July 2007

Dick is mad at Jen because he believes it was her that voted for Mike but it was Eric because America wanted him to. Amber then starts to think that it might have been Nick. Eric is laughing at all the conspiracy theories and that his name hasn’t come up once.

Amber is so emotional. She’s happy that Dustin won the HoH competition. Dustin says he has four targets. Jen, Kail, Zach and Nick. Jen doesn’t think he’ll nominate her because she got rid of Joe for him. (Technically she didn’t because Joe was only up after Daniele removed herself from the block and replaced herself with Joe)

Dustin invites everyone up to his new room to check out his photos. Everyone leaves Dustin to read a letter that has been left from his brother. He cries and expresses how much he loves his brother.

Dick and Amber have a bizarre discussion comparing animals to people. Dick thinks Amber is so strange because she loves her dog and her daughter equally. Dick thinks people are more important.

Dick introduces us to the Dick at Night show, where he goes off and sets up pranks. He has done something to the faucet and when Daniele comes down in the morning to brew a fresh pot of coffee, she gets sprayed with water.

Zach tells some bizarre story about watching a group of guys beat some girls who were naked and wrapped in plastic wrap while hanging upside down from chains. Is it no surprize that Jameka says Zach is her least favourite houseguest? Zach says he doesn’t want to fit into any cliques. Where ever he goes in the house, people just get up and leave. Daniele says she’d rather eat slop for a month than have to sit and talk with Zach for an hour.

Dick tries to talk to Daniele and he’s really frustrated with their relationship. He’s annoyed because he tries to be the father and she gets annoyed so he tries to be her friend and she wants him to be her father. He’s trying hard to fix things but Daniele is obviously hurt. Dick cries because he never wants to have to not have her not talking to him again.

Eric and Jessica are forming a bond. It’s cute. But I wonder if America will approve.

The food challenge is about to take place. The Humpty Challenge. The houseguests have to pair up and put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Jessica and Jameka are the first to complete putting their egg back together and win the competition. As winners, they have to choose 5 houseguests to live on slop for the rest of the week. Dick is the first person because he’s never been on slop before. Zach, because they just don’t like him. Kail, Nick and finally Jen.

Dick talks to Jen about her boob job. She wont confirm or deny and looks clearly annoyed at his choice of conversation.

Kail talks to Dustin about putting her up for nomination as a pawn. Dustin thinks Kail is weak, feeble, desperate and annoying. He then talks to Jen and isn’t convinced that she wasn’t the one who voted for Kail. She says it wasn’t her and wonders if it was the same person who squirted mustard on her gear.

Eric is given his orders from Big Brother. America wants Jen nominated. Eric puts forward his case and Dick says he always appreciates his scenarios.

The nominations take place and Dustin is convinced that not everyone is going to be happy with who he is nominated. He’s based his nominations of competitiveness and strategy. Jen and Kail are nominated for eviction. Dustin wants Kail to go home and says Kail is not a pawn as she thought she was. Jen is upset and cries because Dustin has put her up for nomination.

It began with over 100,000 acts travelling across America. Dallas. Los Angeles. Chicago and New York. All hoping their dreams would come true. Tonight the competition enters a new phase. The Las Vegas Callbacks. 70 acts have made it through. The pressure is on. They have one shot.

Half of them will make it through to the next round. The other half will be going back home. Then Sharon, Piers and David will have to reduce the acts down to 20.

The music acts are first up and have to prove that they have improved since they first performed. The Variety acts will have their turn to impress the judges later.

First up are the Glamazons followed by Johnny Come Lately. Fallon performs but her guitar is out of tune.

Cas was great as was Butterscotch.

The judges announce who is going through to the short list from the music acts before it’s time for the variety acts to work for their spot in the finals.

The magic acts of Anthony Reed and Kevin James were spectacular.

Ivan the Urban Action Figure has a spectacular accident.

The judges then narrow down the variety shortlist. Tomorrow night the shortlist will be narrowed down to twenty.

The two directors with the fewest number of votes from last week’s show and leaving the lot were Kenny and Mateen although it was pretty close between Mateen and Sam. Everyone is making comedy this week, with a hint of romance and in four weeks one of them will win that deal with Dreamworks. Will it be Sam Friedlander, Zach Lipovsky, Andrew Hunt, Jason Epperson, Adam Stein or Will Bigham?

Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall are here to judge again along with guest director Brad Silberling.

First up to premiere their film this week is Zach Lipovsky. His film is called The Bonus Feature.

To Vote for Zach’s film:

Adriana tells us that next week the surviving directors will tackle America’s love affair with the automobile and that the director with the highest number of votes will get to have actor Jerry O’Connell acting in their movie.

Next up is Adam Stein. His short film is called Girl Trouble.
To Vote for Adam’s film:

Will Bigham is next with his short film Unplugged.
To Vote for Will’s film:

Andrew Hunt is next with his film The Keep Off Grass.
To Vote for Andrew’s film:

Sam Friedlander is next with his film American Hoe.
To vote for Sam’s film:

Jason Epperson is last with his film Old Home Boyz.
To vote for Jason’s film:

Carrie’s favourite movie was Adam, Brad’s favourite was Jason and Gary can’t decide between either Will or Andrew.

Next week the results will be in as well as the final five director’s movies on the lot.

Dick and Nick talk and decide that Kail staying is not going to pose a threat and that Mike being sent packing is probably the best option.

Eric is given the word from America. They want Kail evicted. This might be another failed task for Eric as it seems as though the majority want Kail gone.

We meet Kris, Daniele’s boyfriend of two years. He loves her more than anything and believe she is her soulmate. Seeing her with Nick must be killing him. He wants to believe it’s all strategy. When she left to enter the house she said she loved him and she said he should trust her. However, Daniele admits that she wants to kiss Nick.

The houseguests vote and Zach votes for Kail. Jameka votes Mike. Jen votes Mike. Dustin votes to evict Mike. Eric votes Kail. Amber votes Mike. Nick votes Mike. Daniele votes Mike. Jessica votes Mike.

It’s a vote of 7 – 2 and Mike is evicted from the Big Brother house. He’s been evicted because of his move in the Veto competition and it’s been called one of the most stupid moves in Big Brother history.

The next HoH competition is on and is called Eliminator. Each houseguest must hit a buzzer first and then answer a question. If they answer correct then they can eliminate another houseguest from the competition. If they answer wrong, they are eliminated. Eric answers first and eliminates Jen. Dustin answers next and eliminates Zach. Nick eliminates Kail and then Jameka eliminates him. Dustin then eliminates Jessica. Eric eliminates Amber. Eric eliminates Daniele. He then answers wrong and gets eliminated. It’s down to Dustin and Jameka and Dustin wins, becoming the new Head of Household.

Dick tells Jen that Kail is his target but she’s convinced that she could go home because everyone hates her.

The houseguests dare Zach to streak and jump in the pool. Of course he can’t let a challenge pass by so he does it but demands they promise not to take his towel. They agree but as soon as he jumps in the pool they grab his towel and run inside and lock the door.

Kail and Jen talk about the upcoming veto challenge. Mike comes in and says that if he’s in the game and wins then he’d take one of them off.

Evel Dick talks with Kail and tells her he doesn’t think she’s playing the game very well. Kail tries to convince Dick that Jen is out to get Daniele but Dick says he can’t trust her because she lied to him and unless she wins the veto, then he will be making sure she is going home.

Eric has been given his new task – to vandalise Jen’s stuff. He squirts mustard all over one of her shirts. When Jen finds it she is annoyed and thinks someone has the maturity of a school kid. Mission accomplished.

It’s time for the veto competition. Dick, Jen, Kail are joined by Zach, Jessica and Nick. Dick tries to rattle Kail even further by saying that because she tried to throw Jen under the bus that he just doesn’t trust her. He then tells Jen about it and then confronts Kail in front of Jen to stir things up even further.

Eric is the host and is all dressed up tells the contestants to dress up in the costumes provided. The contestants have to balance a glass on top of their oversized hat while standing on a stump. Kail immediately drops her glass and storms off clearly rattled. The other houseguests come out also dressed in mad hatter attire and jeer the other contestants until only Jen and Dick are left. Kail and Mike try to scheme to get Dick off the stump. Dick threatens to put him on the block if he doesn’t quit. Mike wouldn’t back down and says he wanted to show he would be loyal to the end. Dick steps off and says congratulations, you’re on the block to Mike.

