he is. Farley thought he had a sense of what he wanted to do. Sass he sang gorgeous and he is gorgeous.

Martha Joy
Diana Ross & The Supremes - The Ultimate Collection: Diana Ross & The Supremes - Love Child Love Child
Much too wooden. The girl can sing but there are elements of her performance that are emotionless. Jake doesn’t think she should be doing songs like that as she has no groove. Farley can’t tell her what he thinks. Sass thought it was the best thing she’s done so far. Zach thought it was a stiff as hell.

Canadian Idol Voting Numbers

The final photoshoot for the girls is at Club Runway and is a shoot for Covergirl. The winner of Canada’s Next Top Model will have the ads that they shoot today appear in a national magazine.

Tara, Sinead, Tia and Rebecca work the campaign hard with Nolé giving them direction while photographer Jim Deyonker clicks away.

The girls fool around the night before the next elimination.

Paul Alexander, Yasmine Warsame, Jeanne Beker and Jim Deyonker are critiquing the girls best photos.

Tia is the first to be sent home. Sinead gets a photograph. Rebecca gets her photo and joins Sinead in doing the final runway shot while Tara leaves the show.

The Dominion Club plays host to Lucian Matis’ parisian styled fashion show and the last runway challenge for Rebecca and Sinead.

Nolé Marin, Jeanne Beker, Paul Alexander, Yasmine Warsame and Jay critique the final challenge.

Winning the grand prize of a modelling contract with Sutherland Models, An editorial spread in Fashion Magazine and a $100,000 contract with P&G Beauty (Pantene and CoverGirl) is Rebecca.

Canadian Idol Winner Kalan Porter’s new song Walk On Home is the elimination song this year. These are the lyrics as best as I can tell:

This time it feels so bittersweet
to realize I’ve always known
Still I lie awake in frozen sheets
Safe and sound and so alone
So I leave it behind
and say hello

Now you’re setting fire as you go
And you waved goodbye to all that you know
Running up a one way street alone
you walk on home
walk on home

You hear the slamming of the door
You realize you’re on your own
Your pride’s still lying on the bathroom floor
In a pile of sticks and stone
This time leave it behind
and say hello

Now you’re setting fire as you go
And you waved goodbye to all that you know
Running up a one way street alone
you walk on home
walk on home
walk on home
walk on home

You shout it out
Until you know
You’re on your own
Another soul
Just walking home

Now you’re setting fire as you go
And you waved goodbye to all that you know
Running up a one way street alone
Now you’re setting fire as you go
And you waved goodbye to all that you know
Running up a one way street alone
You walk on home
Say goodbye, you know
You walk on Home
Walk on home

Walk on home

More than two and a half million votes were cast last night but before we get to the results, it’s time for Rihanna Rihanna to perform Rihanna featuring Jay-Z - Good Girl Gone Bad - Umbrella Umbrella on the Canadian Idol stage.

Before Rihanna performs, the Idols get to ask some questions.

Dwight d’Eon: What is your criteria when it comes to selecting songs for your albums?
Rihanna: Initially, the song has to fit me but the type of artist I am, I like trying new things. So before I turn a song down, I always try to record it.

Martha Joy: How do you deal with your stresses especially in the music industry?
Rihanna: You have to be a very strong person. Being concerned with all the negativity can hinder you from winning sometimes but you have to really look at everything in the most positive way.

Mila Miller: What was your biggest struggle and your biggest challenge being new to the industry?
Rihanna: You just have to know what you’re about and prove people wrong. Always fight for what you believe in. That’s one of the biggest challenges.

In the bottom three this week are Khalila G, Carly Rae Jepsen and Mila Miller.

Going home though, is Mila Miller.

Canadian Idol will be back on Monday at 9:00pm ET/PT where the top 9 will be performing hits from the golden age of rock, the sixties.

The girls meet ex-supermodel Yanka who was one of Canada’s first top models. Yanka is going to help the girls use their eyes to smile and build their confidence.

The girls then head to the French Connection store where they meet Janine Furtado who tells them that today’s challenge is to be window mannequins. They have to change their poses every five minutes. Cori and Tara were a little boring while Tia, Rebecca and Sinead were fantastic. The winner of the task is Rebecca and has 30 minutes to spend $2000 at French Connection.

