Las Vegas Callbacks

It began with over 100,000 acts travelling across America. Dallas. Los Angeles. Chicago and New York. All hoping their dreams would come true. Tonight the competition enters a new phase. The Las Vegas Callbacks. 70 acts have made it through. The pressure is on. They have one shot.

Half of them will make it through to the next round. The other half will be going back home. Then Sharon, Piers and David will have to reduce the acts down to 20.

The music acts are first up and have to prove that they have improved since they first performed. The Variety acts will have their turn to impress the judges later.

First up are the Glamazons followed by Johnny Come Lately. Fallon performs but her guitar is out of tune.

Cas was great as was Butterscotch.

The judges announce who is going through to the short list from the music acts before it’s time for the variety acts to work for their spot in the finals.

The magic acts of Anthony Reed and Kevin James were spectacular.

Ivan the Urban Action Figure has a spectacular accident.

The judges then narrow down the variety shortlist. Tomorrow night the shortlist will be narrowed down to twenty.

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