Mike gets evicted and Dustin wins HoH

Dick and Nick talk and decide that Kail staying is not going to pose a threat and that Mike being sent packing is probably the best option.

Eric is given the word from America. They want Kail evicted. This might be another failed task for Eric as it seems as though the majority want Kail gone.

We meet Kris, Daniele’s boyfriend of two years. He loves her more than anything and believe she is her soulmate. Seeing her with Nick must be killing him. He wants to believe it’s all strategy. When she left to enter the house she said she loved him and she said he should trust her. However, Daniele admits that she wants to kiss Nick.

The houseguests vote and Zach votes for Kail. Jameka votes Mike. Jen votes Mike. Dustin votes to evict Mike. Eric votes Kail. Amber votes Mike. Nick votes Mike. Daniele votes Mike. Jessica votes Mike.

It’s a vote of 7 – 2 and Mike is evicted from the Big Brother house. He’s been evicted because of his move in the Veto competition and it’s been called one of the most stupid moves in Big Brother history.

The next HoH competition is on and is called Eliminator. Each houseguest must hit a buzzer first and then answer a question. If they answer correct then they can eliminate another houseguest from the competition. If they answer wrong, they are eliminated. Eric answers first and eliminates Jen. Dustin answers next and eliminates Zach. Nick eliminates Kail and then Jameka eliminates him. Dustin then eliminates Jessica. Eric eliminates Amber. Eric eliminates Daniele. He then answers wrong and gets eliminated. It’s down to Dustin and Jameka and Dustin wins, becoming the new Head of Household.

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