Joe don gets Cut Adrift

Can Louie and Joe Don end Azmyth’s reign as captain this week? Joe Don says there has to be new blood and that he will hang himself tomorrow if he doesn’t get the win.

The food rationing is pretty slim and Louie thinks he’s losing weight. There is growing discontent amongst the crew about Azmyth’s leadership. Azmyth knows that both Louie and Joe Don will be on the red team for todays task so they’re working them hard on chores throughout the ship.

The two teams must find a floating marker and then dive down to collect a bottle. The black team arrive first but the red team are close behind. Joe Don dives down and completes the dive faster than the black team. The map inside shows them that they need to row east to Skulls Point before they must then search the island for a canon and two hidden ropes.

The two teams are neck and neck but Louie and Joe Don have been pulling ropes for the last few days. The black crew get their barrel up the cliff first. The map inside gives them a puzzle. The canon is facing 12 o’clock. At 2 o’clock there is a numeral. They find an X and then dig.

They then have to find a bunker and use the keys they’ve discovered to decrypt another puzzle and unlock the treasure.

Unfortunately for Joe Don and Louie, the black team wins. Joe Don must sell the royal pardon that he has which means he will most likely be up for being cut adrift.

There is $35,000 worth of treasure. Azmyth keeps his $17,500. Ben and Jay get their share and then it’s time to select who is going to get a black spot.

Nessa, Joe Don and Louie are given the black spot. Nessa will buy the Royal Pardon which means either Joe Don and Louie will be cut adrift if they can’t convince Jupiter to join the rest of the crew in mutiny. There is a lot of discussion prior to the Pirates Court. Has enough been said to convince everyone that unless they mutiny, it could be checkmate.

The highest bid on the royal pardon was $5000 from Nessa. There are no ballots for mutiny. Joe Don’s journey is over and he is cut adrift. He gives Nessa one passionate embrace before climbing onto the raft and seeing Azmyth have his way with the rope.

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