Nick, Jen and Zach were in Dick’s HoH room and he is furious that they’re up there in his room to talk about their little alliance. Dick confronts Nick and Daniele interrupts and says she wants a word with her dad. Daniele says she’s bearing the brunt of Dick’s power trip. Dick asks why she never told him about Nick’s alliance. Dick asks her how she would like him to approach her and she refuses to answer him. Dick tells her that after this is all done, if she wants to do some family counselling then he’d be good with that.

Dick talks to Jameka and Eric about maybe putting Nick up because of how he is affecting Daniele.

Jen calls the Veto meeting and removes herself from the block and Dick puts Mike up for nomination.

Kail confronts Mike about not giving her a heads up about changing his vote. Kail thinks her alliance is over.

Everyone comes to see Dick’s room and there are some cute photo’s of him and Daniele when she was a young child.

Dick talks to Kail and she tells him about her alliance and that they duped her. Dick says that initially he was going to nominate Kail and Jen but Mike and Zach are now possibilities.

Jen and Eric wrestle and Jen kicks Eric’s ass.

Daniele and Dick have a heart to heart and Daniele is crying about how she feels about Nick and how it is conflicting with how she feels about her boyfriend. Dick offers some good fatherly advice. It’s a touching moment. He tells her that he loves her as she goes to bed. Dick talks to Dustin about it and he’s moved by the fact that she came to talk to him and is hurting because she is hurting.

Jameka is not coping with eating the slop. Jen is saying she sucks at feeling bad for people. Dick makes a comment about starving children in Africa which Jameka takes as offensive and racist – which is wasn’t.

This week’s food task is called Mission Impastable. There are two giant bowls filled with pasta and the houseguests work in pairs sliding into the bowls to find matching meatballs that have different foods on them. The foods that they pair up they will recieve for the entire house.

Eric gets his next challenge. America wants him to campaign to get Jen out. He talks to Dick and paints Jen as the one who put him up against his daughter.

Kail and Dustin talk and she gets some insight into Dustin’s gay lifestyle and his relationship.

Zach talks to Dick and he learns that Kail has exposed their alliance. Nick then comes up to talk to him and also tells him about the alliance. Dick tells him that if he hurts his daughter he’ll kill him. He thinks that if Nick was gone then the emotional issues for Daniele will be dealt with.

Eric’s next task is to vandalise one of the houseguests property. Who does America want him to target.

At the nomination meeting, Dick says that it’s about breaking the alliances, lies, deception, scheming, a plan to upset the balance in the house and to flip things to get him out of there. The first person who is safe is Jameka as Dick hands her her key and says “happy birthday”.

Up for eviction this week are Jen and Kail. Not really any surprises there.

Eric gets his note from Big Brother that America wants him to vote for Joe.

Kail tells Dick that she wants to keep him but behind his back she is campaigning to have him evicted. Daniele tells Dick but begs him not to say anything but he confronts Kail and calls her a liar for telling him one thing and then goes behind his back.

Dustin votes to evict Joe. Daniele votes Joe. Eric is voting Joe of course. Amber votes Joe as well. Kail votes for Dick. Jameka votes for Joe. Mike votes for Joe. Nick also votes Joe as does Jessica. Zach votes Joe as well.

How uncomfortable is Kail going to be now that she was the only one to vote for Dick.

Dick wins the Head of Household competition which will leave Kail and Jen feeling incredibly uncomfortable.

Joe laughs at Jen’s decision to use “negativity” as the reason for the nominations and thinks that if she was gone, then so would the negativity.

Dick is upset that he’s up against Daniele because he wants more time to fix their relationship.

Nick tells Daniele about his alliance with Kail, Mike and Zach and that he’d take the fall for her if he could. She tells him that she’s 20.

Eric finds out that America has chosen Joe for him to sleepwalk to and climb into bed with. Of course it’s awkward. However, Joe doesn’t kick him out and Eric thinks that if he’d stayed he would have been there for the rest of the season. Eric fails this task. Joe asks Eric the following day if he sleep “annythings”. Eric isn’t aware of anything.

