Mila Miller is the first to go

More than two and a half million votes were cast last night but before we get to the results, it’s time for Rihanna Rihanna to perform Rihanna featuring Jay-Z - Good Girl Gone Bad - Umbrella Umbrella on the Canadian Idol stage.

Before Rihanna performs, the Idols get to ask some questions.

Dwight d’Eon: What is your criteria when it comes to selecting songs for your albums?
Rihanna: Initially, the song has to fit me but the type of artist I am, I like trying new things. So before I turn a song down, I always try to record it.

Martha Joy: How do you deal with your stresses especially in the music industry?
Rihanna: You have to be a very strong person. Being concerned with all the negativity can hinder you from winning sometimes but you have to really look at everything in the most positive way.

Mila Miller: What was your biggest struggle and your biggest challenge being new to the industry?
Rihanna: You just have to know what you’re about and prove people wrong. Always fight for what you believe in. That’s one of the biggest challenges.

In the bottom three this week are Khalila G, Carly Rae Jepsen and Mila Miller.

Going home though, is Mila Miller.

Canadian Idol will be back on Monday at 9:00pm ET/PT where the top 9 will be performing hits from the golden age of rock, the sixties.

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