Joe gets evicted and Dick wins HoH

Eric gets his note from Big Brother that America wants him to vote for Joe.

Kail tells Dick that she wants to keep him but behind his back she is campaigning to have him evicted. Daniele tells Dick but begs him not to say anything but he confronts Kail and calls her a liar for telling him one thing and then goes behind his back.

Dustin votes to evict Joe. Daniele votes Joe. Eric is voting Joe of course. Amber votes Joe as well. Kail votes for Dick. Jameka votes for Joe. Mike votes for Joe. Nick also votes Joe as does Jessica. Zach votes Joe as well.

How uncomfortable is Kail going to be now that she was the only one to vote for Dick.

Dick wins the Head of Household competition which will leave Kail and Jen feeling incredibly uncomfortable.

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