The players in the veto competition are Jen, Daniele and Dick. Jen picks the houseguests choice and chooses Mike. Daniele picks Joe and Dicks pulls out Amber. Dustin is chosen to be the host.

Amber is upset at being chosen and confides in Dustin. Jen comes in and makes some veiled threats about making sure that Dick and Daniele are taken out first in the veto competition. Jen is certainly making no friends in the house as she threatens everyone to play her way or she’ll put them up for eviction.

The game is called Cut Throat Christmas. They’re playing curling. The person who has their rock the furtherest from the red line gets eliminated and gets to pick from the gifts under the tree. Joe is eliminated first and picks a gift and opens it. It’s a slop pass. Round two and Jen is eliminated and gets a unitard and she has to wear it for the rest of the week. Mike is eliminated and gets a Big Brother date. He can choose a houseguest to have a nice backyard dinner with. Dick is eliminated and wins a Plasma TV. Amber gets some handcuffs and has to be handcuffed together with someone for 24 hours. Daniele wins the power of veto for the second week in a row.

Everyone tries to convince Jen to put Joe up for eviction as the replacement for Daniele. Jen is over it and leaves to go down to talk to the others. They’re not interested in talking so she returns to the other group and says she wants Nick gone.

At the veto meeting, Daniele removes herself from the block and Jen replaces her with Joe.

Now that Jen has won Head of Household, Dustin is convinced that all those people that have been mean to her are going to all be kissing her ass now. Daniele is also convinced that she is going to be nominated because she is close to Nick and Jen has jealousy issues.

Everyone notes how often Jen talks about herself. Jen wants to know who wants to come and see her HoH room and what photos are on the walls. Jen was disappointed with her photos. Does Jen have issues with all photos in general? Everyone thinks she’s just so self centered.

Joe talks to Jen and tries to remind her about the original discussion they had first day in the house about getting rid of the three people who were put in the house as members from the past – Dick, Jessica and Dustin. Jen isn’t that interested.

While Nick and Mike are lifting weights, Dustin and Zach make fun of them. They give Mike the name Magnus von Vagnusson from Austria and Nick is given the name Kragnus von Vagnus from Croatia. Dustin tells us that Magnus and Kragnus are competing for the world’s strongest man competition. They mock them incessantly. Mike can’t take it as he’s laughing and can’t lift so they name Nick the winner of the competition.

Nick and Daniele flirt with each other. Mike gives her the key to his heart. It’s actually the key to his suitcase but he says it’s doubling.

Jen and Kail talk nominations. Kail gets worried because Jen mentions Nick and she doesn’t want her alliance broken up.

This week’s food task is Name That Pie. The teams must try and determine which two ingredients are in a pie.

Jameka is up first and correctly guesses Bacon and Banana. Amber doesn’t get the Pineapple and Potato so it becomes 1-1. Eric doesn’t guess the Sausage and Apple instead says Spam and Fig. He throws the pie in his face. Amber says Spam and Pommegrante but it was hotdog and strawberry. Pepperoni and Mint. Carrot and Cheese. Sweet Potato and Licorice. 4-3. Salmon and Blueberry. 5 – 3. Hamburger and Peach. 5 – 4. Tuna and Jelly Beans. 5 – 5. Anchovy and Cabbage. 5 – 6. Pickle and Clam. Daniele answers Pickle and Tofu giving the Blue team the win and the Red team get to eat slop.

Eric is in the diary reading the note for America’s Player. It’s asking him to target Jessica. Eric goes to talk to Jen and tries to convince her that Jessica is up to something and plants the seed to get her nominated for eviction.

Dick can’t stand Jen. He says that if Daniele had turned out like that then he’d have some serious issues with himself as a parent. He confronts Jen and tells her that he will make her the most miserable bitch in the house if she doens’t stop being so self centred.

Eric is about to get a new habbit. Sleepwalking. Whose bed do you want him to walk to and get into?

Time for nomination and she says that she’s choosing based on who she thinks brings the most negativity into the house. Both Daniele and her father Dick are up for eviction.

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