The girls head to Carlu where they meet Susie Sheffman from Fashion Magazine and photographer Miguel Jacob who will be shooting their first cover try.

When the girls get back to the house there is a card waiting for Rebecca telling her the second part of her prize is in the living area. Her boyfriend is waiting for her. The rest of the girls are finding it awkward with Rebecca’s boyfriend in the house and are tempted to ask Rebecca about the hockey guy she kissed.

The go out for dinner and it appears Rebecca’s boyfriend is a bit of a hick. She becomes less and less impressed with his behaviour throughout the night. Rebecca gives him the boot in the morning.

The judges, Paul Alexander, Yasmine Warsame, Jeanne Beker and guest judge Stacey McKenzie review the cover try shoots for fashion magazine.

Getting photos are Sinead, Tia and Rebecca. Cori and Tara are both left looking upset that one of them is about to leave. As Tara nailed it on her first shot she gets to stay while a crying Cori is sent home.

The two directors with the fewest number of votes from last week’s show and leaving the lot were Shalini and Hilary. This week, making action films are Andrew, Kenny, Mateen, Sam and Jason.

Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall are here to judge again along with Antoine Fuqua.

First up to premiere their film this week is Sam Friedlander. His film is called Key Witness.
To Vote for Sam’s film:

Next up is Jason Epperson. His short film is called Sweet.
To Vote for Jason’s film:

Andrew Hunt is next with his short film Zero2Sixty.
To Vote for Will’s film:

Kenny Luby is next with his film The Losers.
To Vote for Kenny’s film:

Mateen Kemet is last with his film Catch.
To vote for Mateen’s film:

Next week the results will be in as well as romantic comedy movies by five of the remaining directors on the lot.

The director with the fewest number of votes from last week’s show and leaving the lot was Shira-Lee Shalit. This week, 5 of the directors will be making films from their own imagination from the phrase “When Two Worlds Collide”. Will, Hilary, Shalini, Adam and Zach have 5 days to produce their films but the stakes are higher as next week, two directors will be eliminated.

Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall are here to judge again along with Luke Greenfield.

First up to premiere their film this week is Zach Lipovsky. His film is called Time Upon a Once.

To Vote for Zach’s film:

Next up is Hilary Graham. Her short film is called The Legend of Donkey Tail Willie.
To Vote for Hilary’s film:

Will Bigham is next with his short film Spaghetti.
To Vote for Will’s film:

Shalini Kantayya is next with her film First Sight.

To Vote for Shalini’s film:

Adam Stein is next with his film Worldly Possession.
To vote for Adam’s film:

Next week the results will be in as well as action movies by the remaining directors on the lot.

There are big seas today which is giving a few of the crew some sickness.

Today’s challenge has a twist. The navigator’s treasure is down the river of death or the place of ghosts. These pirates have some ghosts of their own and with that, the pirates that have been cut adrift all climb up and over the side and back onto the deck.

The remaining pirates are going to all compete together against the ghosts with a winner takes all scenario. If the ghosts win, then they will chose who gets the black spot.

The teams must row up the river and find a coffin which contains a riddle and their next clue. The black team get a bit of a lead and find the coffin first.

The first crew to the next mark will be able to sabotage the other crew and put their key up higher. The pirates get the key first and have a bit of a lead.

The pirates must head further up road to the fork in the river and then use their compass to find the graveyard.

The black crew head off in the wrong direction but ghosts have managed to misplace the key. They head back but they’re looking for a key in a jungle.

The pirates manage to get back on track and get their next clue before the others even find their key. They have to head north and find an angel tree where the treasure is located. They find the treasure while the others are still feeling around in the river for their key.

They count the gold and there is $50,000. Azmyth doesn’t want to select new officers so himself, Jay and Ben

Louie and Nessa are planning a mutiny and Jay admits that if the time comes he’ll play that card because he didn’t play to come second. In the middle of dinner, Jupiter tells Azmyth that everyone are contemplating mutiny. She may have sealed her fate when it comes to getting a black spot.

Getting the black spot this week are Jupiter, Laurel and Kendra.

Kendra buys the Royal Pardon for $4000. The ballot is unanimous. Jupiter is cut adrift. Azmyth is safe again.