Jupiter gets cut adrift

There are big seas today which is giving a few of the crew some sickness.

Today’s challenge has a twist. The navigator’s treasure is down the river of death or the place of ghosts. These pirates have some ghosts of their own and with that, the pirates that have been cut adrift all climb up and over the side and back onto the deck.

The remaining pirates are going to all compete together against the ghosts with a winner takes all scenario. If the ghosts win, then they will chose who gets the black spot.

The teams must row up the river and find a coffin which contains a riddle and their next clue. The black team get a bit of a lead and find the coffin first.

The first crew to the next mark will be able to sabotage the other crew and put their key up higher. The pirates get the key first and have a bit of a lead.

The pirates must head further up road to the fork in the river and then use their compass to find the graveyard.

The black crew head off in the wrong direction but ghosts have managed to misplace the key. They head back but they’re looking for a key in a jungle.

The pirates manage to get back on track and get their next clue before the others even find their key. They have to head north and find an angel tree where the treasure is located. They find the treasure while the others are still feeling around in the river for their key.

They count the gold and there is $50,000. Azmyth doesn’t want to select new officers so himself, Jay and Ben

Louie and Nessa are planning a mutiny and Jay admits that if the time comes he’ll play that card because he didn’t play to come second. In the middle of dinner, Jupiter tells Azmyth that everyone are contemplating mutiny. She may have sealed her fate when it comes to getting a black spot.

Getting the black spot this week are Jupiter, Laurel and Kendra.

Kendra buys the Royal Pardon for $4000. The ballot is unanimous. Jupiter is cut adrift. Azmyth is safe again.

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